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mmm chlorine…

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Good thing I like the smell of chlorine and find it calming and nice… ’cause there is not much like a 4000yd swim as the sun comes up!

At the start the sky was dark and the pool a glowing turquiose. Each lap the pool glowed less, its light was a bit less glaring, and the sky a bit warmer. When I got out the sun was up and a beautiful blue sky was above.

Last night ended up swimming and going to a swim masters program meeting — Drayson Center is starting a program. This morning was the first practice, so I decided I should show up. It just meant not quite enough sleep (with being in Monrovia last night, but the extra drive time is worth it)… and that I’m hungry. At least I stopped at Chipotle last night so I have half a burrito (easier to eat while driving) left for lunch. So now… lunch time! 🙂 I think breakfast will come second today.

busy busy & pics

Monday, August 21st, 2006

This weekend I moved. Only 2 miles away from the old place but still lots of work! But moving items to the new place is done, cleaning the old place is done, and unpacking is in progress.

I also went for my first ride post-Vineman! Woo! 19 miles with some loops around Bonelli. No HRM as I just wanted to enjoy the break from unpacking! My legs felt a bit heavy at parts, but parts felt very comfy. The miles flew by, but that’s ’cause I had good company since Mike joined me. For him it was miles 110-129, though.

Oh, the official Vineman race pictures are up! Click here to see mine =)

Round one of Vineman pics are up!!

Friday, August 18th, 2006

The Vineman pics Lisa took for me are now posted! Check them out!

And here is one of my favorites, as the thing I remember most about each Ironman I’ve done is the support, cheers, and love of the family and friends who took that day’s journey with me:

Mom, Ryan (big bro), Ethan (nephew), Becky (sister), Dad, Me, Jenny (in back, sis-in-law), Holly (besterest not-real-sis), Wendy (super-stepmom), Lisa

Even other non-related-to-them triathletes thought they were the best cheering section! While running by, one yelled “you’re my favorite fans!” and so my brother happily told the replied “you’re our 2nd favorite triathlete!”. When the second person made a similar comment, she was told she was their 3rd favorite triathlete. 🙂

a sad day (followed with more TMI)

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

I just went to pick up my bike. They weren’t answering the phone, so I figured since there was a good chance it would be done I’d just swing by. I turned into the parking lot, and saw familiar cars in front of the shop. But the shop looked closed… the bar gates were drawn, and the open sign was off. Curious, I got out. So why were Dan’s cars (yes, multiple ones) there if it was closed? I notice the bars are not locked over the secondary door and walk over to it. I pull, and it opens. Opens on a basically empty shop, a shadow of what it once was. Some hangers, some empty bike racks, and Dan. Gone, all gone. Two weeks ago I was thinking how I’d never do the same ride home from a shop ride again, and now there will never be another shop ride. Foothill Cyclery has gone out of business 🙁 I will miss my bike shop boys.

However, I think I will stay in touch with them, and might either start riding with the Inland Inferno Tri folks, or through email set up rides with the regulars anyways. We shall see, but I will have a new house with a BBQ not far from where the shop was, and that could make for some fun ride-n-grill days.

On a Too Much Info note, still somewhat hurting in my gut I went to the doc today. I have a bladder infection — wooo! And a bad enough one that he wasn’t surprised a hard workout had me peeing blood, and was more suprised that it didn’t spread to my kidneys from what he could tell. So now on meds for that. So it’s less worry since I know why, which is good.

Vineman posts summary

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

For those of you that read your friends page from top to bottom (and thus backwards in time order) I did post each section of my race separately… here they all are:

start, swim, T1
bike & T2
run & finish (aka because an Ironman isn’t hard enough)

Times summary:
Swim (2.4 miles): 1:24:25.9
T1: 5:45.3
Bike (113ish miles): 7:13:05.2
T2: 5:02.9
Run total (unofficial since messed up on web page): 5:03ish
Total: 13:49:35.0
Age group: 6/12
women: 30/58 finishers
overall: 165

I have some great shots that Lisa and Holly took at the race… I will post them later.

I also want to share my horoscope from raceday: “Things may be moving a bit too fast today for you to grab a hold of anything, Kylie. There is an element of the unexpected entering into the equation. Be prepared for anything. The mood of the day is especially light and perhaps a bit superficial. People may not be entirely reliable, so if there is something you absolutely need to get done, you might consider just doing it yourself.” heh… it works.

