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another weekly update

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

This is almost becoming just weekly updates. I think with the boy around I’m just spending less “free time” at the computer, and more of it on the bike or in good company. Which is just fine with me.

Thursday night was a pretty bad run, and I was just feeling tight and sore and not finding my rhythm. So after a call to the massage center at my gym Friday morning, I sadly had to tell my coworker around 10am that I had to leave to get in a quick swim and a massage, and that life is tough 🙂 That helped a lot… I was feeling much more comfortable after it!

Then on Saturday Mike and I went swimming so that he could check me out. My stroke, that is… it was “Coach Mike” time. He told me that my stroke is pretty good — balanced, straight, no cross-over, etc. But that it lacks power and acceleration. And then he taught me a good drill for working on that (“heads up”, swimming with your head up and eyes on the far wall). I’ve been working it, and I think it’s helping a bunch! For example, my time always averages 50yds/min for swimming, and a bit slower with drills. Yesterday I was hitting 1 min on drill 50s! And I did 3 x 200 where the swim time for them was around 3:40!! I’m definitely pleased — maybe it was that it was night, or that I was doing good rest time, or that he helped me (or more likely a combo of all) but they felt comfortable and easy and I did it! Wooo! Yet another pool breakthrough story for the week 🙂

In more regular workout news I got in 85 miles on the bike riding to the beach and back Sunday. Mike took a slightly different trail on the way down, making it 94 for him (with one flat). I ended up waiting a few minutes for him at the 22 miles from home point and we finished together. We had headwinds BOTH DIRECTIONS — ug! And the 2 bottles of nuun and 2/3 of a cliff bar that I had were probably not quite enough. But as much as the ride kinda sucked (I also go to ride through a partially flooded undercrossing and ended up fairly wet and cold for a number of miles), I really do like riding with him. It’s going to do good things for my IM bike split I predict! He learned that I’ve once done a month over 400 miles, and was shocked, later admiting he would have been scared to go into an IM like that. I just didn’t know any better 😉 Oooh and I did beat him up one of the final mini-climbs! Nothing big, but it’s not often I can say that he saw me pull away from him and had found he had nothing to respond with. So I’ll take it.

We also watched Kona at the tri club IM party Saturday, which was pretty low key and mostly amounted to hanging out with Mike. And then went for a run… and then to the gym for triceps and core… and a swim (and that’s where Mike helped me with my swimming). I love having a guy who thinks it’s a great Saturday when we watch an IM, run, lift, swim, go out to dinner, and get to bed early for a ride the next day!

Oh and I got through the weekend without getting stung — one bee landed on me during the beach ride, and before he could figure out where he was, SMACK he was a bit flatter.

the bikes and the bees

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Friday I rode to the boy (20 miles). Mostly uneventful.

Saturday I worked and read at his office most of the day and then we started a ride togther. One mile in he hears “ow ow OW OW OW FUCK!!” and turns to see me stopping and pulling over, and he comes back “what happened??”. Well a gianormous black flying thing had landed on my arm and stung me and just sat there stinging! Since there were cars, I didn’t want to let go of a hand and try and brush it off and swerve, so I just pulled over as soon as I could and stopped. My forearm was burning, and already a bit swollen. It just kept feeling burny and stingy, even with the bug gone! Tears came to my eyes, and my sweet boy gave me a kiss. But it hurt, and so he road back to his place with me and I chilled there while he road — Oh wait, that was just one thought. But it hurt, and I was tempted to turn back, but climbed back on. The cool air rushing over my arm intensified the stinging, so I did some parts of the next few miles with my stung left arm against me and just holding on with my right. When we got to the dam at Arrow Hwy he went up it, and I kept going on Arrow to swing by my house and then meet up with him again. While home I put some baking soda paste on my arm, and grabbed some water and bike clothes for a long ride. Usually we go to my place on Saturday evenings, but had decided the night before to stay at his place since he wanted to get some work done. Back on the bike, I met up with him again on Wheeler, rode through part of San Dimas Canyon (the lower part), and we headed back to his place. My arm was fairly swollen and sore, and it made me a bit worn out. All in all a good 40ish mile ride… but my arm is still sorta swollen!

