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great show

Sunday, October 30th, 2005

I almost never cry at movies… but put on an Ironman race and I'm tearing up through half of it. IM Lake Placid 2005r is one of my favorites. Heather Furh had an amazing race to win, a once 400lb man feld on the edge of a DNF and just made the bike cut off "nothing's gonna stop me now. nothing" (unfortunately didn't finish the run, but said he'd be back). And they showed the DNFs at the end of the bike course — "it's ok… you did the best you could do". And Desiree Ficker and Andrea Fisher walking the marathon, with a goal of finishing. A man ran by and said "way to stick with it Desiree! Appreciate that!" and I agree… pros finishing even if they can't win… walking, and "cheering for others out here" as Desiree planned. When Heather won, she told something that she'd been thinking — ""drive for 5 in '05" — and had never shared with anyone — crying when she finally did say it. And the volunteers clapping at the start of the finish chute "you're an ironman… you can do it!"

(oh and a great bike ride and learning that we have til Dec. 1st on our current rent rate means moving to Claremont area around Dec. Too bad I already got plane tickets home for xmas from the airport close to here…)

(oh and also a great 28 mile bike with Stephen, my roommate, yesterday. Hopefully he'll wake up soon and have time for a long ride today. It was followed yesterday by about 10 miles of kayaking with a teammate for a race in a few weeks, and that was also a blast. And then fun halloween parties. Whee!)

whoa! mind brakes?

Friday, October 28th, 2005

So a few days ago I almost posted for Lisa that she'd be welcome to stay with me the weekend of the OC marathon and half. Then yesterday my roommate and I decided we might move. And not together! He's the best roomie ever (and I've got him biking, and then running, and he even swam with me the other day and I am close to getting him to do a tri), and the hardest part for me would be missing him. However, my original reasons to live in Irvine were in large part for martial arts, as my training is centered down there. And I'm no longer training as often in that area. And the 50 mile drive to work is starting to wear on me. I tried looking at some jobs closer to the OC, but am not really finding anything that sounds as fun, relaxed, and flexible (very important to me as well) as my current job. But like Libor posted, another big factor is being able to bike commute. And as Bad Ass as I like to try to be, a 60 mile each way commute just doesn't really fit in my day (yes, 60, the 50 is on highways).

So… I might be moving. Not really sure to where. Redlands (where I work) is just kinda in the middle of nowhere, and although I like it, I'm not sure I'd want to live here. Claremont has some of my closest friends, and a great community feeling. It also has a possible roommate (Holly, my best friend… but also a cat). It's about 30 miles from work, but also has metrolink train service I could use (from OC on that I wouldn't get to work til after 11 each day, so it wasn't feasible). And metrolink allows bikes, so I could do some combo transportation kind of thing. However, it's still 30 miles from work… and it is where I went to college, and doesn't have as nice of a pool (right now… more on that next paragraph). Or Rancho Cucamonga, which is where I was before Irvine. But I don't know people there, and although about 8 miles closer than Claremont for work, it was not ever really a home (just a transition spot between Redlands and Claremont).

Oh the other tricky part? Our lease needs to be resigned by Monday if we are going to stay where we are! Or we need to figure out if signing a month to month (very $$) or 7 month (pretty $$) or 12 month (but then a long commitment.

And I had a great swim the other day. 7:30 at night, outside. In the warmest pool I've ever been in (too warm, actually). At the Claremont Colleges, and their swim coach and a friend of mine (athletic trainer for the schools) let me in. I hear the swim coach is considering starting a master's program, and I'd love to move to Claremont and help get that started… so that got me thinking of really moving there. I mention to my roommate, and he says he wants to move into LA at some point in the nearish future. So our paths will definitely split at some point… but how soon?

Just look what a good swim can do!

SVS Finals version Ky

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Brandon (TdB) did a great writeup of this race, but here are some of my memories of the race with Brandon, Alfred, and Randy: Team UTM in a Haystack.

Friday morning I got up, finished the last few bits of packing, and was about ready to go. I headed out, the car ready with waterbottles, snacks, and CDs for the 4-5 hour drive. Interestingly enough, the radio station I often listen to in LA seems to be the same in the Bakersfield area (at least, same kind of music and similar catch phrase, although different name), so I ended up only needing CDs in the Grapevine and closer to the race itself. One of my favorite parts of races is the drive there. I’m packed, I’m going, most little last minute tasks and worries I just have to let go of. And I get to drive through some crazy areas. This time was all roads I have driven before, but for some reason I put a mountain bike in my car and each hill I see turns into paths and descents and fun.