Vineman marathon and finish (aka because an Ironman isn’t painful enough)

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

It felt good to be running… really good. I was comfortable, heart rate was doing well, and I was moving fluid. I passed a number of people, just keeping a smooth and easy pace averaging about 10:30 min/mile. There were 3 loops, and at the finish of the first I was feeling like I was getting close. It was definitely a tough course though — like the bike, it was constant rollers. Happily my knee and foot were just fine, and I just kept cruising. There were great support station crowds that I smiled through and joked with, and the last mile was full of cheering crowds that would call out my number. The best of course being my family section — complete with Holly and Lisa as well. They had hand clappers and screaming and banging and clapping and just generally making me feel loved and well supported.

Lap 2 began much like lap 1, but it only started that way ** WARNING: TMI included — not girly related but bathroom involved **. I started to feel like I needed another portapottie pee break, so I took one a few miles from the turn around, about 15 miles from the end. I didn’t feel so great — in fact, I remember thinking it was like hell had relocated it’s fires and burning pain to my bladder. It feel awful to pee, and the jolting of running had me in tears. I was still moving as best as I could, and when running my pace was still about the same, but there was much more walking needed. I was hurting — perhaps worse than I ever have. The Southern NV 24 race was tough and scary, but I was never in that extreme of pain (other than my feet, which are easy to deal with). I constantly felt I needed to pee worse than I ever have, yet each time I stopped and did I was only peeing blood. Shit. 15 miles to go…

My dad and Wendy found me mid-return of that lap, and surprised me while I was tearily in pain and in a walk/jog combo moment. In my stress I told them vaguely why, not realizing they’d call back to my cheering squad and my mom would know (I didn’t want her flipping out). I kept moving, that lap being more walk-heavy than any of the others. My body, other than the lower gut, was feeling fine, and I had energy. It was just a matter of overcoming the pain and getting to running. About a mile from the end of that lap, a random guy cheering on the side was jogging the sidewalk to the end, and encouraged me to join him for the next flat section. Not wanting my fans to see me walking or know I was in pain, I kept it up for about 2 miles — through the start of the third lap and to the 8 miles to go point. My dad asked from the side if I was sure I wanted to keep going, and I had to let the stubborn little kid in me out a bit, which helped me keep moving.

Lap 3 was a bit better, mostly because I knew the faster I went the sooner I would be done. I managed to run more than I did on lap 2, and in fact ran in the last 2.5ish miles. Just focused on the distance left to cover, and how long it would take me. It was all about playing numbers in my head, ignoring and blocking pain, and just moving. So I just moved. I didn’t drink anything the last about 10 miles because it just made my body hurt more, and I knew it was bad but that I’d rehydrate soon enough across the line.

I was definitely upset here by the amount of cheating. So many people (I’d guess as much as 1 in 5) had a friend or 2 running with them! Keeping them on pace, talking with and distracting them from their pain, and also blocking the narrow area we had to run in. I had to go around multiple groups running 3 or 4 across with only one racer in it! I understand it’s a small race, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to cheat. It really bothered me that people were ok with that, and then calling it their own accomplishment. At the awards the next day, Holly mentioned “aw, she’s cute” to the young girl who won the age group below mine. And all I had to say was yes, and her dad ran most of it with her giving her tips and helping her with nutrition the whole way. But I ran my race, and did it myself, and as much as I think they lost out and weren’t fair to others in the race, I’m proud of my own work and toughness. What is also sad is that I believe the overall women’s winner cheated — she had no bike or run splits, and the announcers kept telling a different lady she was winning. Oh, and her partner also placed and lost his chip. They were the only lost chips of the whole race that we heard of. To me it is sad when my gut feeling after what I saw on a course is that it is likely the winner was cheating, but that is how this race felt and seemed — and yes, she did also have a drafting penalty. One of the few that were given. To her credit, there is a race she has done at a 10:48 (IM France last year) at and a 5:19 half (St. Croix this year) that did have split times. So her 10:32 isn’t unreasonable. Just felt sketchy to me… especially since no one was aware she was in the lead and kept telling the 2nd place woman that she was winning. You’d think that they’d notice the first woman to start on the run loops since they were announcing from next to it.

I felt like I was flying the last mile… easy but fluid, and able to ignore the screaming of my body. I entered the finishing shoot, and saw a new face in my cheering crowd — my baby sis (Becky) had made it! I was so proud to have her see me finish (she thought she wouldn’t make it, and she moves to NYC and a new life as a college girl in a couple weeks), I high fived my crew and felt like I was running on clouds as I crossed the finish line, hands in the air.

