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marinated… on a spit!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Or maybe I was just more successful with flip-turns today 😉 I did them about 90% of the time. A few really bad ones, but some very comfortable ones! The majority were pretty good depth with a bit of an angle at pushoff.

I don’t think I blogged about those yet… Mike showed me how last Tuesday, so today was my 2nd real swim trying it.

starting a well-earned rest week

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

It’s finally here… recovery week! And just in time! My legs feel well-worked, and I’m getting to that overly-tired-when-the-alarm beeps feeling. And I had 3 great weeks, being right on with my 16 mile run each week, a nice long bike each weekend, and quality and consistency during the week! Well this weekend was my longest bike ride ever: 115 miles, and again I smoked it (17.4 mph avg!!)! Although I was trying to chill through it since my legs were heavy going in. Oh well they get this week to recover 🙂

I’ve been doing great on the food front — lots of good meals this last week. Any time when my recent past includes sushi, tilapi, steak, pesto, spinich & crasin salads, and ice cream have to have been good!

And I am tired this week, and in need of some strenuous doses of ice and rest, with a bike or swim, and maybe another easy run, thrown into the mix.

a typical weekend with a bit of speed

Monday, May 21st, 2007

The short version: This weekend I biked a lot (and was speedyfast!) and ate yummy food. Mike is cute.

The longer version:

Saturday was just under 56 miles on the bike going out through Rancho on Baseline (after a morning 3ish mile run and PANCAKES! mmm school fundraiser breakfasts!). It felt pretty good, and I thought I would neg split the ride on the way back, but then turned and found out how WINDY it was. Heh… no wonder it had felt so good. Made it home though.

Sunday was long ride day, as usual. It was another out and back by time. Mike and I picked 3:20 as the out time, but then he ended up going shorter to get back and get more work done. So instead of chasing him and then being chased I just got to chase and see him at one point as he passed going the other way. Anyways… last time we did that same out and back it was to 3:10. Well I passed the turnaround from that ride in under 3:05! So I knew I was riding strong despite the headwind on the way out. Then I realized… if I pushed it, I was going to make it to 56 in the 3:20! That’s about the fastest I’ve done a 56 mile ride, and it would mean 112 miles for the day! Yes, an IM length ride. And if the times stayed right, at a very good (30+ min) PR!! And yes, I did it =) Cut off even more time on the way home, and set a new 56 mile PR during that I believe, as well as one for the 112. I ended up being at 112.77 miles in 6:37:39! That’s just over a 17mph pace, which is something I rarely hit, and it was for my second longest bike ride EVER!

Getting off the bike I still felt awesome. Not marathon-ready awesome (my calories per hour need to be higher for that during the ride) but pretty awesome. And then enjoyed yummy Macaroni Grill favorites with Mike 🙂 And then Swedish Fish. Man those little fish are so tasty. Oh and Mike called me speedyfast 🙂 And it was a good weekend.

I’m making a few changes to my training schedule — namely trying to make sure key workouts are on rested legs. I think it’s really really helping. My long run this week was 16 miles and the same exact route as last week (which was on fairly drained legs). Last week? 9:27 pace. This week? 9:06 pace. Which was probably a bit too hard, but I noticed I was going to go under 2 hours for the half marathon, which I’ve never done, so I had to push it a bit to hit that time 😉

The other change I’m making is a 30 minute massage every other week. Mike has a new massage therapist who is the BEST EVER and I think it’s helping my legs. Plus it has that hurts so good feeling.

story of a ride in 1016 words

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Yes… the scale is right. 88 miles and 13,260 ft of climbing. ‘Nuf said. Shower time.

so *that’s* what I’ve been up to

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Totals for the year to date:

  • swimming: 115000 yds, 41:59:17 (avg pace 2:11/100yds — including resting between sets)
  • biking: 1625.95 mi, 109:16:56 (avg pace ~15.1 mph)
  • running: 329.33 mi, 53:59:12 (avg pace ~9:50)

A few others as well (mtb, yoga, weights, core, etc) and my total workout time this year is 217 hours, 18 minutes!

May 1, 2006 my totals for the year were:

  • swimming: 48780 yds, 19:11:40 (avg pace 2:22/100yds — including resting between sets)
  • biking: 1236.59 mi, 85:43:10 (avg pace ~14.6 mph)
  • running: 266.76 mi, 49:07:34 (avg pace ~11:03)

And the few others (more mtb by a lot) brought it to 193 hours, 56 minutes!

Then I think about how my IM is even a few weeks later this year, and I get more confident that I am moving in the right direction! Namely stronger and faster 😉

my forth time…

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

PossAbilities Triathlon was this weekend. I felt strong going in, and the day played out well. Just a short report on this one as I’ve been working on my blogging motivation lately (don’t worry, tri motivation is there and strong). Oh, and this was my 4th time at this race (although the course has changed a few times). It was my second tri ever in 2004 and I’ve done it every year 🙂

Fun parts of the tri this weekend (local reverse order sprint – 5k run, 10 mi bike, 150 yd swim):

  • hosting a pro lady (Kim Hager) who was going to speak to our tri club after the race. She was very sweet and I am lucky to have gotten to host her. I’d highly recommend her if you need a coach 🙂
  • racing at the race where I met Mike last year! Wow time flies 🙂
  • A 5k PR! 17:51, compared to my last 24:11!! Ok I’m not going to count it as a PR… the course turned out to be only 2.3 miles 😉 Still the PR was at a 7:41 pace, and this was at a 7:44. So that is good.
  • Improving my bike time (on the same exact course last year) by almost a minute and a half (over 10.8 mi). Last year: 36:25. This year: 34:02. That’s 19 mph!!! And it does have some climbing in it (about 640 ft)
  • Finishing in under and hour! 58:28 official time
  • 3/27 W25-29, 14/113 women, and 91/383 overall! In that overall and womens there is also Kate Major and Julie Swail! Having a local sprint with a big purse means getting to race in a small group with some big names.

I had flying transitions and a lot of fun. The bike was a bit crazy (like last year) since the loops with all the newbies and uturns and pros get a bit… well, crazy.

Mike did awesome (of course): 46:46! 1st M35-39, 3rd male age grouper, 10th male overall, and 12th overall! Kate Major only beat him by a little bit… she was on his feet for the swim but knew you could turn and exit the pool at the start of the stairs, while he swam to the end of them.

Amanda (another PX teammate, a pro) got 3rd women overall! So the PX jersey was on the podium 3 times 🙂