Miles of Life ~ My life as a donut Kylie Donia


the happy couple

I married the most-perfect-for-me man in the world Sept. 6 2008 and am now a Donia aka Donut!

We have a wonderful little girl Gracie. Be careful: if you put running shoes on, she’ll want to go with you. If you sit next to her, she’ll want to be rubbed or share kisses.

Gracie - the donut doggIn my tri life I’m working to get closer to potential. Coach MarkyV is helping me on my way. Improvement through PCF – patience, consistency, frequency. He does the planning, I do the working, we’re both pleased with the results, and then ask more of me.

In my work life I’m a computer programmer and work on GIS (geographic information systems) software. Very cool stuff – so interesting to me that right now I’m also in a part-time masters program to earn my masters in GIS.

Yeah, I like keeping busy.