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rides past and race hopes

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

On the bike front, still waiting on a few pieces so there really hasn’t been much progress since Valentine’s day. Hopefully the final piece will arrive later this week and I’ll have cranks that are attached! 🙂

Tough ride for me this weekend. But it got hard before the ride ever started: with 2 FULL days at Disneyland with the nephews! So I was walking around, standing in lines, and carrying a 4 month old or a 2 1/2 year old at times. My shoulders and back were definitely sore from that, and getting on the bike I could already feel my legs were stiff. The great thing about having someone to ride with is that I just got on and rode anyways. So after a bit of a late start Mike and I did a loop I’d never done before (which is hard on him since then he has to come back at turns to make sure I know where to go — thanks Mike!). It went through Diamond Bar and Chino Hills, then through Carbon Canyon. It went to the Santa Ana bike path, up PCH, and up the San Gabriel path. From there we took Arrow Hwy back home as we were out of time. Total miles: 101. Yes, another at 101. I think just shorter than the other 101, but still pretty close to a longest training ride ever!

That’s the basics of it, but the part that sticks with me the most is WIND! Oh. My. Gawd. Headwind on the Santa Ana stole a lot of my speed, and it was at just the angle where I knew it would be there for PCH as well. And on PCH in Huntington Beach there was even rain! And right as it was raining, a lense popped loose in my sunglasses, and there was a sign that the road was closed to bikes, find a detour. Of course Mike was ahead, and all I knew was that I should stay on that road. And I figured he had — either not seeing the sign or not caring (turns out he never saw it). But I didn’t want him to have followed a detour sign and be waiting to make sure I had as well. Plus this was about 3-5 blocks from where I got hit by a bus training for IM AZ (although luckily it didn’t hurt me but just made me wipe out onto the sidewalk). So with that and how bad Californians drive in rain, I wasn’t in the mood for riding through a construction zone with no shoulder and signs saying to keep out. So I ended up on the bike path between the beach and the road, which meant with lots of people. Called Mike, and he did come back and I got back on PCH and the ride continued.

Finally I got to the San Gabriel with Mike a bit behind (as he stopped at a store to grab a snack for in a few miles and told me he’d catch me). Ahhhhh…. I felt a bit of that tail wind as I got on the path, and soon was cruising easily at a faster pace than I’d gone much of the day. Mike did catch me, and passed me, and I was back to chasing him. And then a few miles later… yup, you guessed it. The winds changed. My tailwind was now a head or side wind yet again. Mike was going to come back and let me draft if the winds picked up again, and a few times I expected to see him heading back. My knee started getting a bit sore, and I was definitely getting tired. Finally at about where we planned to meet up (but a bit earlier than I expected him to get back to me) I found out the winds had helped him much of the path… I was just behind where they were getting a bit unsettled. He’d had a tailwind for some nice easy fast sections in parts where I had a break from wind. Oh well… guess I just have to ride faster next time!

We made it to the top of the path, and back over to where I live. We passed Incycle about 10 minutes before the tri club meeting was going to start, but just kept going the 20 minutes to get home – we decided it was going to get cold enough that we’d rather be a bit late and not in damp biking clothes. And we did make it back in time for part of it.

Oh, as for my hydration on the ride… it sucked. I made it through like 2 and a half bottes in the 7ish hours we were out there (including stopping time). Oops. There were just sections I didn’t want to let go of the handlebars as I was being blown around!

As for the race hopes… last night I sucked it up and filled out the Kona Lottery application. I’ve never done it before, but I feel lucky this year. Plus since Mike has good hopes of qualifying, I’ll probably be there anyways. So I might as well race! We’ll see if anything comes of it though.

another step closer

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Last night Mike and I had a great Valentine’s date of working on getting the bikes built…

Where by “we” I mean Mike is doing most of it and I’m learning, helping where I can, and taking pictures!

UPS tracking status = delivered!

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

About an hour after I left Mike’s office this morning (he kicked me out saying the bikes would be a while and etc) our bikes were delivered! At least he is getting punished, too — he’s not allowed to open the boxes til tonight and with me 🙂

pics from this weekend’s race

Monday, February 12th, 2007

here are some pics from this weekend’s race:

me and Mike before the race

I won W25-29!

Mike won OVERALL!

To see all the pics check out my Redlands Tri gallery.

first race of the season

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

So today Mike and I did our first Tri of the season. It was a local (Redlands) race, and reverse order (run, bike, then swim). Very short for us: 5k run, 9 mi bike, 100 yd swim. A few notes of interest on this race: it was the first tri I ever did (although the location was different that year). And this was the first race for Mike and I since the one we met at.

I didn’t wake up ready for this kind of day. The RAIN (yes rain finally here and just for race morning) was very loud, and my head felt like it was going to explode and I was all stuffy. What better when feeling a bit under the weather than to go at a high heart rate for an hour in rain? Exactly. Nothing. So we got in the car and headed out just in time for sheets and sheets of rain. Driving east we got through those, and realized it would reach the race in about 2 – 2.5 hours — right as the race was starting.

Got registered and set up pretty fast. It’s easy when all you need is a helmet and bike shoes and goggles at your TA. Spent some time inside the high school gym to keep a bit drier and warmer, did some stretching. Went for a short warmup jog, and then lined up as it was near start time. The race (like many local ones) did of course not start on time. About 10 or 15 minutes late though there was a count down, and we were off! Some light drizzle, but nothing horrible.

Man running fast was hard! Ok, fast for me. I averaged 8:14 miles, and a heart rate of 183, which isn’t exactly where I’ve been training this base season 🙂 The run started with a slight uphill, then a drop and then ended a bit uphill again. But I actually felt ok on the run — a bit of complaint in the legs and lungs, but that was expected with this length race. I finished it, grabbed my bike.

