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got rest time?

Monday, January 30th, 2006

Ok so yes, I did a lot this weekend. I earned my rest day today!
Only pilates, and I'll be good after that. I promise! I didn't even
bike commute (thanks to an 8am meeting when I get here at 8:30 on the

But yeah, damn that was a great weekend!

Friday I extended the bike commute in to 17 miles on Friday morning, and then the regular 10 back, and then Pilates was so good that I'm going again tonight!

Awesome ride (about 55 miles)
Saturday morning, making it home just in time to leave for a swim
clinic, which included about 2 hours in the pool. I even got
complimented… some people didn't have fins, and they said they'd take
fins from people who'd do fine without them, and then asked if another
guy could use mine. So that was good. It was a good clinic — mostly
stuff I'd heard, but good to get feedback on how I was doing with doing
it. Unfortunately, the underwater lense for the camera was broken, so
we only got above water filming/analysis, but get to go back for the
other part on a date to be announced.

Sunday I slept in (got home a bit – or maybe very very very – late from
the wonders of karaoke and Denny's), and then did a short "long
" for the week (barely longer than my reg runs). That
afternoon, Joey (who I also hadn't seen in way too long)
made his way out to Claremont and we went on a wonderful gorgeous happy
and thrilling mtn
bike ride
(Claremont Hills Wilderness Park through to
Marshall Canyon). Good goood gooooood times!

So I definitely got in my workouts and my fun… and even managed sleep yet again! I'm getting good at the whole "weekends" part of life. Now if only some weekdays got converted to 'em as well…

doses of all 3 sports

Friday, January 27th, 2006

This has been a good week so far…

Wednesday night I met with Coach Tony at the pool and got some AWESOME swim tips. Many of the actual bits were the same as I'd heard before, but he gave me a wonderful visualization tool: You are swimming in a tube. This tubes is parallel to the bottom of the pool, and you can't move outside it as you swim. This includes keeping your legs in it (ie body flat) and arms (never going too low in the water or too high on the recovery of the stroke).

He then highlighted some drills (on your side, how to get proper pull, and some timing things. A fun night in a beautiful 50m pool! Oh, and some of the best advice he gave? Remember, it's time to get out of the pool once you are too tired to use good form. When you switch back into your old habits, keeping going is just reinforcing the wrong way.

Thursday morning I got in a run (1:05, 5.34 mi, 145 bpm avg). Woooo! Finally managed to stay at 145 without feeling like I was gonna go crazy! I've basically decided to use that instead of the 70% = 137 bpm that my coach had given me, as that was just tooooo frustrating for now (and honestly, as much as I want to get better and train well, making me dread the training isn't worth it).

Then was bike commuting to work (10 mi, 48 min, 13.2 avg mph, 157 avg bpm) and home (9.6 mi, 40 min, 14.9 avg, 159 bmp avg). The train ride was more people than usual, and for once they all wanted to talk to me. I kinda wanted to read Ken's book, or work abs, but was polite and didn't (next time I will… that time is my time).

This morning I got in a quick swim (about 1200 yds, 25 min) so that I wouldn't miss the train, and then bike commuted in the rest of the way. However, I had some extra time since there was no 8:30 meeting, so I went a long way (1:16, 17 mi, 13.6 mph avg, 154 bpm avg). It was a bit cold, but generally nice morning. I think it rained overnight though…

I'm really working to get in a regular habit of bike commuting… but that will be easier once the pool isn't 12 miles away from home (right by another train station, but it would be 12 miles in the morning dark, and I don't have a good light for that right now). A closer pool is set to open mid-Feb. I can't wait, as it will also make it easier to get in a swim workout "just cause".

weekend report

Monday, January 23rd, 2006

It was a good weekend of accomplishment!

