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mom was right

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

When I was little I was given the impression that if I ever got near superglue my fingers would end up glued together. And to never pick my nose because if I did they’d get stuck there, but that is another story.

Anyways, we needed some glue to fix a couple wood chips on a dresser. We headed over to trusty Home Depot (the first place in this new town where we are known by name) and hit the glue section. Mike grabs the superglue, and I balk. Hey this one says for wood, so let’s go with it! Plus it had a gorilla on it.

Convinced, we take it home. Only to head back to Home Depot later to get some glue for plastics (BBQs do not land softly in the night). Again Mike grabs those scary little tubes. After reading the packages, I agree it is our best bet, and let him know we can’t glue our fingers together! We take home the innocent little tubes, and the package gets placed on the counter.

The next morning I see both glue packages are open. I’m not really sure why, since the BBQ handle still hangs and the dresser is still missing a tooth. But they are. And then I see it: the CAPS ARE NEXT TO THE SUPERGLUE! Horrified, I touch the tubes. It moves, and I end up picking them up. I notice there seems to be a seal on it, and relieved I put the tops on them, put them down, and finish getting ready for work. The gorilla was of course behaving himself and I left him alone.

Lunch time I come home so the donut dog can play for a bit (yay for 7 minute walking commutes!). And as I do so, I see it. The internet box that Mike was supposed to return is still on the counter. Damn it Mike! Grumpy about not having internet at the new place yet doesn’t make me feel better about still paying for it at the old place, and I move the box to the side. And see the superglue. And it appears the tubes are not full. And I touch the list of important wedding addresses that they are on. And nope, it won’t move. They are strongly glued to the paper. And each other. And the counter. Damn it Mike!! And then I remember — that must have been what those tops did. It was my fault. Well, at least I could still blame the internet on him.

I peel them off each other, try to tighten the tops, and place them more completely on a corner of the paper they can glue as much as they want. A wet drop got on my finger. Panic set in, but I kept my fingers spread wide, ran to the sink, and managed to take care of it, avoiding attaching any of my fingers to the infested one.

Crisis avoided, and I called Mike to let him know. I am no longer allowed to help with the supergluing. But he better remember to return that internet box!

the arrival of donutdogg

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Our family has grown to 3 as Mike and I adopted a dog this weekend! She is about 2 years old, and a German Sheppard/lab mix. Very very smart, very sweet. And very energetic!

We have gone for a walk

And this morning she went for her first run with me. A nice easy four miles on packed dirt (we know her host family and she had done some multihour hikes and still had energy, and after a long walk that didn’t phase her Mike and I decided she could try that). We got home, and it was time for more ball! 🙂 Yeah, she was good to go. Although I bet she is sleeping in her crate right now.

Like she did after lots of ball and playing on Saturday. I’m not sure who is more tired there… although it is a bit of a picture trick — I swear I wasn’t really asleep…. that time!

Welcome Gracie!

And just so she feels at home, she now has her own motionbased account 😉 (and gmail, cause you need an email address to get on motionbased…)

a different sore

Monday, July 14th, 2008

I woke up feeling like I had just done an IM or something. The bottoms of my feet felt almost bruised, my knee was achy, and my legs just felt generally heavy. It hurt to straighten my arms all the way, and I could have slept for a lot longer. It was a tough weekend… of moving. I got in zero workouts when the final packing and the loading and unloading of the truck stole all my time.

But my nice easy run this morning helped the legs, and I LOVED my walk to work. At my afternoon swim, although I could feel my need for sleep, the water felt great. And about 7 minutes on foot sure beats the 52+ miles of driving for a commute! And slowly we are getting the new place all set up.