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just keep swimmin’!

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

It’s a good thing I like Dora from Finding Nemo so much. Her “just keep swimmin’!” song is often in my head. This morning I was being crabby… didn’t really want to bike commute, didn’t want to go to work, didn’t want to run… etc etc. Finally realized a swim might be nice, and realized this at about 6:30. I just had time… so I threw things in a bag, climbed in the car, and made myself go to the gym. Driving I realized I should be at work by around 8:30 or 8:45, so I’d have to be leaving the gym at 8. No excuses… I kept driving to the gym (it’s easy when you already have a suit on to say you’ll get in the water even if just for 30 minutes).

Well then the water took over. I was gliding, and it just felt good. Lisa was a lane over, and Brandon (from the other 24HF) was also in a lane. It was fun to see much of the Rancho morning pool gang has moved to Upland! It’s soooo nice to go to a gym that (at least for now) is less crowded and still has a new/clean feeling to it. So I decided to put my drills in the 500 warmup that was on my schedule, and then, since I was feeling so great, decided to go for all 6 300s (schedule called for 4-6 of them for the main set). I was feeling comfy in the water, and totally in tune. I mean, when else would I be feeling the tip of my fingers (like from above the top joint) and exactly how the water is flowing around, over, and between them?? It was a somewhat crazy level of awareness, and damn it felt good! Finished all 6 repeats of 300s, and then did a 500 cooldown, just making my stroke feel accurate. An awesome morning of 2800 yards in about an hour!

Why is it that swimming always makes me have to pee?? Even if I didn’t really hydrate tons for it. I don’t think I drink that much of the pool! If I did, it would be empty every few days! :p

I have found a way to break some of my bad habits (really the food-centric ones): Focus on breaking it for a month, and then the good version of the habit takes the place. I did this around October to break my Froot Loop habit, and another month I broke my tortilla chip habit. What is next? My processed sugar habit. Candy, and chocolate, and frozen yogurt, and ice cream, and all those wonderful tasting things. Well, having them less often will just make the more special! So for April I will not eat processed sugar as a regular thing. Once a week I can have a single processed sugar snack (ie a single frozen yogurt or serving of chocolate). Because life still has to be fun, and hey, I work out a lot and should get some rewards sometimes. Plus I’m spending Easter with my nephew (ok and his parents) and I know there will be some sugar around then.

This lower-sugar-month should also help me start dropping a few pounds. I’m feeling a bit heavy right now, and I know I have some extra fat I would be happy to shed. I’m in a decent exercise habit right now, so I know it has to be my lack-of-good-eating-habits that are responsible. Sorry I just-like-dashes-right-now. Perhaps May will be drinking more water month…