I made it to the race site around 3:30 or 4 in the afternoon, spoke to a few other early arrivers, and just relaxed til the rest of the team got there and it was time for organizing gear, plotting a course, and all other last minute bits. The map seemed pretty straight forward — huh, looks a bit shorter than the website said it should be (that should have been hint #1 for us). And it’s a pretty clear circle (that should have been hint #2). We picked our direction for the trek and bike loops, based on where Brandon and Alfred had ridden before. Proud of our clean route, we guestimated time for the course and packed food and water accordingly — we figured probably around 7 hours of trekking, and then we’d be back to refill.

Ready to go, I grabbed a quick nap and got up around 12:10 to head to the meeting at 12:30. There we heard the same reminders about rules, course, etc. Oh, and were showed another checkpoint for the trek. At least, sorta shown… it was “somewhere in a canyon… you’ll see it”. So basically we’d get to walk the whole canyon looking. The canyon was about 1.5k long, so depending on how narrow/tricky it was, that might get interesting… Oh, and the final race announcement 10 minutes before start? “Who is planning to get CP TT first?” Many of us raised our hands. “Ok, now you all are. That’s going to be the first point.” Ok, so maybe there was order to some of the race… we still weren’t too concerned, as that was close to the start and still made either direction on the loop an easy option.

Ten minutes later, we were off at a jog. Near the back of the pack, but that was ok — we knew were were not a running team. And even at that pace I could tell my foot (sprained about 2 weeks prior) was not going to be too happy with this terrain. We made it up the hill to CP TT, and Randy ran over to grab the punch as Brandon and Alfred and I waited a bit away from the crowd. We hear Randy: “Uh… Brandon? Can you come here?” and we know — this isn’t just a normal CP. Turns out, this CP directed us to another surprise CP not on our map. However, instead of a relatively close one, this one was the complete other side of the map. Oh, and you can’t grab any other CPs on your way (although we’d pass by a number of them). We set off, soon leaving the trails for some very easy bushwacking. Very easy, that is, if my foot had been willing to cooperate and accept weight without throwing a tantrum. Yes, this was probably the hardest leg of the race for me. There were sections that were banked, and I hadn’t yet figured out that straight up or down or sloping to the right was ok, so I ended up walking a number of sections sloped to the left. In fact, there were tears building in my eyes just from the pain of walking! Part of me felt like I couldn’t do it… that I wouldn’t be able to finish. However, one “cool” thing about AR is that you can’t always just stop… you have to get to somewhere that lets you stop. We weren’t even near such a spot, and I was still alive, so I just kept moving (another AR rule — keep moving forward, even if slowly). After what seemed to be ages (I still have no idea how long or far it really was) we reached the CP. Brandon did some tape magic, and my foot seemed ok and we continued up over a hill to our next (again designated) point. Oh, here is where they were going to get all that mileage that appeared to be missing — mystery points and making us go between points we wouldn’t have choosen to connect!

A man and his kids punched our passport at the next point, and from there (the middle of our nice clean circle course) we were told to go where we wanted. We continued, although with a bit of a detour based on a distance mis-gage, and then proceeded to get a number more points. This was accompanied by calls of “haystacks” “hay” and “stacks”, as well as Brandon making friends with a flashing metal post some miles away and talking to it with his headlamp. In the process of some of the downhills though, Alfred’s knees, not used to such terrain, decided it was their turn to make walking painful. He sucked it up though and just kept moving forward! Soon we ran into Team Cyclepath. After talking to them, we ended up joining forces and proceeded to some of the trickier points (the canyon one, and then what they knew was a “road block” point where 3 more mystery points would be added to our maps). Those two have some crazy stories, and an awesome attitude! However, since the course was, well, just a bit longer than we had originally planned for, we ran into a few water issues, but seemed to be ok (although wouldn’t be for too long) on food. But our superteam pooled its resources, gathered up the rest of the trekking points, and we got everyone back to the transition area.

