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welcome to blogland

Friday, December 21st, 2007

I’d like to give out a hearty welcome to Mike, who has finally started a blog of his own 🙂 Go on by and say hi!

it’s the holidays

Friday, December 21st, 2007

I got in a run and a swim in a bit of a rush this morning, almost skipping one or the other. It was windy out there though!

But today is a big day… for eating! It was the office potluck holiday lunch, and then tonight is the office holiday party/dinner for Mike’s office. So I felt better knowing I got in a good workout. As much as I like the idea of “eat to train”, I really tend to look at the day from more of a “train to eat” perspective. And a “train to train”, since I really do enjoy the workouts I do. In fact, recently I don’t think I’ve had a workout I did because I should do it. Which is great! Means things are going well 🙂

Morn After Rainfall – a tale of a mountain bike ride

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

[youtube p0W_yRZcTT4]

PowerTap — losing signal

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

So one of my favorite rides includes a stretch along a dam (flat and wide bike trail). Unfortunately something (perhaps in it) turns out to be one of the only places in about 100 miles of us where PT often loses reception at least for a bit, as Rich of Wheelbuilder let Mike and I know. Oh well, it’s still part of a great ride — the end of the dam and back is just over 20 miles for me a good quick morning ride.

Today though both our PTs were having issues regaining signal after we were through that section and a couple miles from it. While mine was dropping signal and finding it again, Mike’s gave up. However, I remembered that holding down both buttons for a second will make the screen say “FIND” and it will do what appears to be a stronger refresh of the signal – after doing that on his, I don’t think he had any more issues, and I stopped having them as well. We just had to be careful: if you hold down both buttons, it scrolls through “FIND” (what we wanted) and then “- clr -” which will reset all the data on the PT (definitely not what we want), and then into a setup screen (which is weird to get out of).

One of my biggest PT annoyances had been that once it lost your HR it didn’t look for it again. So go pee, and no more HR. ARG! Today I realized that the “FIND” will also rescan for the HR strap! So I now know how to get it back. Much better!

PowerTap — using it and uploading to computer

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

For now I’m just riding with the PT and seeing what I see. While riding the PT is pretty easy to use — the buttons are easy to press in gloves, and once you get used to how they scroll through screens it becomes pretty easy to see the information you wanted to see. It is very much like a regular cycling computer (too bad I haven’t used one in years).

When it came to time to read the data, first things first: I wanted to know what would happen as I uploaded things since I have this fear of losing data. Even if I don’t yet know how to read the data.

So what I learned:

1. Plug the PT into the computer and upload it into the software that you have choosen. This does nothing to the information on the device.

2. If you hold both buttons down on the PT until – clr – is displayed, it will clear all the data on the PT. Do this only after you have the data, since it doesn’t just clear the display but also removes all the data.

3. There is no way to reset the PT display without also removing all the data: so if you want to do 2 rides back to back, you have to either upload to your computer and do a clr of the device (steps 1 and 2) or leave all the data in place and have a time and a distance that is the total of the rides still on it. So not my favorite solution, but I’ll get used to it.

Ok so on first glance the PowerAgent 7 software that comes with the PowerTap is a bit… well, sucky. It appears to break every workout up based on every pause. Bleck! A day later I noticed though that as you upload it you do have a merge option. Oops. So it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought. I’m still not sure if I like it, and I’ve heard such good things about CyclingPeaks that I downloaded the trial version of that to test out.

Again, CyclingPeaks was a tough program to figure out. But I think it is easier to use and has a better interface (and that’s probably just because that is what I’ve heard about it). However, it has issues with my computer. It doesn’t always correctly read my PT. I still am not sure why it sometimes can’t find it and then a second later can. This is on a Vista machine, so perhaps it has something to do with that.