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first cycling race

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

This Sunday Mike and I headed to Piru, a bit north of the LA area, for our first cycling race: a 20k Time Trial. I needed to do another FTP test, so this seemed like a good way to do it.

Dark and early we packed up the bikes and headed out, only forgetting the trainer, which made it hard to warm up (plus we only have one!). We found the site pretty easily, and soon learned that the basically flat route we for some reason thought we’d find wasn’t so flat. It is a regularly used course, and experienced riders were talking about the steady climb section on the way back, and the rollers both ways. We had heard though that it would be not a question of if there was wind, but which direction it would be going.

We got registered, and learned to pin on our numbers for this sport (on your side, sideways, with the bottom of the numbers toward your belly, and using a pin at each corner, the leading and back edge, and on the top). We also learned how hard it is to pin a number on a trisuit that leaves little to the imagination 😉 But I do like my new outfit! Super comfy.

I was to start at 9:18, and Mike at 9:18:30. We waited around the start once things were moving, and soon I was up. The guy at the line held my seat, and they told me to hold my breaks and clip in. Then they gave me a warning to start putting pressure on the pedals, and to release my breaks, and I was off! Ok make it hurt time.

So I did. I pedaled hard. It hurt. I pedaled some more. I wanted to keep that pain in my legs and that pressure on the pedals. I stayed aero the whole time. And I flew. When I looked at my PT data later I found that for the out part of the 20k I averaged 24.7 mph, and 152 watts. And the 6.13 miles took me 14:52 (I missed the first bit since the PT had fallen asleep). And Mike (who passed me about 2 miles in) was only about half a mile ahead – results of my ability to realize the downhill/wind and push a bit harder than he does in those cases.

That was the tailwind and net downhill direction. After the turnaround it no longer seemed like my work was paying off quite as much. And it was definitely a bit climbier, to where I did sit up once or twice, and I did use my easiest gear in the back (but never needed the small ring in the front). So I just kept focusing on how close I was to the finish. Heck the whole bike race was shorter than my run race the previous weekend… how bad could it be? 😉 A turn, and the end was in sight. Pleased and with sore legs I pushed through the line, and then was onto the brakes and done.

As a testament to the course and the wind, for the second half I only averaged 16.7 mph although I averaged 167 watts. And those 6.24 miles took me 22:23. All said and done, my official time was 37:40something I think. 1st place in the women’s public division. From the PT: 12.38 miles, 161 watts avg (166 norm), 19.9mph, and 37:17.

It was a nice, small, family feeling race. I hope to go back and do more of their 20ks and maybe 40ks once they start up later this year.

so many watts I broke my bike

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Yesterday’s schedule called for a 15mi time trial test on the tri bike. I knew of a loop that I thought would be great for it, and that I pass on the way to work, so I headed out there. It’s a 4 mi loop that is basically flat and has a single stop sign I have to really pay attention to, plus 2 that are a T intersection. So by going the right way you can really sit at a consistent number and “git ‘er done”.

It was my first time trying to hold a set and hard power number for that long. It was tough! But finally I got to the part with instructions “for the last mile try to tear the cranks off the bike” and I begged and pleaded with my legs — “Just one more mile, and then I promise I’ll back off, and shift, and you can have a nice easy spinny loop before we head off to work” and they did it, just for me!

I cruised for a bit, and started downshifting. KAPABLAM! The rear shifter exploded in my hand. Well, it hadn’t felt like it was shifting well during the test, so I was mostly just thankful it waited til after my 15 miles to poop out on me. But it did mean that I couldn’t shift, and of course with the lack of tension on the cable the rear derailleur moved to “hardest to pedal” gear. And then the front was like well, no, I don’t want to make your life easy, so if you shift to the little ring I’m going to not catch.

So after all the promises I made to the legs, and how they held up their end of the bargin, I didn’t get to give them the nice easy spinny part they love. And instead had to have a very low cadence and make it back to the car that way.

But at least I suffered for the prescribed 15 miles first. And legs, I know I don’t always keep my promises, but I was trying — really! I’ll make it up to you. How about a swim this evening?

my butt

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

So far today has been all about my butt. It started with the stupidheads in the car yelling at me about it when I was riding. But I completely ignored them and didn’t even glance their direction, so they didn’t get to see that I even could hear.

Then I kept riding, and man it was a bit tight and sore. And then I stopped riding and drove to work. Walking to my office I could again tell it was tight and sore. So yes, my glutes needs some love and I will be trying to get an appointment with Brianne, massage therapist extraordinaire, to help with that.