Here there was a double edged sword: taking shoes off, but also having to put on a new pair. We were late enough that we could pick biking or kayaking, and giving the number of CPs we could get on the kayak compared to the bike, we chose to head to the bikes first. It felt soooo good to get out of the shoes we’d be trekking in for the last 10 or 11 hours, and get clean socks. Yet at the same time I found a number of blisters, combined with my swollen sprained left foot, had decided bike shoes shouldn’t work. And of course, I have the kind that you can’t open really wide — you have to slide your heel in at the end. After some effort and colorful language to express my feelings on the situation, I got my shoe on! Wooo for the little triumphs! Soon we were off on the bike, two wheels each that fixed Alfred’s knees and got my foot not hurting and just left with blister pain. We headed out, planning to just get one CP and see how we feel from there. We felt ok… and knowing one section would be a pain (from our experiences there while trekking) we decided to skip those 2 points, as well as 2 others that were just monster climbing, and we did our own shortened bike loop. Here was Randy’s low, as he hadn’t fueled well for it. But again, our team just kept moving forward, getting the job done. Oh, and Brandon kicked some serious ass! While Alfred’s sore knee solution was to just never walk and to make it up everything on his bike (animal!) I wasn’t quite strong enough for that, and more than one of those hills brought me to my feet. Added bonus is now I got to trek them *with* my bike. But Brandon’s superstrength helped move the team forward as he’d come back and grab my bike after getting his to the top of the hill, or would hook a bungie to our bikes so that he could help pull mine up. Damn he’s good! 🙂

Anyways, we completed the bike loop, and I knew that once the shoes were off they wouldn’t go back on, and as a team we felt those 14 hours were a great workout, wonderful experience together, and a full race. So we pretended the kayak’s didn’t exist, crossed the finish line, and relaxed through the awards, raffle and BBQ. Also spoke with other teams, suchs as Trifecta (who were at the Baja race as well) and Ross from Team Engine (who had volunteered), and of course Bob (from my eCamps team) and John (also from my eCamp team). An awesome race, great teammates, and just a generally fun weekend!

Then the cleanup parts — my bike got a bath, and the car repacked. I planned to nap, but was too wired so just started driving home at 7. Uh… worked out ok, but is never a great idea. I mean, I drove up all day Friday (after packing for a decent number of hours that night), raced all day Saturday, and still hadn’t slept. I knew I would get tired once on the road, so I had accepted a nap part way home. I tend to want to just get home. So a few hours down the road, a nap in a gas station parking lot (set an alarm, a jacket over my head, and was OUT) and a refueling and back on the road. The last 50 miles I was a bit too sleepy, but was so close I could taste home! And I made it, and spent Sunday catching up on sleeping and laziness.

In summary…

  • An awesome race. I hope to do more of the SVS series next year!
  • Throwing some peppermints in a backpack pocket makes for a great quick pick-me-up and freshener on the trail
  • I would race with these guys any day — PQ 2007? 😉

very late update

Monday, October 24th, 2005

Ok, so I’m a slacker. Not much to report from the last week (lots for the last weekends though). So this is the first post of weekendy-goodness on the Mock Race at Lake Morena Oct 15th.

I got to the site late Friday and camped out next to more racers: Barrie, Steve, Jake, Angie, and some new faces. Good chat around the campfire, and we checked out the course for the next day. Looked to be some challenging bike sections, but like nav wouldn’t be too bad. Oh, wouldn’t be too bad after we learned that one CP was off by 1k. We didn’t have to climb up to the highest tree and touch it — at a point in the middle of the lake! We had to do so at a point with a nice big hill.

The next morning I met the prospective Primal Quest teammates: Clint, Zach, and Dave. They were all pretty easy going, and we got our transition set up. It was a nice casual format of “start when you want, but check out and we’ll compare total times on sections later”. So we headed out at 10:07 — a quick jog of the park area to grab 3 CPs, and then off on our bikes.

Wow talk about some sand! Oh, and some bikers (not with the mock race) coming down one section asked why we were going up it, as it is known as an awesome descent (which often means not so great for climbing up)… especially since we were about the 11th group they’d seen heading up that day. Grabbed a few more CPs, and hit a fun downhill section. Some technical bits, an a few bigger drops that I conquered! We then took some blazing fast road back to the TA, where we dropped the bikes and headed out for a windy paddle!

2 of the kayak CPs involved getting out and hiking up to a CP, and one was a bouy. I paddled in my double kayak with Dave, which was good since he was the quietest and it gave me a chance to get a better feeling for him as a teammate. Oddly enough, just about all the real bushwacking in this race was on the kayak section!

Damp and fairly cold with all the winds, we made it back to TA again, pulled on trekking shoes, and were off on the final leg: about 5 miles of hiking, but with a nice climb required (as there was no going back the way we came, and then around the mountain). Some very nice trails though, and I finally got to see part of Pacific Coast Trail! So that was cool.

