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getting really close….

Tuesday, March 29th, 2005

So life is getting crazy busy right now. I’ve dropped some in the training hours (for bike especially, and some for running) which is ok since I should be tapering anyways. IM AZ is 11 days away! I’m nervous and excited. They have changed the bike course (it’s less hilly now) and so I’m more confident that I will finish in time to start the run. However, I’m still really really nervous. And really really excited. My mom will be there, and my best friend Holly. And my Dad and stepmom, Wendy. And my roommate Stephen, and college friend Andy, and hopefully my friend James. And my brother Ryan, sister-in-law Jenny, and nephew Ethan. They will help me keep going, ’cause I know they all know I can do it. But wow… I’m still kind of in awe of the whole concept. It’s now been just over a year and a month that I’ve been doing tris. Then, it was to motivate me to crosstrain. And now, they are the focus in my non-martial arts training life.

I still need to figure out my nutrition plan for the race, so I’ve been reading on that lately. Any one know of any good articles or references out there for Ironman nutrition?

31 days and about 9 hours…

Wednesday, March 9th, 2005

til IM AZ. I get scared every time I look at the countdown clock or see that I’m scheduled for vacation 4/7-4/11…

time for a breather

Friday, March 4th, 2005

Today is a break from impact stuff (ie running) and the drizzle makes it a good bike rest day as well. I got in a nice swim this morning. We started with 6 50s (odds free, evens non-free [2 backstroke, 1 butterfly for me]). Then we did 3 sets of fantansy swimming with fins — for that we do a 50 swimming like Ian Thorpe (long glide and strong kick), a 50 swimming like some guy who's name I forget but who uses a really fast stroke and fast turnover rate with less kick, and then a 50 swimming as a mutant combo swimmer mixing the two styles, and a final 50 easy to recover.  The workout ended with 4 100s pulling (ie with a bouy).

After that I had an hour of karate… great class where we learned part of a form I should know but can't remember well, and which I learned with a few different strikes this time.

My run (attempt) on Thursday told me to take it easy for a day — which means I might take a long soak in the tub tonight. Although I might go rock climbing instead.

Ok, so I suck at taking breaks. I don't sit still well 😉