Then got help to a chair, handed a water bottle and a finisher shirt and medal, and told where the medical tent was. My family took me over and stayed with me as they made sure I was ok. I was feeling good except my bladder, and the staff there was great. Although chunky chicken soup is hard to drink through a straw, the cranberry juice Holly shared with me was AWESOME! And my birthyear wine finished off the day with a pleasant taste (ok seriously it was awful and bad, but the thought that counts). My mom had a bottle for each of me, my sis, and my brother from the year we were born and to be opened at our high school grads, and had forgotten mine at HS grad, Mudd grad, and my first IM. She finally remembered, and we shared it in the medical tent with the whole family, the great nurse and doc, and I have no idea who else… and I have no idea who else bothered to taste it after the “vinegar mud” smell and look, as my mom called it. Then we dumped out the bottle so I could keep it.

But I made it — 26.2 miles in about 5:03 with about 1000 feet of climbing (for a full GPS version see Motionbased). My slowest marathon ever, but not by that much. And my swim and bike and transition improvements brought me to a final time of 13:49:35 — about 2 minutes faster than the 13:51:26 of IMAZ! Wooo personal records (swim, T1, bike, T2, and total time! 6th of 12 in my age group, and 30th out of 58 women that finished (and there were a number of DNFs that day). Probably the most physically painful race ever, although also some of the highest points in terms of comfort over the earlier parts of the day.

Yesterday was the awards (where Holly won me a swim kit! wooo magic butt for the envelope in the seat!) and the long drive home. Complete with a fire since it was Holly driving between SF and LA. Dropped Lisa off, came home and unpacked. While unpacking, Mike came by and helped and then helped me feel a lot better with a massage, cuddles, and of course a kiss or two 😉

Yesterday was spent on the couch and returning the wheels to the bike shop. Feeling mostly better — although my bladder is still a bit worn out, most of the rest of me is fine. I’m please with how my race went, although of course I wish Lisa’s had been better (turns out she cramped up badly during the swim). Not sure if I’d do that course again, as a few parts of the organization were a bit sketchy (few people at registration knew what was going on, lack of portapotties, and road quality all contributing). But ironman #2 is done, and it’s at least a while (and maybe a bit longer) until the next one!

Vineman bike and T2

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Right as I got to the mount line I saw my dad and Wendy walking up, and I yelled hi to them, climbed on the bike, and took off up the hill. I passed a few people just by having the bike in an easy gear and riding up instead of trying to jog it in bike shoes. I settled in, and started my afternoon of pedaling. Having ridden the course before, I had some idea what to expect. I was ready for the steep hill right after crossing under the main road, and I felt pretty comfy on the bike. Just chipped away at the distance, nice and steady. Felt almost like a real biker as my cadence was over 70 😉 Although my monitor for it wasn’t working, so I’m not sure what it really was. The whole first loop on the bike I was feeling great. It felt easy, relaxed, like a tour of gorgeous country side. Chalk Hill was a climb, but felt pretty good. I had an easy time with hydration and nutrition — gummi dinos, take5 bars, lara bars, and eGel, along with my super-most-awesomest-wonderful nuun and carbopro mixture. I never felt bloated, never felt too dried out or really hungry.

Near the end of lap 1 it got a bit more interesting with some repaving of the road we were on. The construction guys were doing a great job of seamlessly getting all the bikers through and on our way, but we still had to breathe in the fumes and ride on slightly sticky tar! Soon though I got to pass my cheering squad… by then it was Holly, Mom, Dad, Wendy, Ry, Jenny, and Ethan!

Lap 2 started ok, but I started to feel that I’d been on the bike for a while. About 65 or 75 miles in my right arm started cramping a bit, but I’ve had that same cramp before on a long ride and found that I could stretch it while riding and pretending to grab my own ass, so I did that on and off and it felt ok by later in the ride. My upper arms were getting a bit tired of the constant vibrations. Those race wheels are sexy and fast but sure are a rougher ride! I also had to pee — and the course had a strict “no peeing on the course” rule. I wasn’t sure if it included on your own bike, or just on the side of the road, but given the lines at the 3?!?!?! portapotties on the ENTIRE BIKE COURSE and how fast some of the guys were in and out I had a feeling it might. Since it was auto-disqualification, I decided to stop and just use a portapottie, and ended up at one with a shorter line. It ended up meaning about 5.5 minutes stopped, but not a huge deal. While there I was also able to help a few people out of salt tabs and electrolytes by sharing my caps as I knew I had plenty left, and it felt good to help other people start feeling better.