We finished in 6 hrs, 48 minutes. Not the fastest time, but we were happy with it. We also learned what we need to work on: a big one will be ways to make the team faster, instead of waiting on the slower person for a section. Another will be nutrition strategies. But we found that we had fun, which is the important part. So although I still have some doubts just about the amount of experience we have for a race of this length… it looks like I’m going to PQ with ’em! Should be an experience 😉

blah blah bleck

Thursday, October 13th, 2005

Such an up and down day yesterday…
some great discussions during work
some reminders of being loved
some productivity, and some annoyances
some reminders of times and people that are past, and that I miss
some awesome students, and some that forgot their minds
some emails that made me feel loved
some notes made me a bit sad, but happy, too

our race team for Nov 12th is down to 3 people since the 4th got hit by
a car while biking 🙁 He is ok, but hospitalized. Some serious cuts
and such (like through the muscles). So while he should be ok in the
long run, he is facing some hard weeks. So my thoughts are with him and
his family, too. (for those of you who know I'll be racing with TdB soon, no, not someone from that team, so don't worry about that local hero).

I feel just drained, and like I need to go for
a run and let my thoughts have a pillow fight, but my foot is just sore
enough that I'm trying to be good. Why is it easy to see the good sometimes, and to get stuck on the bad on other days? Some days I just need an extra hug… especially with all this forced rest. At least the homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies should help start this day off better…

pool ramblings

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Made it to the pool last night. With Stephen, who was just gonna
jump in the hot tub after he felt how cold the water was. Bad
motivation! So I got in the hot tub as well, but soon tired of sitting
still figured I'd try out the (now colder feeling) pool, and it was
great! Did 500 yards (or maybe meters, but I think yards) in just over
10 min. Having swam 3 times since the end of June, that was just fine
with me! That was all though… it was late and I just needed to prove
to myself that I couldl get back in the water.

Sat by the pool
with S as we airdried for a bit, and talked of fun random things. I
think it started with kayaking in the pool. And then changed to
motorcycling in it. And then I came up with the best route! Into the
pool area, down the shallow-end stairs and cut the motor. Gotta have a
lot of speed though, cause have to coast across the shallow end, and
make the turn onto the handicap ramp at the other side, where you can restart (since sucking water into the bike = bad) and make it up the ramp and out of the pool! This brought up washing the bike in the "shower before entering" shower at the side of the pool. It being a fairly fancy pool area, that is somewhat enclosed and hard to see. But… they don't allow hoses at our apartment. Which I don't like 'cause that's how I clean my mtn bike, which I like doing (maybe like a little too much). And I came up with another great idea! Use the pool shower to wash it… so I checked it out on my way out. It has a handicap side (to go with the ramp and cranes) and that has a hose-type nossle, that should work great to spray down bikes!

Oh, and we checked on the way out… the sign says no surf or boogie boards, but doesn't mention boats (or motorcycles, or bikes)! I wonder how long til we lose pool visitation rights…

The good, the bad, the painful

Monday, October 10th, 2005

Ok ok, I get it. So I wasn't supposed to work out this weekend… there
could have been an easier way for the forces-that-be to let me know!

First they gave me a false sense of security… 12.5 miles of running and a good karate class started off my weekend.

accoomplisment continued into Saturday morning. I biked 2 miles to the
dojo, ran 4.5, did a karate class, biked 2 miles home, and then biked
to and from the dojo again (another 4 miles of riding).

