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Wedding day!

September 27th, 2008 by

I woke up, relaxed, and got out for a run. Yes, a run. About 8 miles on trails all around my mom’s house. Trails where Mike and I spent many hours of each visit to my mom’s, and where we have a number of pictures. Some of the bends, where I could remember the pictures we took (like this one and this one) made me tear up. I was getting married in a couple hours!

I’d of course dreamed of a pretty wedding, a perfect wedding, when growing up. And mine was. Seriously, nothing could have been better. I never actually went up ahead of time and met any of the caterers, florist, cake people, etc. but I trust my mom and she helped us make great decisions.

The site for the wedding, which then also had the reception, and the photo shoots, was gorgeous — a wonderful beach park right on the San Francisco bay, and another place that Mike and I have ran when visiting my mom.

I had a beautiful dress (and my cousin’s son was sooo excited to get to “meet a princess”).

and the bridesmaids looked amazing

the flower/ring dudes were too cute

and the groom — took my breath away! (here he’s in the tree, and with his brother, the best man)

The flowers were exactly what I’d pictured.

The ceremony was perfect: our words, and read by my big brother.

And it was a wonderful kiss!

The food was delicious

And so many friends and family were there to share the day with us.

I danced in his arms

The cake was the perfect ice cream cake (with a layer of strawberry and angel food, a layer of mint chip and chocolate cake, and a saved top layer of cookies and cream and choc cake).

After a quick change in the park

we left in just the style we were hoping to have.

Some happy tears, and so many hugs. Definitely a day filled with love.

If you want to see more pictures, there are more 🙂

I posted some (ok many), as did Mike. My sister and maid of honor, Becca, did, too.

9 Responses to “Wedding day!”

  1. Tamara says:

    Congratulations and best wishes! You both look wonderful. A lifetime of happiness to you!!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    oh my goodness!! congratulations kylie!!! what a beautiful day – everything looks just perfect! love the get-away outfit. that is awesome. wishing you all the love and happiness in the world!

  3. Kat says:

    What a beautiful wedding, and ended in so much tri style! Congrats. I wish you endless years of happiness.

  4. MarkyV says:

    and the pics from the run are…… where? I see evidence of a bike ride but nothing of a run? hmmmmm i smell total slacker butt. 😉

  5. Hey, I missed a bunch of posts! Congrats guys on the big step. All the best for a great future together.

  6. Scott says:

    Congratulations!! You both look great!!
    I like your Transition 😉

  7. Star says:

    CONGRATS again and again! What a beautiful wedding 🙂

  8. Kylie,

    Would you be willing to share your wedding story on I love your photos and the one on your husband’s blog with your nephew tripping is precious. We have a photo gallery for our readers and I think your pictures would inspire other brides. The fun spirit and beauty of your wedding is amazing and a perfect example of true wedding bliss. May life be full of blessings for the both of you.

  9. Tina Parker says:

    It was so pretty from the pics! You guys looked great! Love the bike.
    Hope you h ave many happy years.

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