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Friday, June 23rd, 2006

So I have finally copied some pics from my phone to a computer… so here are some images to accompany some of my recent stories:

View from the top of GMR April 29th

The beautiful morning at the top of Marshall Canyon June 8th. It’s a mtn bike loop — that’s the reward after about 7.5 miles with about 2000 ft of climbing.

Lovall Valley Loop ride in Sonoma — a gorgeous loop about 2 miles long with no cars, lights, people, etc. And is placed at the top of a climb!

Me, my sis Becky, and my mom at Becky’s high school graduation

It’s a bear! (yes, he is there… just small and far away. This was taken as he was running off)

1st day of school

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

I feel like a proud parent on the first day of school…

This morning did a 10mi bike (fast and flat) and then a 20 min run right off the bike. But as I was about to turn onto my street, what did I see but my roommate, out walking/jogging a loop I told her about! 2nd day in a row (and she’s very much not a morning person)! I’m so proud… yesterday her boy joined her for it, and I took a (phone so bad quality) pic of them as they left. She wants to get in better shape, and wanted to try jogging, so I gave her some tips.

Holly and Jeremy ready to run!And then this morning we finished around the same time so I made us a yummy eggy scramble with cheese and mushrooms and garlicy salsa as we took turns with the shower. And then she asked me to take her to a running store place with good running shoes… and I know of one near by that even does all the gait analysis stuff so we might go there tonight.

So she might kill me for posting the pic… but I’m so proud of her! 🙂

a quote

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” — John Maxwell

Which reinforces my (mental) training to be ok with uncomfortable 🙂 AR has drastically helped my tris for that reason.

pretty accurate horoscope…

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Have you been walking or exercising too much lately, Kylie? If so, you might be experiencing aching feet and leg muscles today. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and stay off your feet as much as you can in order to allow the strains to heal. At some point you might want to relax in a hot tub or jacuzzi – preferably with a romantic partner! This is a great way to turn a disadvantage into a great time! Enjoy!”

And I read that right after talking to my roommate about how I think I need to get a massage this week! Must mean I do. However, I’ll selectively ignore the part about staying off my feet (although today will probably just be swimming — and I skipped the hot tub at the end). Now I just need to find the romantic partner… although I’d rather go for a crazy bike ride with him 😛

heat, motorcycles, and a bear… oh my!

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

Well Saturday was a long, hot, adventurous cycling day. I had planned to ride a bit before the group ride at 7:30, but sleeping was nice so didn’t make it. Still had 80-100 miles to get in though, so I knew I’d end up extending the group ride. But when I got to the group ride start, I found there were not many people (like 3 of us) that planned to actually ride, and a few people had already ridden some and were just going to ride back to their start. A 20-30 mile fairly boring (Baseline Rd.) ride didn’t sound great, so I ended up joining another guy and doing GMR.

Now let me clarify that… I don’t mean riding GMR with him — he’s way stronger! But at least starting with him, and riding to the gate with him. GMR is a great local ride… going up GMR means about 8 or 8.5 miles of straight climbing (around 2500 ft elevation gain) on a section of road closed to cars. Not super steep, but definitely a tough, slow ride. Having done it only once before (and that time climbing the back), I knew it was going to basically kick my butt. But hey, it’s gorgeous and climbing practice is always good.

I didn’t have any definite plans past that, except that I would need to get in a decent number of more miles, so I knew not to take it too hard. We got to the climb, I said goodbye to Joe, and starting gliding my way up the mountain. I was fairly comfortable for much of the climb, and was feeling pretty good. I passed a few other bikers, and no one passed me, which is always a good feeling. I made it to the top of GMR (just over 3400 feet) and decided to keep climbing for a bit by heading out towards Baldy Village. I didn’t want to go all the way there, though. I decided that it would be nice to drop down East Fork (GMR’s backside) and ride the dam before heading back to the shop.

But what “not all the way there” meant kept changing. Started with 5 miles out, then turned to going as long as I didn’t drop below 3000 ft, and then became 10 miles. Soon the heat was kicking in, as none of the climbing sections of GMR or here had any shade, and it was HOT!! My skin was drenched, and it was humid enough that sweat just sorta stayed there. My HR started staying higher, and I was starting to get tired. This was about mile 25, but I thought it also meant the tough part of the ride would soon be behind me. Having never ridden here before, I knew it was a general trend to climbing, but wasn’t sure what to expect. Soon the 10 miles before turning became “10 miles or 4000 ft, whatever comes first” which then became “10 miles or 4200 ft, whichever comes first”. Realizing I was getting a bit too low on water, I did end up turning around at about 8 miles and just over 4200 ft.