then it was over as the winds picked up and I only got to gain
elevation on the bike. Biking home from the dojo the last time, I
planned to do Santiago Canyon (ie hills, a hill, oh another hill, and
then another climb for good measure, some nice descent, and then flat).
But which direction? It was a bit windy, so I picked the direction that
started with climbing and ended with flat, hoping to have the wind at
my back for all the climbing. Well that didn't end up working out too
well, and I had side and diagonal and some head winds for most of the
climb. I was also feeling fairly beat, and many times tempted to cut
the ride short. But I knew I could reach at least 30 or 40 miles, so I
kept going. Clipped something metal in the road. "Crap. I don't want a
flat." I kept an eye on the front, it looked ok, as did the back. Kept
going. During a short downhill before the final climb, I momentarily
picture my full suspension bike. "Uh oh…" And yup, almost to the top
of the final climb my back tire was decidedly flat. "Ok, flat-practice.
But I don't want to have to start on this hill." So I finished the
climb, and stopped to change the flat before the nice descents and
flats that would complete my loop and take me home. Of course a rear
flat, since I have little flat experience. But I did it. Got the tire
off, checked for anything and found nothing still in the tire. Couldn't
even find a hole in the old tube. New tube int, check that it's
correctly in the tire all the way around, CO2 going, and I hear the
flat in the new tube! I'm out of tubes now. Have a patch kit, and one
thing of CO2 left. I'm tired, greasey, and did get in my climbing. So
out comes the cell phone. Luckily my roommate was late leaving for
LA… he came to get me. However, I don't sit still well so told him I
walk towards where he'd be coming from. So I walked. Wheel in one hand
(it was going to have to come off to fit in his car anyways) and bike
in the other, bike shoes off and strapped onto the frame, I walked
barefoot down the canyon. Many nice people pulled over to offer me
rides and make sure I was ok… they get bonus karma points.
Unfortunately, none had road bikes on their cars (lots with mountain)
since road bikers ride that stretch and don't drive it. So no extra
tube for me. Oh, and the road biker (one I remember clearly since
Stephen and I passed him later in the car) who tried very hard to avoid
eye contact and pretended not to see me? Good luck in your next rides

Perhaps those powers are angered at my tubeless mountain
bike and all the flats I cheated them out of during the Baja Cactus

And Sunday, although fun, somewhat
reinforced that I should have taken a break. 2 of the 3 boys I'm doing
the Explore CA Gold COuntry 24 hour race with in November and I were
going to do a training day. I picked up Ryan at around 7am, and we
headed out to meet Chris in the Santa Monica mountains. After never
seeing the 10 freeway hit the 405, and a driving detour as a result, we
made it and proceeded out on a trek. About a mile in, as we ran through
a shaded, fairly flat area, I missed a rock and slid on it.
Unfortunately, I ended up rolling my ankle. Got up, sorta dusted off,
and after a minute we continued at a walk. Soon it was feeling alright,
and we jogged a bit more. Made it to a pretty waterfall, and proceeded
on the rest of our uphill trek back to the cars and bikes. This made my
foot a bit less happy as it hurt at exactly the spot the slope of the
trail needed me pushing off at. But we made it back to the cars, and it
seemed ok on the bike, so we headed out on a big bike loop. It was
going pretty well, but then my foot started hurting more. I could tell
it was more swollen and tender, and of course, being my left foot, was
the one I put down to stop. Odd though… it hurts less for putting it
down than for picking it up to get back on the bike. But in the end I
made the call to cut that section short, as it was getting painful to
pull up on the pedal and my foot felt like it was getting worse. I had
to keep reminding myself it was a training day, cause I'm not good at
stopping, especially when it means other people are going to stop as
well. Driving a manual home was interesting… and then I spent the
rest of the evening on the couch with RICE (rest, ice, compression, and
elevation). Oh, and sometimes used a bo staff to help me walk about the
apartment. Outside of the pain though, it was an awesome training day.
I'm really looking forward to racing with those guys!

Yet those
forces still didn't really win… I got in a total of 17 miles of
running, 25 miles of road biking, 1 mile of walking with my road bike,
about 5 miles of trekking, and 17 miles of mountain biking. I felt it
was a pretty good weekend overall, and had a lot of fun. And I'm
considering a swim this evening, depending on how the foot feels. As it
is now, I can walk better than last night, but still a bit gimpily.
Perhaps it is time to stop claiming to be somewhat sane… I don't
think most people believe me anyways once they hear my stories.

new habit

Friday, October 7th, 2005

I'm definitely pleased with my new Friday morning loop for running. I
did it for the second Friday in a row today. It really takes exactly 2
hours, and has some spots at the end where it will be easy to add a
mile or so when I'm in the mood. It starts with some tough climbing,
and then has some great bike path (no cars) sections. It's also nice because it's near a karate studio I'm only at on Fridays, so it's not areas that I also use in shorter runs.

Today I added a bit, making it 12.66 miles. Did it in 2:03. Under a 10 min pace = I'm happy with it!