  1. Got my computer working (I had fried the hard drive about a year ago, and had a new one sitting around for a while. Even managed to recover all the stuff on the old drive! wooo!)
  2. Pilates on Saturday – I've been wanting to try more of the core classes at 24HF, and this one was a lot of fun.
  3. Swim – Saturday 500 warm up, 6×200, 500 cooldown. Not as comfortable/easy as the similar workout on Wednesday, but I realized why I was out of energy, and that it probably had something to do with not rehydrating well after pilates and having not eaten in hours 😉
  4. Bike – 40 miles on Sunday. CRAZY WIND!!! I actually walk/rolled my bike for about 50 feet on Baseline (like the whole sorta riding, but one foot basically on the ground or by it just in case) before turning onto Day Creek. Winds were so strong I had to lean into them to avoidbeing blown completely over, and every now and then they just moved me and the bike over a bit. I didn't like leaning into traffic on a 50mph road… so I headed back at about that point.
  5. Run – 8 miles on Sunday after the bike. My bike HR was zone 3 (70-85%), and the run one was supposed to be zone 2 – 3 (2 is 60-70%) so I took that to mean high zone 2, low zone 3, and went with a max of 150. It's HARD to stay lower than you were the last couple hours on the bike! But I managed (somehow) to keep a 152 average for it.
  6. Friends from the past – saw one of my old roommates and his girlfriend for the first time in almost a year and a half. It was great, as they have been very close friends. Also saw James, another friend I hadn't seen since a bit before my Ironman last April. Again, it was great – he's one of those people I have just felt comfortable around since I met him.
  7. Friends I see a lot – a group I often hang out with went to Medieval Times for the birthday of one of them. He also brought a girl he has known for a long time, and who none of us really knew. The Medieval Times part was fun – it's a neat show, even if their choreography and timing kinda sucked this time 😉 Oh and the blue knight was cute (and smelled good when we met him afterwards) but that's just details. However, the girl we didn't know had a bit of an alcohol issue which lead to behavior issues (and being a non-drinker it's a bit hard for me to relate) and to make a long story short, she is not someone any of us (including the guy who brought her) really care to see ever again. However, there was a bright side. The guy who brought her is newer in our group of friends, and the incident confirmed how well we do like him, and how much we all trust and respect each other.

Basically, this weekend gets an A+! It was nice on the fronts of friends and exercise, and I even managed to get sleep (well, not counting last night)! Oh and to top it off I'm not sore =)

done done donedone

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

It’s in the mail… Jer, Lisa and I have now been committed. To Vineman (then we’ll see where else they commit us to…). It should be awesome!

Ran this morning, and it went alright. It was basically still dark, and with some tunes on very low and the morning noises it was calming and great. Slow, but good (51 minutes, 4.32 miles, 11:52 moving pace with avg HR ~149). That average is a bit off, because my HR monitor was having a hard time keeping a connection. I think because it was cold and I was going easy so I wasn’t sweating. Everytime I noticed there was no HR I had to rewet the sensors (mmm mmm spit) and then it worked for a bit, but it would start with 224 first, which raised the average. I guess the Forerunner accounts for that in its data since my laps show averages of 140, 142, 144, 145, and then just the last .36 miles with 148. Huh. Anyways… it was great to be out in the morning, and something I’ll have to repeat.

Then I got home, showered, and bike commuted. I had a meeting at the exact time I make it to work with the train, so I knew it would be a throwing clothes on and going day, and I wondered how that would go. Worked out ok, though. Bike was a bit painful — my right side was completely spasmy and mad. Oh well. It was still a nice ride, and I did enjoy it (45 minutes, 10 miles, 13.4 avg mph, 159 avg HR). And I wasn’t even the last person to my meeting =)

And now? Now I must repeat this morning’s ride to get back to the train station, and then it’s gonna be another night of core work on the train 😉

The 3 Little Applications that CAN

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

There are 3 Vineman apps sitting next to me right now. Just gotta walk across the street to the postoffice either today or tomorrow (depending on time) and then Lisa, Jer and I will be set!

This weekend was fun. Jer came out here, and he and Lisa and I went for a bike ride around Bonelli on Saturday, and then for yummy bagels! Sunday he and I went for about a 13 mile run with a lot of climbing and being all good with our heart rates. It was fun… nice to know another of you TriFuel crazies in person and to have a face to put to the name. Wooo crazy tribuddies!