Sunday I planned to just ride home (20 mi), where Mike was going to meet me after he rode and then got more work done. I had played with the idea of getting in 60 miles, since I had 20 and 40 the previous days, but I wasn’t sure. I decided to add on about 10 miles by dropping down to the dam and riding across it and then continuing home. And I played with the idea of riding home by going over GMR. And then I ran into Ronnie, one of the guys I’ve ridden with in the company of Mike and Rich. And he joined me for a bit, and we ended up making it to the bridge on 39 before East Fork Road, which hits GMR. He turned back (after being fun company for an easy-paced climb) and I decided to go for it. I stopped and grabbed a snickers and a red gatorade a few miles from the base of the main climb (at the only place I know of in that whole area) and noticed my arm. Umm… I don’t think it should be that red, or that big. My bike gloves were hurting it, and I ended up just not fastening them all the way for the rest of the ride. I was only about 8 miles from the top of the climb, so I just kept going since going back would have been about as hard. Every bump in the road hurt soooo much! But I made it! And then the fun downhill for a while, and then a bit of easy climbing over to Mudd where I picked up Holly’s car from Alice while also hitting the 60 mile marker. And with a bit over 6600 ft of climbing!

So it was a good weekend of biking. Except the bee part. And the swelling and pain. But meh. My arm is closer to normal size and color again… and I still got in 120 miles!

ramblings of actual training stuff

Friday, December 1st, 2006

Yesterday I worked from home to take care of tires and such for my car, and had noticed a few days ago a few browned bananas on the fridge. Ok, so this isn’t the purely training part of this post yet, but it was yummy! I baked them into a yummy healthy banana bread! I found the recipe in one of Holly’s cookbooks, and we had all the ingredients and it was fun and easy! I think our oven runs a bit hot, but I still think it turned out pretty well. Mmmm I’ve eatten tons of it! There is only like a quarter of the loaf left already (s’ok, with the ingredient substitutions and additions I made (yogurt butter spread and adding walnuts) it is only 2727 cals for the whole loaf.

Alice (who is at my old college) is borrowing Holly’s car, and last night Mike and I dropped it off (along with a slice of banana bread) and then ran home, weaving about to get in about 5 miles. It was a nice run. I am enjoying running at night while all the xmas lights are up and on. Makes for some pretty viewing, which makes running at an easy pace easier mentally.

This AM it was up and to the pool! Swimming is starting to feel a bit better again, and mentally it was easier to get there today. Got in 3000 yds in 65 min (250 warmup, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 250 cooldown – resting about 30 sec between). mmm cholorine!

And tonight: riding to Mike and going out to dinner with some friends of his. Should be fun!

What I Need

Friday, December 1st, 2006

If you haven’t seen it yet, go read “What I Need” by TriJack. It’s awesome!

scary world of cars

Friday, December 1st, 2006

Oh. My. God. Because the only charge against you if you hit a bicylist and KILL HIM because you are DOWNLOADING RING TONES WHILE DRIVING will result in a $1000 fine and driver’s school??!?! Seriously, isn’t there at least some kind of unintentional murder or killing type of rule? I have to admit, I’m amazed that the only thing was improper use of a lane. A cylist IN A BIKE LANE dies. Not from being clipped, but from being hit BY THE DRIVERS SIDE OF THE CAR since the girl was so far off the road.

As for the girl, PLEASE WAKE UP! You are 19 and this is your 4th driving offense! (1 red light running and 2 speeding tickets, one about 5 weeks before she hit the guy).


(I found this through a cycling community blog, and am definitely shocked at the penalties. I guess it’s not that uncommon for that type of punishment with the death of just a cyclist. After all, we all know it’s really always the cyclist’s fault. At least runners seem to be a bit more protected legally…)