Back on the bike, dispite the minor issues, I was still feeling pretty good. Chalk Hill was coming, and I was ready for it. Easy gear, cruised on up, and just let it be a slow climb. I made it over the top, and knew there were only a few more minor climbs to go, as well as a few fast sections. And then… as my butt and such were glad to know, I’d be off the bike and onto my feet!

The frustrating part was the few clumps of people that passed me, drafting and riding side by side. It was a tough day — I would have loved to have a friend at my side. But rules said no, and on the bike it seemd that many of us did follow them. The other frustrating one is people who feel this need to pass and then take it easy. I ended up having to break on a few climbs to avoid getting too close to them as I just didn’t think it necesary to pass them on the climb but they passed at the start of the climb and then slowed drastically.

The other interesting bits were the section where we were in a coned off bike lane… where cars had hit a number of the cones… making it a cone obstacle course! WOO! And the guy who felt it necessary to flip us off out the window as he drove by screaming at us to “get the fuck off the road”. Which I understood… I mean, he had to SLOW DOWN so that the car about 5 cars in front of him could wait for a few of us to pass before making a right turn into a business. However, the water station and intersection volunteers were awesome, so that was nice. Oh, and I heard someone honk at me at one point, and I had a feeling it was directed at me although I only saw the back of the car (it was going the other way). Turns out it was Aunt Dawn (really my godmother) who didn’t have time to wait and see me as I had just passed to start the second loop, but was happy to see a glimpse of me.

It was a good day… Cruisin’ and takin’ in the cals… smooth pedal circles with Dan saying “Circles! Circles” in my mind. Up hills, down hills, and then up and down more rollers. Most of the day was spent on an angle. But 7:13 and about 113.3 miles (the course was long by at least a mile and a bit) later, with about 5800 ft of climbing done, I got to turn into Windsor high school and get off the bike (for a full GPS version see Motionbased). Again a PR, as IMAZ had been 112 miles in 7:17:59! And I was still feeling good.

Wondering how Lisa was doing, I planned to ask the family and I switched into run mode. But she was there cheering with them 🙁 I wondered what had happened, and was glad for the extra emotional support, but was sad that her day was over. I had to keep moving though, and didn’t want to ask since in her shoes it would be upset to me to have to talk about it so soon. So I racked the hott bike, helmet off, shoes and socks off and running ones on, GPS to the wrist, a few mints and Swedish fish to my pockets, nuun visor and race belt on, and I was off jogging in 5:02.

Vineman T1 setup, swim, and T1

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

We arrived at the race site, pulled the bikes off the car. I pulled the tireless wheel off the back of my bike and got this disc out of the car. Yet it wouldn’t go on my bike! It didn’t appear to be hitting anything, and it had been on before, but neither Lisa nor I nor the nice guy who tried to help us could get it in place! I felt a bit of panic… 112 miles on a bike with only a front wheel might be too tough for me! I took the bike down to TA1 area, where NorCal bikes was able to get it on for me. Turns out it is just a bit wide, so you have to sort of spread the frame to get it to fit in.

That hurdle conquered, I got all permanent markered up(#282) and my bike racked. I set up my transition area (a bit different from AZ in that all our stuff was kept at our bikes like sprint tris), and then waited in line for one of the ONLY 10!!??!?! portapotties at the start. By the time I was done there it was only about 10 min to the start, so 20 minutes to my wave. I pulled on my wetsuit, trying to hurry without trying to hurry since that makes it hard to get them on. Finally on, I had Holly and then Lisa help me get it zipped with about 5 minutes to my wave start (oddly it was almost exactly like the nightmare I had about this race…). Into the water, I got to the start and adjusted my goggles and the horn sounded and we were off! For one of the most full-contact swims I’ve ever had.

I had a decent starting spot, as the waves really weren’t huge. But the river was also really not wide. I got a foot or elbow or two to the ribs, and someone managed to kick my funny bone! Nothing awful, but just constant contact. Oh, I also got my butt grabbed a few times. I felt like I was moving ok though. At the turn around, I checked my watch. 25 minutes?? Huh… that surprised me. I didn’t think I was moving slower than in AZ, and I knew my spotting was better. But around the bouy, and back down river. The trip back took about 20 minutes, so I guess that “not even noticible” current was stronger than they thought! I hit about the same times for lap 2, and felt comfy. A few times my legs did the jiggly thing, but then I’d kick a few times and they were ok. About a quarter of the way back down the river the final time, a lady kept swerving everywhere! And was faster than me by enough that it meant she kept cutting me off. I noticed her when she kicked me in the face! “OWW!” Yup, that was out loud. She actually stopped and appologized it was such a hard wack. I just kept swimming… just now with a taste of blood filling my mouth. It was a hint of the day to come.

