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good motivation to get in the pool

Friday, March 14th, 2008

I was sleepy this morning, but Mike was getting up to go swim so I dragged myself out of bed. It’s just easier when he’s getting up, too, since bed is less cosy when only I’m in it. I tried to come up with a way to get myself in the pool and getting in a full workout. I know if I have a set plan (especially one someone else knows about) it is a lot easier.

Well my coach (Marky) was asleep on the couch, in town for a power conference. And he woke up to the sprinklers and then gave me a workout of 2100 yds. So that’s one way to get a plan 😉

So I got to the pool, and I got it all done. Oh, and held near my goal pace of 1:50 for the 100s at the end of it. I want it to be my crusing pace, and that was definitely a bit higher effort than that, but it just showed me another step in the right direction.

believing in Coachypants more and more!

Friday, March 14th, 2008

You know those days when you just feel things falling in place? Well, last night’s run was one of those runs. Plan was 8 miles, with 2 easy, 4 faster (going by feel, but had thoughts of sub-8:30pace in mind), and then 2 easy to get back home. I was feeling tired, and not really in the mood to run, so I put on some music to distract me til I found my zone. And I found it —

My easy warm up was a comfy 9 pace, and then I managed sub-8 for the first hard mile! Good motivation came first when I spotted a guy ahead who looked like he shouldn’t be able to run a 10 min mile but that I wasn’t catching — I had to catch up just to see when I was by him what speed he was at (7:20ish)! Wow that was a hard mile, I thought. Huh, wonder if I can do sub-8 for another. So I did. Then came the thoughts of doing all 4 at that pace! I knew the outbound direction was a bit tougher, so I thought I could, but I was feeling the pace! My legs were starting to burn a bit. Made it though 🙂 My 4 fast miles were 7:52, 7:56, 7:36, and 7:29!

Feeling a bit tired, I looked down and saw my total time. My 10k PR in a race is 53:07, and while I have come close to it in training, I was way under it! So I kept up a good pace for another .2 miles, hitting 10k in 50:30!!

Content, I stopped checking my watch, and just let autopilot take over. Yet in an hour I was just over 7.3 miles!! That’s my farthest in an hour EVER! And parts were not at all pushing it.

So in the afternoon run I almost skipped and just played by ear, I stayed under 8 min pace for the main set, PRed 10k and hour. Yeah, I’ll have some more of those training theories now Marky!

my butt

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

So far today has been all about my butt. It started with the stupidheads in the car yelling at me about it when I was riding. But I completely ignored them and didn’t even glance their direction, so they didn’t get to see that I even could hear.

Then I kept riding, and man it was a bit tight and sore. And then I stopped riding and drove to work. Walking to my office I could again tell it was tight and sore. So yes, my glutes needs some love and I will be trying to get an appointment with Brianne, massage therapist extraordinaire, to help with that.

But they are how they are ’cause it has been a good week. Wednesday had an 11 mile run at sub-8:54 pace! Coach Marky has me running a bit shorter than I am used to right now, but doing more fast stuff and bringing that in, and it is fun! Painful, but fun 🙂

I also had some nice rides Sunday and Tuesday on the R3 and on the PX this morning. Sunday felt great — I did a regular 30 mile loop with a good bit of climbing, and was over 5 minutes faster than other times! I really worked myself on parts of it. I <3 Marky’s 5on/3off intervals.

On Tuesday and Thursday I could still feel that ride and the Wednesday run. I was moving alright this morning, but sooo windy. And I felt like I just didn’t have power really either day during the week. I had some on Tuesday, but especially today my legs just weren’t there. Since I’ve felt exhausted this week, it means I am sleeping in a bit on Saturday since my guess is I’m just worn out right now.

My butt is now on my office balance ball, so time to write the code that will take over the world!

Best Weekend EVER

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

I spent Tuesday through Thursday in San Diego with Cervelo getting to test ride their bikes and see their wind tunnel testing and engineering presentations.

Then Mike and I went for an early morning mtn bike ride Saturday. We ended up ditching the bikes in a bush and hiking up to a favorite waterfall (yeah, in bike shoes). And I left wearing….

!!!!! Yup, he proposed You know you have found the right one when the proposal comes during a ride in almost-rain, early morning light, with helmet hair, and on a fun unplanned side trail

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