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jam-packed weekend

Monday, January 31st, 2005

Friday was supposed to start with a swim… but I ended up getting stuck working from 2:30 – 6:15 am (yeah, crazy hours, but stuff needed to get done and I had a karate class at 9). Some of the work got done, and the swim got skipped since there were plans for a run at 6:30. The run went decent… lots of hills as I ran a trial I've mountain biked. My IT band acted up a bit, so I didn't go too hard, and I made to karate on time. Just a normal class, and then I got to work more (at a career faire from 11 – 3 and then back at the computer until 8pm, drove home, worked more from 9 -11, and was done for the weekend — I needed a break even if everything wasn't done yet).

Saturday and Sunday were biking days. Saturday I could feel how tired I was (got up at 8 for another karate class) and so didn't ride for quite as long as I wanted. Still got in some nice climbs though. Sunday was a club ride — Bear Training, which is prep for the Ride Around the Bear in June. And I thought Saturday had some nice climbs! It was fun though, and I felt pretty good on the hills. I'm getting more and more comfortable on the bike 🙂

Boring Stats from the run/bikes:
Fri Run: 8 miles in 1:22 with 1800 ft of climbing (and then elevation loss)
Sat Bike: 40 miles in 2:43 with 2600 ft of climbing (and then elevation loss)
Sun Bike: 47 miles in 3:43 with 3500 ft of climbing (and then elevation loss) + 6 miles in 30 min of biking to and from the ride start

ok so I was wrong…

Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Had a good bike ride yesterday. Got a bit lost, but eh, it was just extra miles.

Then the plan was a swim. Meeting at 5pm with David for a 30-45 min water session. Being that it was hours my apartment pool was open, I said hey, I have a heated, saltwater (ie no chlorine), junior olympic pool right here… let's do that instead of the gym! It was cold walking over there. But got colder… I was wrong. The pool isn't heated. At least not right now. Damn it was cold. Us being stubborn we each made it 50 meters. And then to the hot tub.

Today's training is not going so well either… need to get in a run but I'm stuck at work and the drizzly weather isn't helping me find a break.

back to the races

Monday, January 24th, 2005

First tri of the year today. A very short distance (5k run, 10 mile
bike, 100 yd swim) and in reverse order, but it was still fun. Great
support and really well organized. It was the first in the PossAbilities Tri Series (

did well… 2nd in my age group. Still not sure out of how many, but
hey, it took me 1:02:53 the day after a hard bike and the week after a
marathon, so I'm happy. Not to mention that last Feb. It took me around
1:16 for the same distance (when I did my first tri ever).

the winner of the women's division??? Michellie Jones. She was awesome
to see racing (it was an out and back run and then some loops of
biking) and was really nice as well (I got to talk to her a bit after
the race).

Tri rating? Very high. Good turnout, good course, good fun. And it was nice to start of the year with such a good time.

morning workouts

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Made it to my first spin class today. It was fun… I'd like to try
another and see if it keeps being fun. It was a nice variation on
biking streets.

Also went for a nice swim (just over a mile). As hard as it was to get
in the water (which was warm… probably like 80) it felt good once I
had a few laps behind me.

Then to karate… mostly a brain workout today. At that point my brain
was in the mood for a nap, so we had to fight a bit. I won, and learned some interesting knife vs. club techniques. Now if I ever happen to get attacked by a knife while I have a club I'll be prepared 😉 (and yes, I have a better understanding of the weapons and their limitations and value and all that).

back on the bike

Friday, January 21st, 2005

So I had a bit of a break from riding with all the rain and then the marathon. It was good to get back on. I could feel my legs were a bit tired from the weekend. Not sore, but not the same amount of energy. Only about 13 miles and an hour. A few minor little climbs. Nothing too exciting. And tomorrow morning, a swim!

swim motivation

Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

I know that to really do well with the swim part of the race, it's good to be in the water at least 3 days a week (keeps your body used to the feeling and all that). However, actually making it to the water is the hardest part for me. I love it once I'm in, and I love how I feel afterwards, but I just can't seem to convince myself to get up at 4 (or sometimes it must be 3) and out of a nice warm bed to get in a pool. I belong to a gym, and I pass one of 'em on my way to work (and it is open). I also have a pool at the apartment where I live (but it isn't open that early).  One day a week I have a friend to train with, so I've been good about swimming once a week recently. What kind of motivation do you guys find works for the swim part? 

first marathon day — Carlsbad Marathon 2005

Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

So Sunday was the day I'd been anticipating for a while. My first
marathon. I'd done some halves, but this was the first full. I started
with the 4:30 pace team. Figuring that I could be around there if it
was a really good day, so I might as well see how it felt to start. It
felt good. Too good, in fact. I ended up just going on my own without
them. I slowed a bit later, and they picked it up some, so I ended up
with them for much of the race. The pace leader, a woman who's done
some Ironman races, was fun to talk to, so that was nice. There was
also some good stories and chat with the other people aiming for that
time. Things were good. Some of my favorite bits for the race up to
that point:

Mile 1ish: Ass-smacking by a cute boy *mmm triathletes*
Miles 2 – 5 ish: Great view of pacific ocean and the smell of said ocean
Mile 7ish: Andy cheering for me
Mile 12ish: Andy there again (yay out and back sections that have spectators I know)

Things were good.
10k split time: 1:02:09
1/2 marathon (13.1 mile) split time: 2:14:11
20 mile split time (~4 miles farther than I'd ever ran): 3:23:29

Yet then there was the final time: 4:56:53 at 26.2 miles.

what happened? Not the wall, my muscles and mind were fine. It was my
knee. My Iliotibial band (IT band) to be more precise. And ITB
Syndrome. Basically, the tendons for the muscle attach just below the
knee. At the point they cross the knee, cushioning small sacs of fluid
stop it rubbing against the bone. The sacs or the band may become
inflamed if you run really far, hard or uneven surfaces, etc. Well,
this course was lots of hills, and lots of stretches of uneven road (ie
banked turns, roads that slope down towards the edges, etc). I felt it
a bit at mile 12 when I walked a water stop. So I didn't walk another
one. But at mile 21, I got a cramp in my side that I knew I could (and
did) relieve by changing my pace a bit and matching my breathing with
it. However, it just happened that this change was enough that when I
tried to run again, I couldn't get up to the speed where my knee didn't
hurt. By experimenting while walking the next 3 miles (where by walking
I mean walking with one leg and walking without bending the other) I
found that if I tried to walk faster than 3.7 miles per hour, there was
serious pain. If I tried to jog, I wasn't able to get going long enough
to get back to my pace where it had been ok. And when it hurt the knee
was basically rejecting all weight-bearing as a plausible concept. The
fun part of my experiments? The pain was the kind that made me feel I
was about to pass out. Not so good.

At mile 24, I was getting
so tired of being out on the course (and was at the time I was
expecting to have finished) so I just made myself run. There was enough
adrenaline and natural painkillers of emotion running through me that
the cool lights and such I saw for a bit were just "neat". I made it up
to the pace that was (less) painful and jogged the last 2.2 miles,
knowing that I'd probably have issues even walking the rest if I
stopped again.

But I finished. And under 5 hours. And I saw
Holly as I turned the final corner and the finish line was in sight. So
I ran. Right to her and into her arms! Wheee! And she medal'ed me. And
then told her not to let go for a while, cause I'd probably fall over.
And finishing, yes, that was a good feeling. Marc and Andy were with
here, and Bjorn was on the other side of the fence waiting. And I did
it (and then went to the kaiser tent after gathering my sweatshirt,
etc. where I got some wonderful ice and ibuprofen).

I am going
to try some stretches to strengthen that muscle (once I can figure them
out). But for today, I'm icing and working from home (I drive a
manual… makes the hour drive to work not so doable without massive
pain right now). Well, and I did about 30 min of stretching and 30 of
karate, but I won't mention that part.

It was a good
experience. I now know I can do the distance, no problem. Without the
silly muscle, probably in my ideal-world goal time of 4:30. And I know
I can keep going in pain, which will probably be good to know at the
Ironman in a few months….

The rest of the
day was spent with wonderful people. Marc drove Holly's car back to my
place, and she drove mine (they had carpooled from my apartment), and
Andy drove his. And we vegged. And ate. My god did we eat! But damn, it
was good. And I got muscles rubbed and another IV of The OC and then
some Zim. And ice. And it was good.

More race stats:
11:19 overall pace
33/47 in age group
313/595 women that finished
910/1391 finishers
event on Motionbased

And race goal #1 for the year is completed 🙂

we why do the things we do

Wednesday, January 12th, 2005

I'm sure all of us have heard it at one time or another

    "you are crazy"
    "are you serious"
    "you *pay* to do that???"

or a similar remark about training and racing from friends, family, coworkers, and sometimes our own brains.

And sometimes it's an easy answer.
    the wind drying the sweat off my face as I coast down a long hill after a grueling climb
    the slight reminder of the morning's run as you try to walk up the stairs at work
    because I can
    to prove to myself I can
    the smell of chlorine that fills the room any time my hair gets wet
    the thrill of trying to put on tight fitting clothing as fast as possible — and when wet

And sometimes, I just want to sleep in.  Today, I slept in. Not from a lack of drive to run, but because this week I'm trying to be good. It's really hard not to put in the miles when it is what I'm used to, but the last thing I want is to be too drained for the marathon on Sunday, or injured, or anything other than ready.

So instead of taking my passions, and my drive, and pounding it out against the concrete, I remind myself of them here. And smile.

rain and marathon ramblings

Tuesday, January 11th, 2005

It is still raining. Supposed to clear up soon though. I hope so — I
miss biking! Although in another way it was probably good — made me
actually focus more on running and taper a bit more than I would have
for the marathon this weekend. My first. Prep for IM Arizona. It should
be good. I'm a bit nervous, but I just want to finish it (hopefully in under 5 hours).

And next week when it is dry out, back to uping the biking miles.

I seem to go through phases where I focus most on one, or sometimes two, of the sports. Which reminds me… I really really really need to get into the pool again. It's just hard  to drag myself out of bed on cold dark mornings for cold water.