But they are how they are ’cause it has been a good week. Wednesday had an 11 mile run at sub-8:54 pace! Coach Marky has me running a bit shorter than I am used to right now, but doing more fast stuff and bringing that in, and it is fun! Painful, but fun 🙂

I also had some nice rides Sunday and Tuesday on the R3 and on the PX this morning. Sunday felt great — I did a regular 30 mile loop with a good bit of climbing, and was over 5 minutes faster than other times! I really worked myself on parts of it. I <3 Marky’s 5on/3off intervals.

On Tuesday and Thursday I could still feel that ride and the Wednesday run. I was moving alright this morning, but sooo windy. And I felt like I just didn’t have power really either day during the week. I had some on Tuesday, but especially today my legs just weren’t there. Since I’ve felt exhausted this week, it means I am sleeping in a bit on Saturday since my guess is I’m just worn out right now.

My butt is now on my office balance ball, so time to write the code that will take over the world!

Redlands Tri Race Report

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

In February 2004 I did my first triathlon: a reverse order sprint (5k run, 10ish bike, 100yd swim). I was so proud to finish it in ~1:16.I did the same race, although on a new and similar course, again in 2007. A couple years of training under my belt and I pulled off a 1:03:06, winning my age group in the rain. And it was my first race with Mike, and he won it overall! Today it was that same race again, and so we went back for our first tri of this year.

Although my R3 and I have been having fun bonding, it is a fairly flat course and so my PX and my aero helmet got packet up. We had much better weather this year, although there was a bit of a chill at the start. The race wasn’t quite as well organized this year: our mail in registration didn’t actually get processed. So they just had us fill out the day of form and race that way. And only one part of the course was different this year, which was that they had the start line set up in the chute that led in and out of transition. Mike was a bit concerned about the sharp right turn less than 100 yards from the start, but then it turned out to be even a bit more of a mess — it was really just a lining up point before they walked us out to the actual start just past that turn. Where by walk I mean someone said hey go out to the road, and the pack kinda took off. Luckily they somehow stopped it at the planned start. But it was really odd.

But it was time, and we were off. In the first half mile I could already feel my legs were a bit heavy, and I just didn’t feel I had the same strength on the run. I’m sure it is still some recovering from the 50k still, as well as from the 10 days of being really sick after it. But I didn’t feel bad — just like I was having to work harder for the same results. So I kept trying to push it. Then Cheri (also an Inland Inferno Club member) came up. I’ve always admired her strength in tris and enthusiasm for the kids she brings into tris, so I felt honored to be running by her, and decided to try to stay with her as long as I could. And somehow I managed to stay with her through the run, even pulling away a bit at the end. So that was pretty cool.

I had a quick transition: not much to do but drop the Garmin and visor, pull on the helmet and get my sunglasses on with it, and then pull on the shoes, grab my bike, and go. To the mount line, quickly on, and I was off. It’s a gradual climb for the first two and a half miles, and they kinda hurt. Nearing the top of the climb I almost backed off a bit. But then I thought “Marky will be proud of me that it hurts” so I went harder. Thanks Marky… I put up with more burning in my legs each climb than I would usually think I could.

And the downhill — that was pretty fast and fun since it doesn’t look really really downhill! I felt like I was flying, and effortlessly. At the really sharp uturn at the bottom I watched a guy completely crash and flip, but not in a painful looking way, and with tons of race support right there, so I kept moving. Gotta be careful when it’s that sharp… I felt really connected with my bike and like I took most of the turns at a good clip – I think that’s where I improved over last year. I pounded back up the hill again (not very fast, but pretty smooth and strong). More burning and thoughts of Marky… and then as I came near the top a coworker of mine (an expert mtn biker new to tris, and in my age group) came by. It was a draft legal race, so I grabbed on. But then on the final very rough stretch of climb (woo potholes!) all of a sudden I heard a noise and something flew off my bike. Oh crap — my PowerTap computer! the base of the mount was still connected, but the craddle had popped off the base! I went so hard I exploded my PT 😉 I sat up, losing Lisa’s wheel, and then said screw it and just kept going, remembering where I was so I could go back later and get the computer, which was almost completely off the left side of the road. Having dropped her wheel, I did my best to chase, but I didn’t catch all the way back up. I saw her just ahead going into T2, and so I knew it was time for a fast transition and to bust my butt to the pool since I had the edge for swimming and running.

