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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

So I was walking along, picking mom up from work, and there it was. Between two cars. A pile of cold, frozen, white snow! I stepped in it. I snarfed it. I ate some, and I dug in it. And left puppy tracks before heading home. And then, at the house next door, there was some on the porch. But I didn’t get to play in it there. But snow sure is fun stuff! Hopefully I’ll get a trip up the mountain to see more this weekend.

IMAZ cheering and a burger!

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Actually important things first: Dad took me on a walk the other day, and my nose led me to hidden treasure! I stuck my head in a bush, and came out with a hamburger! mmm yummy.

I might be the most awesome dog ever… I think Mom and Dad get it. They took me on vacation with them so that I could be petted while they yelled at people who were playing in the water and on bikes and running. I went to a water gathering, and I wanted to join them:

mmm water

Then I walked and walked and cheered all day. And soon I was wiped, so back to the hotel:

tired puppy

That place was cool — I got to sleep on the bed with Mom and Dad! I was a good girl and tried not to wiggle too much.

thanks mom

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

I love my mom a lot. So much that if she asks me to I go out in the rain, and wait until she goes on the porch to go back on it. I didn’t even bark. I have a harder time going back in the rain again. Mind you this is not for any real reason other than that it is raining! But I did it. I went over to her. Finally she went back inside, so I could, too. And I got a toweling that was nice. Then I sat and laid down when she asked me to on my nice DRY pink blanket. Yup, I earned that half a bone. Maybe a whole one next time Mom? I do put up with a lot from you!

With love,
the damp puppy

rainy puppy

a run and a snarf

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

It’s a good day to be a puppy! Not only did I get to go for a 6 mile run this morning, but I also got to snarf some grass on my way back 🙂 And then there was food to eat, naps to take, pets to enjoy, and Ropey to chew on. Ahhhhhh