I jumped on the bike for more of that same gradual grade of climbing. About 2 miles of it, then a downhill with some fun turns with sand and wet gravel across the road. I saw Mike on this first of 2 laps, and how close he was. AND THAT THERE WAS NO ONE IN FRONT OF HIM! And one of my goals was not to get passed by him, but another goal was him winning, which he laughed at. And he was closer than I thought possible. So that was good motivation. Maybe a bit too good — I actually went off road on one of the turns. I had a bit too much speed going in. Luckily it was a rounded blacktop curb and then decently flat dirt, so I just pretended it was a mountain bike. I saw him again a bit later in the loop, and that time he heard me cheer for him and realized how close he was. The bike loops ended with a uturn just past the TA entrance, and on that uturn I heard him behind me. “noooo” it was a slight uphill again and I tried, but he laughed and made it past me about 50 feet before the turn off where I would have been safe. So I almost made it.

As he climbed off his bike and ran for the pool I had one lap to go on the bike. Only one lap, I told myself as the burning of the climb started again. Oh shut up, you can do this. And so my legs did, and we made it to the top. As I got there the rain caught up though. Suddenly the barely drizzle, that had stopped for the most part, was pelting rain. It hurt, and visibility was rather reduced. Well I could see the guy marking the next turn, so I just aimed for him, and then the next one. Oh yeah and I remembered to slow a bit more and actually make all the turns while still on the road. As I rounded that uturn at the end of the course, I prepped for the transition. Rack bike, shoes and socks off, helmet off, grab goggles and run.

A 150 meter run brought me to the pool. Jumped in, pushed off, and swam like Mike tells me to: pulling hard. I felt the water pushing me forward, and just kept going. Push of the next wall, and then next. On my last push, my goggles flipped down. Happily bouncing into both eyes with each stroke. I broke my flow to pull them down and around my neck, and chased down one last guy as we got to the stairs, out of the pool, and were done. And then I got my first finish line kiss, which was kinda awesome. And the kisser was… the overall winner (yeah, Mike won!!)!

In the days leading up I was trying to guestimate our times. In the end I told him to go 45 minutes, and I hoped for an hourish. So he did (45:26). And by doing so he won overall, for his first time ever! I must be good luck. Then I got the full results (although Mike’s last name has bonus characters added to it) and those for me… and I won my age group (1:03:06)! And for once it actually had a significant number of people in it! I was 1/16 🙂 And overall women I was 9th! Which is awesome for me! And then there is the fact that a few women came in a bit before me that Mike saw who had pretty clearly only done one lap on the bike. So taking that into account, I give myself 7th overall in women! So yeah, it was a good start to the season.

a good week so far

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

So far this week is going great. I worked from home Monday to order the bikes, which means I didn’t swim (since the good pool is by work). But for once I didn’t then blow it off! Tuesday morning found me in the water being all fishlike (or at least attempting to be).

I also got in a great brick on Monday — about 20 miles on the bike and then 3 on foot. Threw in a bit of climbing on the bike just for fun, and pushed a comfortable pace on the run to see what kind of 3 mile pace I can hold after a good ride. Managed about 9:17 miles, which is good for me 🙂

The long run on Wednesday also felt pretty good. Last week was off to give my knee some healing time as it was sore, but it only bothered me for a second during the run and not at all after it.

And this morning brought out the bike (although with leg warmers again as it was a bit colder here today) for a quick ride chasing Mike. And I tried to use him during the section with a strong headwind, but it was coming from mostly everywhere so it didn’t do too much good.

I think I’m more rested this week. I feel much less sleepy just in general, and like I have more energy. I think I’ve been eating better as well, and it’s paying off.

Tonight will not have a workout. And will have indulgence in bad food and good company. After I teach I need to scurry home and head out to watch the Premier of Survivor! Cheer for Anthony with me!

smiling lobster

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Another great weekend for riding!

Saturday I checked out a fireroad I had seen on a map. It connected to my favorite loop, and cut out some of the busier road sections. And it worked, and was a good ride. I did have to walk one hill. But that just means it’s a new nemisis hill. Which is good — since I conquered the old one! Ok, not perfectly yet. It’s a very sharp uturn to a downhill, to a left through a stream and up a hill. If I set up at the top, I can make it. It will truely be conquered once I can just ride right through the whole thing.

Sunday was back on the road chasing Mike. This time on his tri bike getting those muscles ready for racing again. Did the loop of bike paths down to the beach and back to the hills. 80 miles. And over 80 degrees out! We both forgot sunscreen, so ended up with tan lines already, and February has just started! My nose and arms and legs were a bit red… but it was still a fun ride!

I gave my legs a bit of a rest from pounding last week, and should be back out on a long run this Wednesday. And I’ve been in the pool, but nothing too exciting to report. I really like having swim workouts planned with me and my goals and abilities as their only target audience. It makes it hard to cheat on them since I know they are right for me!

24 hours of woooo!

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

woooooo! So yesterday morning Mike and I ordered our bikes. I was yet again please with Planet X and all the help they gave me. Having seen a thread on a tri site about Team Planet X Tyros I decided to check it out again. To be eligible you have to ride a Planet X bike and be a cyclist or triathlete in the US or Canada, and to apply you have to send in a paragraph of why you should be on the team as well as a race resume. So last night I did. And today I got an email that started “Would like to welcome you as a member of Team Planet X Tyros”. So yes, happy happy wooo!

And I have my first sponsor (ok second if you count Foothill Cyclery doing tons of maintenance stuff and providing race wheels — but first that I had to apply for).

Hehe… one of my biggest points in my email was the value of internet community participation and blogs, etc. And yes, I gave Trifuel much credit.