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365 days

Friday, March 20th, 2009

One year… and so much can change. Ok so it’s not near a new year, but I was just reflecting today… Over the last year I:

  1. Lost my grandpa
  2. Moved to Redlands and got rid of commuting
  3. Became the puppy-mommy to amazing Gracie
  4. Got married
  5. Opened a business (I’m listed as owner for Redlands Spine and Sport on the paperwork :))
  6. Lost my miniature horse
  7. Lost my grandmother

And looking outside the big, chronologically ordered events above:

  1. Ran faster than I have before
  2. Enjoyed swimming more than I have before
  3. Found that amazing connection with a running partner (Gracie)
  4. Started learning to train a dog and find pride in the development of my little Gracie
  5. Really got to become a part of the Exceeding Expectations team
  6. Figured out a really cool project to use to complete my Masters in GIS (geographic information systems – ie computer mapping and analysis)

A lot to a year! A lot of change, both good and sad. A lot of growth! And that is good.

Taking care of it

Monday, March 16th, 2009

My title is inspired today by my strength in the face of fear. Not one, but TWO bees have made their way into my house. They freak me out. I remember a sting as a little kid at the Nut Tree while I was sitting in a play airplane with my brother. Right over my eye! And another sting in a foot or hand playing in a park some years after that one — which I remember as just no hurting that badly. And one on my hand on a bike ride, that made my hand all puffy. So I know the stings are not the end of the world, but for some reasons bees still just scare me! Sorry Gracie, but the door is going to stay mostly closed for a while.

I’m fighting off the last (hopefully) of a cold that I’ve had on and off for a while. The crazybusy weeks just haven’t given me time to really recover. So after sleeping in, and taking an easy day yesterday, I took a sick day today in hopes of really kicking it. Then of course stupid Kylie took over and I did homework until 2 in the morning last night… and I just realized I don’t think I’ve drank anything yet today… but I’ll go grab a water bottle now, and I do have a nap planned for after I get some more of a paper done. Stupid paper should be easy cut and paste but I just can’t figure out exactly what from my last paper fits where in this one.

In other news, Gracie is doing awesome with her puppy training! She now heels, and if doing so will sit every time I stop. She also knows “down”, and this week we are working on “come”. She is still a little princess though. She will ignore “down”, or look at you like you can’t really mean it, if on wet grass. Really, we can’t get puppy guts wet just for training’s sake! So then she gets corrected, but she still waits as long as she can the next time. A step onto cement and she lies down right away. The mind of the nutdog!

I was just reading some posts to get caught up, and one in particular by Tamara made me think of my own grandmother who just passed at the end of February. It took me a long time to really realize that she is gone – it was sudden, and she was ready, but still. That might need to be “is still taking me a long time”. I still don’t picture the house empty. She was a bonus grandma (as my mom’s stepmother) but I rarely ever remember that — she was just grandma. Well, grandma with a boob job, which provided many oneliners. And she had the clementine tree (as I now know them to be). A huge bag each Thanksgiving I was home, and once they even asked how hard it would be to mail! I’ve eatten pounds in a sitting — like over 10 of them, easily. And that was just without having to go dump peels and reload my bowl 😉 Good mememories, and a strong woman. And the last of my grandparents has passed. I’m jealous of my nephews since they got to meet them, something my futuresomedaychildren will never have the privilege of doing. Instead they’ll just hear all the stories — well, once they are old enough.

I think that’s all I’ve got today, and it is quite a mixup, but I am working on posting more! Or I’ll just have to leave Gracie logged in for a while.