On the way back to where GMR ends, there was mostly decents but a few moderate climbs. While on one of those climbs, I was on the edge of the right side of the road. It’s a windy road, and the parts past the top of GMR are open to traffic. I’d seen a number of motorcycles out enjoying the turns and swoops of the road to Baldy as well. As I’m almost at the curve, one comes flying around that curve towards me, taking it so wide that it is also on the same edge of the road I am! He sees me, and swerves hard… fishtails a bit in the center of the road beside me, and then regains balance and continues on his way. A bit shaken, I continue. I had pictured getting hit, or riding off the edge of the road (where there was little room before a drop)… Sometimes I’m amazed at the invincible attitude. There could have been another motorcycle, or a car, or (as there was) a bike around that turn… and the rider just took all of it. At least it worked out ok…

I finished the 5ish miles back to the top of GMR, ready for the 5ish mile ride down East Fork, which would drop much of the hard-gained elevation; curvy, it requires more breaking than pedaling. As I turned to being that descent, a lady biker came up to me… “wait!” So I stopped, hoping she was ok. “There is a bear!” I looked, and yes, about 400 ft down the road a bear was playing. “I started down, and he was on the side of the road. I locked my brakes and almost wiped out I was so surprised!” Colleen (I think that was her name) told me. We sit there for a bit, wondering what to do. We could do a little climbing and then go down the way we came, but East Fork is what we’d been working for. At this point, the bear starts walking towards us, curious. He wasn’t big, but wasn’t a baby, either. A few motorcycles came by, and they rev’ed their engines trying to scare him off the road. Instead, he looked at them, still curious, and watched a bit and wandered toward them some. Then a really load engine rev’ed, and he jumped off the road and walked beside it and away from us. Soon out of site, we still weren’t sure what to do as we didn’t know where he had gone. Finally decided to just go for it, knowing that on a downhill, and with him interested in food more than anything, we would have a good chance of just sliding past as he was eating. So we went… and soon caught up to him. However, he was off the road checking out some bushes, so although he watched us ride by, he didn’t move at all. And I thanked him… and told him to have a good day. Yes, outloud. 🙂

That done, Colleen and I enjoyed the decent together, and ended up riding together for a bit. It was the first time she has seen a bear on that ride in 20 years of riding there! We stopped at a deli/grocery for a campsite on the mountain and refilled water and gatorade, running into Joe there. He had gone on a bit, but was just too hot. So he was heading back up and over and home, and we told him about the bear (turns out it was still there when he got to the top of the road).

Next Colleen and I rode down the canyon to the bike path that goes to the dam. I figured this wouldn’t be horrible, since I know it’s tough to ride up it. However, I didn’t count on such a strong headwind! Combined with more tired legs some of those sections felt tougher than the original climb, and it was supposed to be basically downhill (although had a few little climbs in it). But we made it, and went our separate ways at the bike path. I dropped down to the dam, and rode the dam itself twice so that I’d get back to the bike shop at exactly 80 miles. Here I was hurting though… I had about 20 miles to go, and my right arm cramped or had a nerve pinch or something. Not sure what. But it was not happy — holding handle bars, in aerobars, didn’t matter. Oh well, I thought. I’ve gotta get it done (a benefit to knowing the whole rest of the ride was just the way home). So constantly switching positions, and with some amount of headwind, I was on my way home.

And I made it. Got to the shop, where I fairly quickly removed my helmet and laid down on my back on the cool cement floor. It felt great! The GPS claimed 80.10 miles since I had left the shop that morning, and just under 6 hours of total time. My moving average was 13.8 mph. Not flying, but with over 8500 ft of total climbing I’ll take it! Its a comforting thought that Vineman is about 2600 ft of climbing the first loop (so just under that for the second)… so less than 5200 feet over 112 miles. So I should live through that since I lived through yesterday! I’d like to do that same ride a few more times over the next month to make Vineman’s hills seem easy… but we shall see what the weeks bring.

hott damn!

Friday, June 16th, 2006

Well… yesterday was good. Did a hill bike workout (not much of a hill, but repeats of the incline at least) and it felt pretty good. Then worked alllllll day. And then to the gym around 6. Sat in the parking lot on the phone for an hour — trying to figure out how to get my bike out to Moab! Wooo! Good times, but the pool closes at 9 and I had a long set planned! The plan? 250 warmup, 4 x (5×100 z4 HR, 500 z3), 250 cooldown. Yes, 4500 yards. My longest swim in… oh gosh, I’m not positive, but maybe since the IM last April (and maybe ever, since it is longer than the IM swim — coming in at 2.55 miles).