Heart rate running can suck it. Yesterday was long, I was tired. I was
stressed with karate school junk, and tried to run when I had a dead hour
since a student didn’t bother to show up. According to my training
plan, it was a 30-60 min run at zone 2 HR (60-70% of my max, or
118-137). I’ll just say that I can keep my HR in that zone at a walk
after an easy run most of the time, and I was stressed and wanted to
just pound the pavement into submission, but instead got to slow jog and walk
since I just couldn’t keep my HR that low. The stressed part wasn’t
helping the HR, nor was the beeping of of the HR monitor as I was over.
I need to talk to my coach, cause I also justfelt like I was not
getting a workout at all, and I don’t know if I care to do that for
40-60 min again tomorrow. I train to get better, but also to have fun.
And that was at a level that was not fun because I didn’t get to find
my stride at all, and had to walk too much. It meant my pace was crazy
slow, too. Part is that we are using the 220-age HR max formula until
we can calculate mine, and with that max my 4 miles at 85% test was
easy for me and I felt I could go way faster. I know that’s not all
good, cause I should be training slow, but I just worry that it is too
slow for me improving. But I stuck with it for the whole 35 minutes or whatever it was…

This morning’s swim helped make up for it though. 500 yd warmup, 10x200yds, and then a 500 yd cooldown. I think it’s the
farthest I’ve ever swam in a workout on my own — just over 1.7 miles, with a total
time of 1 hr and 10 min. That however included a break to get some
paperwork from Lisa for Vineman and the rests between the 200s. It’s
nice to have a training plan to follow for swimming, since I did like that part of the master’s program. I even swam part with Lisa (I was late so she was done before I was), and it’s great to have some one expecting to see you and help you get up at 4 am… However, it was
supposed to be by heart rate zones, and as I didn’t want to swim with
my Forerunner 301, I was guestimating it so was probably at too high of
a rate for most of it. I just felt in place, and in my zone, and like
everything would be ok. Which yes, it will be. It’s just one of those
weeks it can be hard to see that. But the water, yet again, felt like
home and did that whole “water soothing” stuff on me again. I smell of
much chlorine today, and my skin and eyes are hating life, but it was

Oh, and my coach recommends waiting on both the 50k and 50 miler til after Vineman. Since I want to do well there, that’s probably going to be the plan.

written into being

Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

There is something about sharing goals that makes them more real for
me… but first I’ll start with the beginning. A fellow blogger on the
other site I use posted a great “1st 50k” report, and I told him so and
that someday I’ll be there. He told me he’s read my IM report, and
knows I could do a 50 miler, 100 miler, etc. Then I read my horoscope
for the day:

Your passions have been stirring about like a caged animal for
the past several days, Kylie. Now is the time to let them out. Some of
what you express may elicit surprise or disapproval, but that’s no
reason not to speak up. If you don’t express yourself, illness may
result. Your goal should be to be true to your inner self; that’s the
only way, ultimately, to be happy and healthy.”

I’m starting to work with a great coach and I think that horoscope is telling me to share my dreams desires… so… I’ve updated my 2006 “A” Races List:

  1. Vineman IM – Aug. 12th
  2. a
    50k (I need to find a good one… any suggestions let me know) – I’m
    thinking either 2+ months before the IM, or sometime after it. I will
    work with Coach Tony to decide on this.
  3. a 50 miler? (this is still a maybe) – after the Vineman. As a final and big close to my season.

I just have to find 50k and maybe a 50miler to put in there… and see
if I can really get the courage up to go for a 50 miler (for some
reason 50k doesn’t sound bad to me but a 50 miler scares me). Someday
I’d love to do Western States 100, and then later Badwater (and perhaps
even the Badwater Ultra and the Furnace 508 bike in the same year for
that crazy and wonderful double). But that’s the future. Right now I’m
asking my body if it is ready to attack a 50 miler…

Oh, and
I’ve taken yesterday and today off. I’ve got a bit of a nasty cold and
figured the sleep was more important. Hey, at least I’m getting it out
of the way now instead of once the 16 week base training program starts
the 16th 😉

Also went to a heart rate clinic last night (done by
Crucible Fitness). It had some great theoretical info, and calculating
HR zone info, but I was a bit disappointed int he lack of “how to apply
this in training”. I almost felt like they didn’t want to give that
away since they are also coaches, although I know in part it’s just
hard to make the judgement call sometimes when out on a run and that
making such calls is hard to explain and just comes with experience.

