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a necessary snickers

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Good ride today — a strong pace with the Saturday crew over to Riverside to meet up with some other clubs and groups, and then off on the fast part of the loop. I usually get dropped fairly quickly, but today I hung in much longer. I wasn’t planning to, as I was really going for an easier day. But as I started to drop off a friend gave me a push and said “You’ve got this!” and then I couldn’t just drop off and do my own thing. So I worked a bit harder than planned. A few miles later I did get dropped, but the group hit a light and I got on again for a couple more miles. Then I was perfectly content to turn off and do my own thing, which usually means meeting back up with the group at the end of the speedy loop for the ride back to Redlands.

So we met up, and refueled at the gas station. Usually just water for me, but I was actually feeling hungry so grabbed a Gatorade and a Snickers, and let Mike know that I had gone harder than planned and so would be going a bit easier than usual on the ride home. He stuck with me, even though I said he could just keep going with the group. But we had a nice calm ride towards home.

And then almost at the top of one of the last climbs, pftssssssssssssssss and my back tire was flat. We pulled off, and I set about changing it (he is faster, and I let him help if the group is waiting as they do on the way over, but on our time I get to practice). Looking for what caused the flat, I noticed it was the rim — the rim tape was really out of place and even broken in spots. Makes sense… I had grabbed the wheels I rarely ever use since my favorite wheel still has the disc cover on from Barb’s. So I had a dollar bill boot, and then needed another, and the snickers wrapper in my back pocket was perfect.

So thanks snickers bar, I’m home now, and it was a good ride 🙂


Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

I got a great new toy — a juicer! I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve made lots of juices with carrot in them. Pineapple makes a great addition! This morning was pineapple-carrot juice. It was yummy! Carrot-tomato-spinach-apple is also pretty good. However, the pineapple-beet-cabbage-celery-carrot-raddishes-apple-spinach-cherry-blueberry juice was a bit much. But wow it was really really pretty colors!

In other news, my legs were pretty beat after Barb’s (yeah, I’ll write about it at some point…). So I did a few bike rides and a couple runs (the pool is closed right now) and my knee decided as I was sitting one day that it wanted a break. So I took one. Just getting running again, and that feels pretty good! Going for frequency right now, and aiming for 10 runs this week. Some are really short, but they all feel great great great! And Donutdogg is happy to be out there again, too.

Tinman Triathlon

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

The Tinman is a long running local reverse order sprint — 5k run, 9 mile bike, and then a 100yd pool swim. Although it has been around for over 20 years, this was the first time Mike and I had done it. Again we were there with the Exceeding Expectations kids, and some of our friends, Heidi and Bjorn from ESRI and run group, as well as Joe, Andrea, and Gus of run club, were all there. The exciting part was that it was the first tri for a number of the EE kids, as well as for Heidi, Andrea, and Gus! So they were all excited and nervous.

The race course was a bit crazy — parts through campus and part on streets and parts not really marked, so I know some people added a bit to the run (like Mike) but it was basically flat, although some false flats. It was not my best run. My legs felt heavy and tired and I just didn’t want to run. I actually felt at one point that I should just cut back across campus and I’d be there in time to cheer for people. But the stubborn part of me wasn’t listening, and somehow I kept running. And thankfully the run was soon over, and I was on my bike. Where I felt pretty good. There was a big hill, and I just rode it — pushing pushing pushing. I passed Heidi on the way up, and cheered for her, and saw Mike heading back, and cheered for him. And caught Bjorn at about halfway through the bike. And I had a nice little train drafting off me for a while — stupidheads! So I just went a bit harder, and soon was on my own again. Back to transition, and someone had left her bike on my goggles (I should have pushed it over — it was the same lady who pushed an EE kid out of “her way” in the start area). So it took me a second to grab them and run to the pool and I swam pretending I was Marky 😉 The pool felt really good since it was getting warm out! Done with the swim, I saw a girl walking just ahead. So I kept up my run, knowing the finish was a little ways off still. I passed her, and finished strong.

Tinman, June 28, 2009

55:04 — 1/ W25-29, and 4th woman overall (out of 153)! Oh, also 46/442 overall.

I was proud to see Heidi get 2nd in our age group at her first tri! And Mike won overall yet again 🙂 It was a good day for all of us.


Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Mostly I remember doing a decent warm up for this race. Some jogging, some pickups, it’s always nice with a friend and Bjorn and I did this part together.For some reason as nice as the San Diego weather is, it always feels really humid as this race is about to start.

Then it was race time, and Karen and I ended up running together for the first half. Pushing each other, and realizing we should run together more often! And then I pulled away a bit, and could see the one girl I’d seen pass us, and so I just kept pushing. But knowing she was older than me, I wasn’t too concerned. So I got pretty close, and finished strong. And then cooled down, again with Bjorn.

Oh and Wednesday night run group (at Redlands Spine and Sport), along with great running frequency, has been awesome for Bjorn! He had a smokin’ race! Makes me even more excited to get back to the group and get all speedy 🙂

And my results:

22:16  (better than last year’s 22:42!)

And good enough for 1st in W25/29 (of 18), and 2nd overall woman(of 101)! 7 seconds from 1st women… guess I should stop thinking in terms of age group at some races 😉 I could have hurt a bit more on this one. Still my  best placing overall! So it was a success, and then it was off to the conference.


Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Ok so again I have failed to post for a while!

So what has happened since mid-June… well, I have continued the trend of racing every month — June also had the Tinman Tri, July had the ESRI UC 5k and August had Barb’s race (a women’s only half IM the same day as the full Vineman race). I’ll do a blog for each of those.

In non-racing life, mostly I’ve just been busy with work and school. Working on both today (Sunday) as well — but at least it has been productive! I’m excited for next weekend when I will get to go out in the field with Sierra Madre Search and Rescue to see one of their big training days and share my ideas about how GIS could help them. I hope I have a somewhat working prototype by then!

And now, off to the race reports 😉