Into the water at 7:23. Huh… my IM swim was 1:37… this is longer… we’ll see if I make the time cutoff… Started swimming at 7:24:30. No watch, so I don’t have splits for laps, but I basically was hitting the 100s in 1:50 or 1:55… and knowing time was short I made them repeats on 2:00… so I was pushing it, and hard! It was great! The 500s I did in around 9:45-9:50.

Things were going great… basically I was on a 2:00 100 paces until the very last 100 of the last set. 25 yards down, I push off the wall. My calf completely cramps — balls up and screams and whines and complains! Owwww… but I keep moving. Hey, my calf cramped the same way (although a bit less severe — maybe since not as I pushed off a wall) at IM AZ last year. You still have to get the job done. So that added about 20 seconds to that hundred, and the final 500 was a bit slower as well. It was cramped up a bit the whole rest of the night, and I can still feel it a bit today.

But I did it. 4500 yards. 2.55 miles. Finished at 8:55:30. Yes, 1:31. Farther than an IM swim, and 6 minutes faster than I swam in AZ. I’m pleased with that!

Drove home, calf still unhappy (left one, and I drive a manual). I knew I’d be fine once I hit the freeway. I wasn’t expected tons of construction traffic at 9:20 on a Thursday night! Oh well… I lived. Painful, but did it. So hey I guess that counts as some kind of practice of keeping moving through pain anyways 😉

FOOOOOD when I got home. And part of a brownie! Hey, I earned it! 😀

Although now this does mean that I (of the running background) has now had a single swim workout farther than my total running for the month. Heh. Might change that this weekend as I’m going to work on getting new running shoes on the way home.

happy birthday to meeee

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

Ok so it’s not my birthday. But I have gotten myself a birthday present, that will be at my birthday! hehe… I’m going to fly up and see the end of Primal Quest up at Moab! And then go to Zion and maybe Bryce national parks (by meeting up with a friend who lives at Zion and has to go to Bryce for work one of the days I’ll be around). Now maybe it’s time to invest in a waterproof/dropsafe/etc digital camera… 😉

Now for the debate: Do I take my own mountain bike, or rent one? Right now I’m leaning to taking mine, if there is room for it and a case in Rob’s car between Moab and Zion. I’m thinking of shipping it out, since cheaper and less hassle than flying with it since I won’t need it the week before or after (when my tri bike will get all the attention).

So it will be me, my running shoes, a camera, hopefully a mountain bike, a bunch of fun AR folks around Moab, and one fun AR guy for the whole trip… Sounds good to me!

almost a complete slacker

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

I haven’t been blogging, and have only ran about 2 miles this month. I have swam… 3ish times. But I’ve been on the bike! And that is going really really well!
I did a test ride of the main loop for Vineman, and it went great… I parked at the school where it ends, rode to the start, did the loop, and then rode the run course. A bit over 80 miles for the day, and at 16.4 mph average. Very good for me. Looks like the biking improvement is for real, and wasn’t just a good day or a few good days in a row! I’m stoked about that!

I’m going to test out the knee again soon (and the foot). Part of me wants to get a pair of new running shoes first, knowing that all of mine are fairly old. And yes, part of me is worried that with 8 weeks, 2 days, 19 hours, 17 minutes, and 18 seconds until my race starts that my run, my strongest part, just won’t be there. But I’m hoping. I may get the foot/knee checked out soon, but again am not sure. I will be fine… I will be fine… I will be fine. I know I can do the run distance in lots of pain (my first marathon included a few miles of not being able to bend my leg with ITB issues), and I know I can do an IM. Hey I’ve always raced a significant portion of my races on pure guts… why stop now?

bike weekend

Monday, June 5th, 2006

It was a weekend of biking… and heat… and eating and reading. I think that about covers it.

As for the bike parts, I got in about 60 – 65 miles on Saturday (I don’t have full stats with me today as the Garmin is at home… oops). And another about 13 on Sunday.