And now I put 2005 to rest…

2005 Big Plans/Goals

  1. 1st marathon (Carlsbad 1/16/05) — DONE 4:56:53
  2. 1st century (Tour de Palm Springs 2/5/05 — DONE 6:39:01 moving time, 104 miles, some rests)
  3. 1st Ironman (Arizona 4/9/05) — DONE 13:51:26

Other Races

  • Possabilities Tri Series (1/23, 2/13, 3/13, 4/3) — DONE (1st in age group in series)

another day on the bike

Thursday, January 5th, 2006

There is a towel hanging out of the desk drawer behind me, bike shoes under the chair, and my beautiful bike in the hallway. I feel like I fit in with you other bike commuters today! Took metrolink most of the way in, biking the last 10 miles (where it doesn't go – yet). Instead of to work though I met up with my training buddy at his house and we got in a 6 mile run. So it has been a productive day. Oh, and the 10:30 meeting I made it in for? It was (and always is… dunno what I was thinking) at 10… but was canceled this week so I still win.Went a bit too hard on the ride, 'cause I wanted to be sure to have time for the run. I might have to look at the Thurs bricks I was thinking of adding since the 10 meeting will be harder to make it to.

Bike: 10.14 miles, 48:42. Lots of stoplights. Avg – speed 13.3 mph, HR 163 bpm

Run: 6.25 miles, 1:09:51. Avg – pace 11:08, HR 155 bpm. MaxHR 163ish (one spike at 167 but might be interference since it looks random)

It wasn't as hard to run slow and easy when running with a buddy, so that was nice. Now to see how the bike ride home goes — only the 10 mile and train version today.

training days are here again

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

It has begun — last night the training plans started. Vineman 2006, I will be ready!

Yesterday I started on the run schedule Libor kindly shared with me. 6 miles. But not like my normal 6 miles… keeping my HR around 150! I don't think I've ever ran with it that low. Since I know it can get into the 190s fairly easily, I'm going with that number for the Hadd training (as he says to use it for 193+, even if over 200). But… it meant that I had to run at an average moving pace of 11:47!! And this was with keeping my HR under 160 (average: 154, max: ~168-173) as I need to work down a bit (it gets over 150 almost at the sight of my running shoes in anticipation…). It was hard to keep myself running that slow, and the whole time I wondered if I was even getting a workout, as I didn't feel taxed. However, as a result it was harder to stay focused. If Libor hadn't repeated told me how well it is working for him, I'd have a very hard time sticking with it. As a bonus though, there were a few points where I was totally in the zone… the world was beautiful and I had wings and was just riding the back of a breeze… And I guess that will help me go back as well — during some of those moments I found my HR was under 150.

My GPS signal was being a little sporadic, but when motionbased smoothed it out, it was about .15 miles farther than the Forerunner had reported. So I guess that's what made the average pace not as bad as I thought it was being. However, I'm still not sure how to related this to the VDOT stuff as it tells me to run my long runs around 11:07, and my shorter runs faster. More reading and thought needed there.

Oh and here is the results of that run:

This morning I got back in the pool. I haven't swam regularly since JUNE!!! Got in 1800 yds (1600 with alternating 100s of swim and pull, and then a 200 easy swim cooldown) in about 45 minutes. It wasn't a hard effort workout, but definitely reminds me how much I need to get back in the pool! I think I will go to the swim clinic Crucible Fitness is holding Jan 28th (Lisa, if you are interested, we could carpool… it's Pasadena area I think).

So a good start…and tomorrow (if flat fixing goes well) will be a bike/metrolink commute. Ohhh good news on that as well. Driving home last night the freeway looked like a parking lot, so I skipped it. Took some surface streets, with an eye out for them as a biker would see them. I think I've found a route that would be fine for morning rides all the way in! For some reason mornings always feel less sketchy to me — prob cause a lot of the sketchy people aren't about yet. And the streets have more real businesses and such, and some lights, and decent pavement. So in the mornings, it will even be light by the time I get there, and during some morning traffic (which is fine with me). So I might try that tomorrow. But I need to map out where the Metro stations are along the way in case of too many flats, etc.

And in real life… xmas and New Years were both nice… good family time, good friend time, and now good work time…