As I pulled off my socks, I saw her run out of TA out of the corner of my eye. So I went, pulling my goggles on messily while I ran (as Mike yelled for me to do so, and I might have said “I know!” in true Kylie style). I passed her as we got to the pool, jumped in, and again listened to Marky telling me to pull hard, and keep my head down as I took a breath. So I did — push off the wall and grab the water — it will only hurt for a second! I thought that way too many times during this race. I guess that’s what makes it a sprint!

As I hit the end of the pool the finish line guy told me to hurry and I’d break an hour — I saw the 59:30 on the clock, and went for it, and made it! Final time ended up being 58:40ish (I guess the finish clock was a bit off). Good enough for 3rd in my AG since a couple fast girls showed up this year. But over 4 minute PR, and ~18 min since my first tri. So yeah, the hard work is helping. And I do like the fast stuff!

Then we biked an extra loop of the just over 4 mile course and picked up my PT. After hanging out for our awards, we grabbed lunch, and I kicked Mike out of the car to ride home as I headed to school to get some homework done. But I ran into a classmate and realized it was due much later than the tomorrow I had thought, so instead we had tea and chatted.

But I still beat Mike home. Although he did win overall again! It was a closer race for him this time though, so I think it was more satisfying. He had people right there on the bike, and they really worked each other taking turns pulling and trying to get away and all that good stuff allowed in a draft legal race 🙂 It was a fun day.

Here is me getting my award:

And here is my super speedy wonderful boyfriend getting his:

Sick sucks

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

So I’ve just about kicked the sickness that took over my life after Calico. I made it to the pool yesterday and then a really easy 15mi ride (although windy) this morning. I did really miss my bike in the time leading up to Calico. I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! But… you are going to have a new sibling to share me with. I know, it’s tough… but you will get used to it, and it will be a good addition to the family.

Eye candy for the post: Me on the Pasadena Tri Club resolution ride Jan 12th. Nice and hilly, and got to meet some fun folks!

still movin’

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

I’m alive, I just haven’t posted lately. I was thinking about it as I drove to work today, and I average ~9 hours of work a day, 2 of driving, ~2-3 of working out and showering after all the workouts, ~6-7 of sleeping (gotta get better there), and about 2 of sitting on the couch (working, interneting, eating, chatting with friends online/phone, etc.). And then I realized I have no idea what I do with the other 1-3. Really… I have no idea. That’s really all I have done lately. And yes, I’m very happy 🙂 I’m lucky that a run or a bike counts as “time together” even if I only see Mike at the start and finish.

Actually, I’m very very happy with how things are right now. I have better self-image than in a long time. I have a wonderful boy, and I feel very loved. I think if all goes well I have a good chance at PRs in my B (Vineman 70.3) and A (IM KY) races this year. I’m enjoying all the training. I’m not feeling stressed. I am in the middle of figuring out details on applying for a Masters in GIS program that I’m interested in. I do miss some people I used to see more of, or talk to more, but we still talk some and we are not losing touch (and it’s not just my life that has caused the change).

(oh, and I had a wonderful birthday — the wonderful boy gave me something shiny and important and that I’ve been dreaming of… dura ace brakes for the PX! wooo!)

And now the stats part for a few “fun” workouts:

  • last 2 long bike rides: 117mi @ 16.7mph, 103 mi @ 17.9mph
  • last 2 long runs: 20.1 mi @ 10:06/mi (in the heat of day on the 4th), 20.2 @ 9:18/mi (this am!)
  • Swam a 1:35/100yds (pulling) last night! Super fast for me, and it felt pretty relaxed and easy!
  • Ran over 8mi at a 8:49 pace!

And since I mentioned it, why do I think I can PR? Well, for IM KY I just feel stronger than ever, I’m running and biking faster, and swimming faster and easier. I’d never really done 100+ mile training rides, and since May of this year I’ve done 7, and 6 were over 112 (and one over 120!). I’d never been this smart and consistent with running — I’ve got a number of smartly built up to 16, 18, and 20 milers under my belt. So here’s hoping for a sub-13:49 (for a PR) and hopefully it will be a good amt sub that!

For Vineman it’s mostly because all the IM mileage, and another little factor: I’ve only ever done one half IM! And I was definitely in different shape then, as it was my 4th tri ever. My half PR? 7:18. Yes, you are reading right. More than half of my IM PR time 😉

Yup, life is good. And my lunch today is packed in a bag I often use for all my swimgear. ‘Cause I was hungry. And I’m eating pita chips and humus and it’s good, too!

a typical weekend with a bit of speed

Monday, May 21st, 2007

The short version: This weekend I biked a lot (and was speedyfast!) and ate yummy food. Mike is cute.

