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IMAZ cheering and a burger!

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Actually important things first: Dad took me on a walk the other day, and my nose led me to hidden treasure! I stuck my head in a bush, and came out with a hamburger! mmm yummy.

I might be the most awesome dog ever… I think Mom and Dad get it. They took me on vacation with them so that I could be petted while they yelled at people who were playing in the water and on bikes and running. I went to a water gathering, and I wanted to join them:

mmm water

Then I walked and walked and cheered all day. And soon I was wiped, so back to the hotel:

tired puppy

That place was cool — I got to sleep on the bed with Mom and Dad! I was a good girl and tried not to wiggle too much.

holiday habits

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

The holidays. Eating too much, and getting lazy… no thanks.

This year Mike and I had our first family Thanksgiving – just us and donutdogg. And I’m please to say that (well, until the donut I just had) I was coming out of the holiday weekend feeling in better shape than going in.

With just the two of us, even Thanksgiving day turkey meal was somewhat a normal meal. We didn’t gather house ahead and start snacking (well ok I had some clam dip with breakfast, but it wasn’t like some hors d’oeuvre sessions). We didn’t stay at the table chatting for hours, but instead cleaned up once done and went for a chatty walk. We didn’t have a thousand desserts, but kept it simple. So that helped.

What also helped was some family workouts. Still running everyday (on day 60 or so now). The pool was closed for the holiday, but we also got on the bike each day. A big ride up to the cider area in the mountains near us, and some shorter stuff. And a ride on the tri bikes, which hadn’t been out since Muskoka 70.3.

Here are some pics from the climby ride:

Kylie climbing

Mike's self portrait

mini cider donuts... I almost stopped

Mike and Kylie on the climb

Mike on the climb

Finally the top!

Oh and there was a walk. Started as a 2hr walk, but with some crafty path choices we made it out alive in about 3hrs and when it was no longer light enough to easily find the car. Even donut was done after that one! Here are some walk pics:

Kylie and Gracie start the walk

Mike and Gracie before one of the bigger climbs

Mike and Kylie

Gracie helping us up the hill

And some downhill help

Yeah, looks like it did get a bit longer than planned… here are Gracie and I at the end of the walk:

Kylie and Gracie at the end of the walk

Life is good 🙂

satisfying end to a weekend

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Mike and I went for a mountain bike ride this afternoon.

We got kinda stuck. Ended up in an orchard. Fenced. And the fence topped with barb wire. So we ended up hiking and bushwacking our way out (going back how we came is too easy ;).

And Mike’s pedal fell off.

Good times 🙂

thanks mom

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

I love my mom a lot. So much that if she asks me to I go out in the rain, and wait until she goes on the porch to go back on it. I didn’t even bark. I have a harder time going back in the rain again. Mind you this is not for any real reason other than that it is raining! But I did it. I went over to her. Finally she went back inside, so I could, too. And I got a toweling that was nice. Then I sat and laid down when she asked me to on my nice DRY pink blanket. Yup, I earned that half a bone. Maybe a whole one next time Mom? I do put up with a lot from you!

With love,
the damp puppy

rainy puppy