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still broken :(

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

My x-rays and amount of tenderness showed there is still some healing to go in the left wrist. But I did get the right brace off, so at least I have one hand now. Here is a pic of me in the Tour de France… sorta… at least I thought I was in it 😉 It was fun to ride along to.

And before you comment on the mess of my hair, you try putting long think curly hair into a ponytail with no thumbs! But damn my bike is sexy! Even with a duct taped aerobar… which, actually, I should be getting fixed today! My roommate not only takes great pics, but got me aerobars for almost dying and having a birthday.

More on the wrist… my doc is used to athletes so he’s having me get a CT scan next week so that he can get a better idea of if I’ll be able to race the Big Blue 24 hour adventure race up in Tahoe 9/10. I hope so… my partner misses me (at least I think so… even though he won the last BB24 hr as a solo racer!).

Cast update

Monday, July 25th, 2005

I might get it off today! In honor of this event, I finally have a pic of the current cast, complete with running mileage and GPS:

Note: the bar alongside mileage means it was all in one day. The two sets of about 11 miles last Saturday (one morning, one evening) and the 3 runs for a total of 18 were Sunday (all consecutive, but the middle part was the official Fleet Feet run for the day, so there was a pause while waiting for everyone to be ready).

In other news, the 18 miles running yesterday were pretty painful — I think it was mostly the heat, and then too much water at once at the halfway point. But I did it.

tracking cast mileage

Thursday, July 14th, 2005

So I think I'm going to track my biking and running mileage on this cast. As in, after each bike (on a trainer since can't risk a fall yet) or run, I will in sharpe on the cast write in the mileage under the appropriate heading (either bike or run). I think it will be fun to see…

However, I do about 10 minutes of good-paced walking/jogging after each run I do. It's sweaty, stinky mileage the cast wouldn't see if I didn't run. So do I count that part in it's mileage? I can't decide… what do you guys think? For biking warmup/cooldown it's not an issue since I don't track that mileage separetly… it just goes into the bike total, independant of pace.

bye orange cast…

Tuesday, July 12th, 2005

I got a new cast on yesterday (after some xrays)… and now it is green! I saw the color and thought of Kermit the Frog. A friend has drawn Oscar the Grouch and Gir (it looks just like the litte green guy there… he's one of my favorite cartoon characters in the world — from Invader Zim) on it.

And good doc news: wrist is healing so well he almost let me pick a
brace instead of a cast… but I thought it would be too tempting for
exercise. And then he noticed it has only been 2 weeks, and was like oh
never mind anyways… it looks so good I thought it had been longer!
Yay for magic healing powers! I must heal really well, 'cause people
are also amazed at how well and fast my chin sealed up.

Next appointment is in 2 more weeks… guess I'll volunteer the Big Blue Santa Barbara 24 Hour race the weekend before that since I won't be able to race it as hoped pre-crash…

good run

Thursday, July 7th, 2005

Hard run last night, but a good one. I almost skipped it — I taught for a few hours after I got off work and was definitiely tired, and my friend was skipping her 7-9pm class, and my plan had been to run while she was busy and then go get frozen yogurt together. But luckily I had talked to a couple other friends, and we were meeting at the track at 7:30. So I went.

Mile warm up, 16 X 400 (odd #ed ones fast, evens slow), and a mile cooldown, then half mile walk. It felt really good, and my fast times were a bit faster than I had expected.

However, the left (broken) wrist was not to happy after I had stretched and mostly cooled down. I think my arm was a bit swollen from the increase blood flow when I got my heart racing, and the cast left it with no room to move. It got to be enough that I took ibprofen for the first time since I got the cast (so over a week). I might wait on speed training and stick to longer for now… we'll see.

I'm alive…

Tuesday, July 5th, 2005

… but still broken. Left wrist is fractured, right wrist is sprained, left wrist is sprained. Stitches are gone, most of the headaches are gone. I've been running 'cause sometimes I just need to get out of the house. My dayglow orange cast helps keep me easy to see, but I miss having opposable thumbs.

Not being able to swim/bike is depressing. I need the trainer I ordered to arrive. Then I can ride along with the Tour! And I will probably keep asking the ortho guy about waterproof casts. If nothing else because this one is only gonna get stinkier with all the miles and heat!

(oh, and unless you want to see me more bitter, tell me nothing about the tour… I'm already not reading trifuel today after being warned of a post there… thanks triguy!)