The longer version:

Saturday was just under 56 miles on the bike going out through Rancho on Baseline (after a morning 3ish mile run and PANCAKES! mmm school fundraiser breakfasts!). It felt pretty good, and I thought I would neg split the ride on the way back, but then turned and found out how WINDY it was. Heh… no wonder it had felt so good. Made it home though.

Sunday was long ride day, as usual. It was another out and back by time. Mike and I picked 3:20 as the out time, but then he ended up going shorter to get back and get more work done. So instead of chasing him and then being chased I just got to chase and see him at one point as he passed going the other way. Anyways… last time we did that same out and back it was to 3:10. Well I passed the turnaround from that ride in under 3:05! So I knew I was riding strong despite the headwind on the way out. Then I realized… if I pushed it, I was going to make it to 56 in the 3:20! That’s about the fastest I’ve done a 56 mile ride, and it would mean 112 miles for the day! Yes, an IM length ride. And if the times stayed right, at a very good (30+ min) PR!! And yes, I did it =) Cut off even more time on the way home, and set a new 56 mile PR during that I believe, as well as one for the 112. I ended up being at 112.77 miles in 6:37:39! That’s just over a 17mph pace, which is something I rarely hit, and it was for my second longest bike ride EVER!

Getting off the bike I still felt awesome. Not marathon-ready awesome (my calories per hour need to be higher for that during the ride) but pretty awesome. And then enjoyed yummy Macaroni Grill favorites with Mike 🙂 And then Swedish Fish. Man those little fish are so tasty. Oh and Mike called me speedyfast 🙂 And it was a good weekend.

I’m making a few changes to my training schedule — namely trying to make sure key workouts are on rested legs. I think it’s really really helping. My long run this week was 16 miles and the same exact route as last week (which was on fairly drained legs). Last week? 9:27 pace. This week? 9:06 pace. Which was probably a bit too hard, but I noticed I was going to go under 2 hours for the half marathon, which I’ve never done, so I had to push it a bit to hit that time 😉

The other change I’m making is a 30 minute massage every other week. Mike has a new massage therapist who is the BEST EVER and I think it’s helping my legs. Plus it has that hurts so good feeling.

story of a ride in 1016 words

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Yes… the scale is right. 88 miles and 13,260 ft of climbing. ‘Nuf said. Shower time.

my forth time…

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

PossAbilities Triathlon was this weekend. I felt strong going in, and the day played out well. Just a short report on this one as I’ve been working on my blogging motivation lately (don’t worry, tri motivation is there and strong). Oh, and this was my 4th time at this race (although the course has changed a few times). It was my second tri ever in 2004 and I’ve done it every year 🙂

Fun parts of the tri this weekend (local reverse order sprint – 5k run, 10 mi bike, 150 yd swim):

  • hosting a pro lady (Kim Hager) who was going to speak to our tri club after the race. She was very sweet and I am lucky to have gotten to host her. I’d highly recommend her if you need a coach 🙂
  • racing at the race where I met Mike last year! Wow time flies 🙂
  • A 5k PR! 17:51, compared to my last 24:11!! Ok I’m not going to count it as a PR… the course turned out to be only 2.3 miles 😉 Still the PR was at a 7:41 pace, and this was at a 7:44. So that is good.
  • Improving my bike time (on the same exact course last year) by almost a minute and a half (over 10.8 mi). Last year: 36:25. This year: 34:02. That’s 19 mph!!! And it does have some climbing in it (about 640 ft)
  • Finishing in under and hour! 58:28 official time
  • 3/27 W25-29, 14/113 women, and 91/383 overall! In that overall and womens there is also Kate Major and Julie Swail! Having a local sprint with a big purse means getting to race in a small group with some big names.

I had flying transitions and a lot of fun. The bike was a bit crazy (like last year) since the loops with all the newbies and uturns and pros get a bit… well, crazy.

Mike did awesome (of course): 46:46! 1st M35-39, 3rd male age grouper, 10th male overall, and 12th overall! Kate Major only beat him by a little bit… she was on his feet for the swim but knew you could turn and exit the pool at the start of the stairs, while he swam to the end of them.

Amanda (another PX teammate, a pro) got 3rd women overall! So the PX jersey was on the podium 3 times 🙂

some pics

Monday, April 16th, 2007

This one is from last weekend when I PR’ed my 5k (at this racewith GPS):

Ok I just realized I never posted here about that race! See the next post for info 🙂

And one from the 22 mile ride at the ST gals weekend (at mile 10 of this ride, about 5 miles into a LOOONG climb):