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I think I'm in love…

Monday, August 29th, 2005

It was a pretty damn sweet weekend! Friday left work early and took the mountain bike out for 10k. Not super far, but far enough to get a better feeling for it. It wasn’t quite long enough, but was still a fun ride, and I was still tired from climbing 🙂

Saturday morning was the beach… took the kayak out with a friend for about an hour, and then saw Eric (another adventure race volunteer that I might race with at some point) and also got to swim with dolphins!! There were 4 of them playing just past where the waves were breaking, and I swam out and was right by them… they didn’t leave, just kept playing. Gosh they are beautiful! Saturday even had a nice closing, as I got to see one of my favorite bands (Rilo Kiley) in LA.

Sunday was again just a great day… started with sleeping in til 8:30 (way late for me) and then taking the mountain bike out with my friend Andy and his bike (which is conveniently kept at my apartment). We had a blast! Spent about 2 hours out riding, and did about 15 miles. Some technical climbing and descending, and some easy fireroad type parts. It was just awesome. HOT!!! But awesome. He is a much better mountain biker than I am, having done it for years. But right now I’m in better shape. So it made for a pretty good pairing, and I learned lots.

One thought I had while riding was another reason why doing an on-road tri on a mountain bike is such a disadvantage — on a mountain bike, the gears are set up to make climbing easy, but you really never expect to be pedaling down any significant hills. So although you climb well, you just max out your gears on the road. Another thought: gotta change some of my road mentality of attacking hills to crusing up them, as on the mtn bike I have easy gears that make that possible.

Sunday afternoon and evening was spent relaxing in the nice air conditioning of home… after In-n-Out burger, that is… mmmm 🙂

And now for some eye candy… my new mtn bike! It’s a Specialized Epic and I LOVE IT!!

a side order of calories, please

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

The weekend was great — took out the kayak with a good friend, and then was very very lazy all day Sunday.

Yesterday I started more of my regular workout schedule, as it hadn't normalized since losing the cast. I swam in the morning — 2600 yds in sets of 200s with target times near my best times ever. Needless to say, part of it ended up becoming basically a continuous swim for me. It was a hard workout, but I finished it. Last night I wanted to run, so I did. Planned to do about 6 miles, so threw my phone in my little runner pouch and took off. I was so comfortable and relaxed that the run ended up being a bit over 10 miles… and I was glad for the gel that was left in my pouch from a previous run! It was a really good day, although my knees are a bit sore today (more pavement than they are used to hitting right now).

So overall, says I burned around 1350 cals exercising… and consumed around 1200 for the day. I just haven't been hungry lately. Sure, my stomach was growling really loud and woke me up this morning around 3, but I wasn't feeling hungry. Still ate 'cause I knew I should. But I'm not sure what is up with that. I just don't seem to really want any foods at all lately. Oh and of course I then couldn't get back to sleep until about 15 min before my alarm went off… so I'm a bit sleepy. At least Tuesdays are fairly easy life-wise and training-wise.

chlorine and family and toys…. oh my!

Thursday, August 18th, 2005

Got back in the pool today… first time since things broke. It felt good! I was tired, so was glad I had talked to Lisa about actually meeting her in real life and getting some swimming in, since then I was committed to going. And now I have a voice and such to put to the name and user icon 🙂

It was a nice swim… 1000yd relaxed and easy, just trying to get the feeling of the water again. My hand got a little sore on a few of them, but overall was pretty good. And dang that helps start the morning off well!

In other exciting news, I’ve started my week of “spend as much as possible without going crazy”. I have a hard time spending money on fun things… but I’ve wanted/needed a car rack for about a year and a half, and a mountain bike for a bit over a year, and ran into a great deal on a kayak, and my road bike needs to be back in working shape…. so this week I’m starting on all that. Yesterday got the rack on the car and then got the kayak. It’s hott!

Also wonderful and adorable and perfect is my nephew, who just turned one! He likes frosting 😉 He had his own little cake, but it didn’t have any green… so he helped with the other cake as well.

*deep breath*

Wednesday, August 10th, 2005


my cast is gone! I now have 2 hands!

In celebration, I volunteered a 24 Hr race at Catalina last weekend. It was awesome. I wasn’t planning to do it, but they were definitely short on people, so I said ok. Ended up getting to spend time in the ocean in a speed boat as racers kayaked 26 miles (yes, 26 MILES) to Catalina. Then helped set up the main transition and finish area, and then was a checkpoint on a secluded beach (formerly “Ripper’s Cove”, now known as “Kylie’s Beach”). There was one patch of shade on my beach — about 2ft. by 2ft, and
created by a sparse bush. So it wasn’t even completely shady. I had
sunscreen on, and reapplied it many times, but the ocean was tempting,
and with the swimming in it and the napping by its side, there was
still some burning done. Especially where the cast had been… I forgot
it hadn’t seen sun in about 7 weeks… oops!

Anyways, I napped, ran, swam and floated all day while waiting for teams. Only 7 teams (of about 20) ever made it past that point — the rest were short-coursed. Then there was miscommunication on who was supposed to pick me up (around 7) but at 10:30 they realized I was still out there… (no cell coverage or radio coverage). So I made it back.

More speedboad time the next day. Also time with many cool AR people — Rich, Paul, Karen, Eric, Amanda, Susan, etc. So that was good.

Then yesterday my car died (compressor exploded… really… it blew off it’s bottom). And since it was in two names at purchase, and one name later taken off, there are issues with getting it covered under the warranty. It’s a 2004 Honda CRV and perfectly maintained, and it looks like that is now worked out, which is good ’cause I was a stress case! And now I’m breathing again 😉

I need to run later today, and should get my bike fixed now that I could ride again 🙂 and soon a pool trip is in order! I love having thumbs!

oooh oooh! I wanna do it….

Thursday, August 4th, 2005

Posted this in my other blog and thought it appropriate here as well…

So I just emailed an adventure racing veteran I know who has seen me
race (so knows roughly where I’m at) and asked about if he thought I’d
be able to do…..

Primal Quest 2006

AND HE SAID YES!!!! So now I’m looking for teammates…

quick facts:
Date: June 25 – July 4, 2006
Location: Mountain States Region
(AZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, UT, WY)
Length: ˜600km – 5 to 10 days
Trekking, mountaineering, horseback riding, canyoneering, mountain
biking, whitewater swimming, paddling, and day/night navigation
Prize Money: $250,000 US

Gotta love races that give location by region of the US (instead of city and state) and time in days (instead of hours)…

In other news, my hair smells like grape candy. It must be Thursday.