good thing I’ve been practicing screaming…

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

Today’s bike ride home I was flying. I hit every light just about perfectly, and was feeling great and strong and smooth. I was making great time, and it didn’t even feel like I was working too hard. I even thought a bit about how lucky I am to be able to have such rides — both the time and the ability. I cruised along, down the same roads I commute on all the time. A bit over half way, around 7 miles into the ride, I was on a major road. 4 lanes, 2 each direction. Just cruisin’. No lights nearby, and only a few very small side streets. As I’m about to pass one of these side streets in the middle of a straightaway over a mile long, I see a semi (a gianormous deep red one, with a full trailer — yet now I remember much more vividly the black edging on his grill) coming to the edge with the busy road. He is slowing as he approaches the stop sign he has there. At this point, I was already crossing in front of his side street, about to pass in front of him. And then, he floored it. Ok, it’s a semi, they don’t move that fast. But when the front tire of your bike is starting in front of it, a semi can appear to fly. I screamed and swerved, and didn’t think I was going to make it. He was so close, and still moving faster. The people walking on the sidewalk approaching the street turned and looked, and I kept swerving to my left. When suddenly, he slammed on the breaks — I was in the center of the road, between 2 sets of yellow lines, and almost into oncoming traffic, and could feel heat from the truck’s engine on my left knee. It was so close, even with the breaking I thought it was going to catch me. Shaken, I cried “what the fuck??!?!?” and kept drilling. Still knowing I just needed to move, to get out of the way of the beast and it’s teeth. I knew if I stopped, it would be that much harder to get started again. But I was off — still flying, but hurting inside. What ifs popped into my head… and I was fighting back tears of terror. “What if I hadn’t seen him start, and hadn’t pulled left as hard as I could?” “What if there had been cars near me?’ “What if his window hadn’t been open, and he hadn’t heard me scream?” “I almost got broadsided by a semi” “Would he have even been able to tell he hit me?” “What if his window had been closed?” I pushed it, pedaling away the thoughts, pushing and driving, needing to get away. A light. It’s red. I slow, unclipping. I feel shaking, and am barely able to step down and not fall over. He pulls up next to me, a lane over. I don’t know how… I thought he was making a left as he almost hit me. Window down, he leans over “Sorry…” he says, grinning. I definitely am not grinning, and am not about to accept his apology. “Next time, STOP.” “And look.” The light changes, and I pound on. Racing myself. His license plate has a 1V then 8 or 9, and a 3 and either and 8 or 9 later. I get it, think about writing it down, and move on. I’m still pedaling… and that is enough. I go, and just keep going, all the way to the train station, where I have to stop. I look down… It took me five minutes less than a normal fast day. I was only pedaling for 35 minutes, despite how long those few seconds watching a semi accelerate directly toward me. After the train ride, I ran. And did pilates. And thought about how I was lucky to be able to do these things…


Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

I’m baaaaaack. Ok, well I was never really gone. But I’m writing again. Many rides and runs, and even a few swims, have passed since I last wrote. Hmm… the new bigger things…

swim: going pretty well. I really really like working with Karen (a friend and, as it turns out, an awesome coach!). She’s also the person behind TriSwim hair stuff (which I’ve loved even before I knew her). I am feeling like I’m getting smoother in the water, and defintely starting to feel more in the groove. Now to just make it too the pool more often… 🙂

bike: all about who you associate with, right? I’ve done a ride with the UCLA men’s cycling team (their post-race ride one day, tough for me!) and a few rides with a friend who is on their team (Brian). In fact, while I think he has done wonderful things to my cycling, I might have convinced him to do the Aquabike full at Vineman (bad ankle = no running for him). I feel more comfortable on the bike, and am really liking the bike commute as the start to mornings. It’s getting warm enough here that I might need to start wearing a tank jersey! Today it was just short sleeves, and no armwarmers or underlayer was needed (I took it off on the train). The other day I realized I had no meeting, so I extended the ride to work by climbing for an extra 3.5 miles. It was great.

run: I’ve been slacking a bit in this one. It’s my strongest, so that shouldn’t completely kill me. But I need to get in a nice long run this weekend. Oh, and I need to get my foot checked out to see if I really have a swollen/pulled/strained tendon in the top/outside of it (I have the MRI referal… now to just make the appointment). However, it doesn’t hurt when I run — in fact, running makes it feel stronger. But things like sitting indian style or walking or standing a lot sometimes hurt (I know I know… so don’t do it… my mom always says that), as does unclipping on the bike. Of course, it’s on my main clip-out side.

Life: I’m in a good mood today. Work has been a bit crazy for a few weeks (thus the lack of posting as I craved breaks from computers after 60ish hour weeks) but it’s calming down a bit, and I still like what I do. In fact, I think the bike commute makes me like it even more. I’ve been spending more time with friends lately, which is nice. And cheering at races (mainly bike ones, but also CA 1/2 IM). Good times… good times. Actually, why wouldn’t I be in a good mood today? I smell like chlorine, there are bike clothes drying on the chair behind me, and my commuter bike is waiting for me in the hallway =)


Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

This is my first post. All posts before this one are formatted poorly as they were imported from You might want to just read them there.