Saturday I got on the bike at 4:45. AM. Yes, it was dark, and I needed my lights for the first time in a while! Made it over to the bike shop on time for a 5:15 start of a pre-shopride ride. I knew some of the people would be fast, but damn! I didn’t expect it to be as crazy as it was! And I also didn’t expect I’d be able to hang on for as long as I did! We got pedaling a bit late (the people who had wanted the 5:15 start were late), and headed out towards the San Gabriel Dam, knowing we’d just have time to ride part of that ride. Well we made it to the top of the bike trail in less than half an hour! Yes, it was over 20 MPH AVERAGE!! And included two of my archnemesis hills: one with a light at the base and a steep grade, and one that is looong but low grade. As I turned to get to the top of the trail, a headwind blasted me in the face. Huh… I thought. It’s downhill on the way out. That will have a tailwind. It will be fast. Coming back will be a climb into this! Yikes!

The boyz got over 37 mph on the way down, and didn’t feel they were pushing it. I had decent speed, but didn’t trust me to go quite that fast. On the way back I held onto Dan’s wheel, letting him block wind for me. Too bad the wind was coming from all directions! Julie, Karen and I relized that we were getting hit from all sides except behind us… even when in a group and with people on 2 sides!

We made it back to the top of the trail, and it was rolling hills back to the bike shop. On one of the first of these, about 50 minutes into the ride, my legs were like ok I’m done now! Only gonna redline the HR for so long! And I felt like they had little left. I kept going, but definitely ended up a bit behind the group. Caught Dan and Julie at a light a bit later, and did manage to stay with them the rest of the ride. We pulled into the bike shop parking lot, and I saw Lisa was there for the group ride 🙂

I was ready for an easy group ride… or at least a bit less psycho of a pace! I told Dan if any Danskin people (he’d invited some renting bikes to join us) showed up, I’d be happy to go really easy and stay with them. Unfortunately for my tired legs, none did. And the group seemed to forget that now it was a group ride and that we should regroup, etc. So it was a bit awkward as I was often near the back, and while I wanted to make sure there was a regroup, at the same time that would mean that I was ever with the fastest people so that they’d also wait a bit. And it was Bonelli… which meant hills hills hills! Although we only did a few of the usual climbs, as the main part of the group was out of time and going to head back. I kept going for another lap with Lisa, but was done with hills. Instead we took one of the somewhat flatter loops around the park, and took it at a calmer pace. We split soon, as she had more miles to ride, and I headed home having reached my goal.

Oh, and did I mention the heat? OH GEEZ!!! I need to get used to it. So I started by riding in it later in the day as well for a 5ish mile ride to the race expo for Danskin (and then another 5ish home a few hours later), where I helped out at the Foothill Cyclery booth. And in that 5 miles I was already definitely hot and sweaty again! But it was fun to help a bunch of women just getting excited about tris, and nervous about their first ones. I wish lots of them luck 🙂

Sunday I slept in a bit (ok til like 7… it counts as sleeping in for me!), and then headed out to see part of the Danskin race. I was planning to ride my mtn bike over, and ride a few of the trails while at the park. But as I headed out on it I heard “psssssssssss” and saw a gash in my tire! I had extra tires, but I run a tubeless system and didn’t have the goop that needs to go in them to seal the tires. So I sadly left that bike at home, and back on the tri bike. My butt complained a bit. “Um… You said today would be a break from aero position! What do you call this??”

But I made it to the tri. Saw Lisa there with her cool camera, and tried to stay in the shade as again it was boiling. I didn’t stay too long, as I wanted to get home and I was hungry. Of course, I did go on my bike, getting in about 13 miles round trip.

Later that day I took both bikes over to FC. The tri bike wasn’t shifting too smoothly in the front, and I had to drive the mtn bike one in so figured I might as well deal with both. Ron helped me with the road one while Jon started on the mtn tires. However, for some reason he couldn’t get one of the tires to seal, so I had to leave that one and will have to go back and get it either today or later this week. I’m a bit annoyed at the gash… since I also found some fairly decent scratches (I’d almost call one a missing chunk) on the mtn bike… including part of the rear where the thin plastic coating over the paint was hanging off! And the only explanation is that at the southern NV race our crew guy accidentally messed up the tire on his way home, or dropped something on it… Somehow the gash was in the front tire, although the main (although not major) frame damage was to the rear of the bike. Oh well… I’ll live and since I had extra tires already it will just be the cost of the goop for them.

Oh and the reason for the bike focus was that the knee is still just a bit unhappy, and the foot keeps going in phases. The knee seems a bit happier today, although stiff. And the foot is not extremely pleased. It will be time for more icing this evening. At least in this weather I don’t mind icing as much as when it’s cold!

Michigan Coast 2 Coast

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

Another adventure race is underway… and Team Sole is doing great!!

Right now they are in the lead! So awesome!

Looks like Paul is having fun 🙂