But my keeping swimming worked, and I exited the water 2.4 miles later in 1:24. Compared to all the training and swim time for AZ and the 1:37 there, I was thrilled! That was awesome, and a big part was just being comfortable pushing it a little more.

Ran up the bank and into TA1. Easily found my bike, wetsuit off with a bit of a struggle, and bike stuff on. Joked with Holly who was right over the fence as sunscreen to face and neck, food into pockets. Found out no other family members had shown yet, handed Holly all my swim gear, grabbed my sexy bike off the rack, and 5:45 saw me running off for the climb out of TA1.


Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

It has been commented that I am a slacker, and was lazy this last week. After all, since Wednesday all I did was drive, eat, sleep, and a single workout. Yet here is the story of that single workout (in the next few posts) and you can be the judge.

Short version of all of Vineman: I made it and lived, despite worries a few times on course. By far a harder race than IM AZ, and one that showed me I have gotten stronger.

And now the much much much much longer version… starting with pre-Vineman!

Although Vineman really started months ago with the ups and downs of training and such, it became a bit more real Tuesday night last week as I started packing. I had a list (actually a few copies, as I am a dork) and it was time to actually put the items into bags. It went fairly smoothly, with Mike keeping me company. I didn’t forget anything, but did end up packing more than I needed. Yet when it comes to food for the bike leg, I don’t mind carrying extra.

Lisa and I drove to northern CA on Wednesday afternoon/early evening. A lot of driving, but nicely uneventful. I drove a good part (because I like to just be getting it done) and she drove a bit (and let me get a much needed nap). We drove past my dad’s place by about an hour to my mom’s, where she took us out to dinner at one of my favorite places and then we slept. I also got to see Becky, my little sis. It was one of the best nights of good sleep I’d had in a while… her bed is just comfy for me. It felt great. Thursday I got to go through all of the clothes and books and everything but toys from when little that was in the garage. Since there have been a number of moves since I lived at home, nothing was in familiar order or places and I really had no idea what was there. All done, I have one bag of stuff and one bag and one small box of books. The rest is to be given away! Cleaning stuff out like that always feels like a good accomplishment to me.

Then it was time for more driving, and back to Dad’s we went. There I got to see my dad, superstepmom Wendy, brother Ryan, sis-in-law Jenny, nephew (cutest one in the world) Ethan, and stepsis Courtney. Wonderful people, and more wonderful food 🙂 They even made sure to have pasta just for me and Lisa (since they aren’t as big of carb people). I also got to spend some awesome Ethan-time. We raced many times (“Efan race? owside? Kylie race Efan?”) as he knew there was something with me and a race. He won everytime. But at the end each time I also got to tackle him and tickle his tummy. He’ll be 2 in less than a week now, and is AWESOME. We also kayaked… him in a boat, me pulling it. Across the lawn, down the stairs, his cuteness moves boats everywhere! He also learned some new words this weekend — including “d’oh!” when he tripped or dropped something. That’s Papa’s (my dad’s) fault. And was cute looking under beds for the kitty, finding it, and asking “Kitty play?”. Another good one of his is “mirror… mirror” while tapping his thigh for “come here”.

More sleep, and relaxing much of the next morning (as much as I can when a cute nephew wants to play). Then back in the car — 40 minute drive to Oakland Airport where Lisa and I added Holly to our car, and about 1:45 from there to the race checkin. We got our chips and bags, went to the meeting, did a grocery run (gummi DINOS??? HECK YES!) and then dropped off our TA2 bags (for bike to run). Holly and I headed out for a delicous dinner at a local place we found and really liked, and Lisa with her family. Then it was bike prep, and into bed. Somewhat late, but excited it was hard to sleep anyways.

Before a second had passed… BEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP it was 4… oatmeal into the microwave, tri shorts on, and fairly quickly we were out the door, complete with bikes, to head to the river.

beep beeeep beeeeeeep

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

The alarm has gone off. Our transition bags are packed, and our run shoes dropped off. It’s just before 4… time for breakfast and the drive to the start. It should be great weather for the day.

My family is heading down to watch, and Holly is already prepared for a wetsuit handoff after the swim. My watch has a 20 minute alarm set, and my wonderful food selection for the day is dispersed over my bike and in a bag to put in my pockets after the swim.

Trifuel jersey is on… guess I should get going! See ya in 140.6…