What is cool about doing the same loop is (ok, yes, this will be geeky) that Motionbased
has a "dot race" feature. Where you can select 2-5 activities (of
yours, of other peoples, of you and another person, etc) and "race"
them. It puts dots on a map, and shows how they compared. I'm gonna
post a link to my last two runs of that loop, but it's a bit tricky to
view. You need to be a member of the site to view this link… but… I
have a free acount for friends, and I guess you guys are close
enough… so here's how to view the runs if you are interested:

1. Go to: (you'll have to use IE for it)

2. Click "log in" (upper left corner) and enter username: friendbear with password: kylie

3. Copy this link:,299444

4. Paste into that IE window and hit enter. Now look! It's me running as a little dot! Woo! I'm racing me… I think I'll win 😉

think it's cool that I was basically the exact same pace the whole
time, but can see spots where I did better one week or the other.

Another longish run is planned for this weekend, as well as hopefully a medium to long bike ride with my roommate. And karate. Wheee! Today is good… but I should get some work done now.

days gone by & bike fix

Thursday, October 6th, 2005

I just have had too much to do at work to log on here and update for
a few days! So here is a quick summary of the last few days.

had a nice easy run with my roommate. We did 5 miles total: walk .25
mi, then run .25 mi. Except at one point he wanted to do .5 running, so
we did. It felt good to move and relax and run in low HR.

I did a mini-bike (about 8 miles, just added one loop to the karate
commute) and an hour of martial arts. My bike was creaking a lot again,
so I took it back to the bike shop Wednesday. They are going to check
the fork (since it has creaked since the new fork) and the bottom
bracket (which has never been cleaned). I get to pick it up today, and
might go for another fast easy ride to make sure it all sounds ok.

morning did a very easy run (5k with my old IM training buddy) since he
had been sick over the weekend and my knee was a bit sore. Then we did
some abs/back/arms stuff in the gym. It was nice to have a day like
that… we plan to keep doing light weights stuff this winter. Wow I
just typed "this summer" and had to delete it. I also thought while
talking to him today that August was only a few months away. Oops…
time to get in winter mode.

I need to get in the pool — I
actually want to. However, the 2.5 hours of sleep (which I snooze
buttoned into 3.5) last night left me not wanting cold water this
morning, and since I teach til almost 8 tonight I don't know if I'll
make it in today. Soon 🙂 Perhaps Saturday. Long run is planned for
Friday morning. Basically the same loop as before but maybe with an
extra hill or 2. Then another longer run or bike on Saturday. Sunday is
an adventure race training day with a team I'm doing Explore CA Gold country with. Good times!

wait… how far?

Monday, October 3rd, 2005

The weekend started well — 2 hr run on Friday morning before I had karate class. Although I started the run about 45 minutes later than I meant to (I should have done some martial arts practice and a lesson before class) I kept going for the two hours. I'm glad I did… I managed 12.34 miles of running with about 2000 ft of climbing! And my moving average speed was 9:39 miles. Good for me, esp with all that climbing! I was definitely content as I went to karate. Put in an hour there… nothing too physically challenging though.

Saturday morning came, and I decided to make it for my karate lesson after missing the Friday one. Got in some good sword and form practice, and then did class for another hour of forms and conditioning drills. Conditioning shins can be kinda painful when yours are scraped up! But it was still a good workout, and a nice 2 hour block of martial arts that I hadn't had in a while.

Got home and waited for my roommate to get up. We planned a 2 hour ride, and then I was going to do another 2 hour run. Then… oops… we went for a 50 miler 🙂 My roommate's longest before was 30 miles. I just kept telling him that we were on the last major climb, or the last climb of this stretch of road, or that we only had a few miles and then we'd get a break. We also had a huge headwind for part of it. He was definitely tired at the end, so our pace had to drop a bit! But he did it! Moving speed of 14.2 miles per hour (with the slowed ending included) and 2700 ft of climbing. We went to the beach, and then to the mountains. It was fun. However, it was about 4 hours of biking, and I was starving, so the run got moved to the next morning.

Sunday morning I did an 80 minute run (had to get ready to head up to Big Bear). So 8.5 miles, 1200 ft of climbing, and 9:22 pace. Definitely happy with that one, too!

Headed up to Big Bear, got some errands taken care of, and then didn't get to ride since the boys were all busy. Oh well — read and slept the rest of the day, part in the sun outside. Nice and relaxing. Plus, part of my brain knew I'd earned it.

Tonight I'll be doing an easy run — my roommate is catching this whole "fitness" thing from me and wants to do a 5k. This will be his first run for training. Will also be good for my legs and knees to have an easy day after all that pounding. Hopefully a swim as well… we shall see. After some of the stuff at work today, I might need more than an easy run to burn off some stress 😉

Oh forgot to mention… the long bike and the 8 miler were done in my TriFuel jersey… it's great!