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guess it is time to move

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

With the rides I do all the time, I love that my Trifuel training log lets me compare my times over each course. I often have goal times for “someday”. Recently, my 20.5 mile mostly flat ride had a goal of 1:10, and my rolly 30.5 mile route had a goal of 2:00.

Well Saturday I climbed on my R3 and headed out on the 20.5 mile course. Nothing too exciting at first, but I was feeling pretty good so starting going a bit harder. I returned home in 1:09:29. That’s 4:22 faster than ever before, and 8:15 faster than my average. Wooo! I’ll take it.

Today I went out on my 30.5 mile route, feeling a bit stiff. My legs were not warming up too well, and seeing my power numbers in the first interval put me in a “get it done” frame of mind (not a “grab that PR” one). But I figured I’d still sticking to my coach’s prescribed 5 min on, 3 min off intervals. At the turn around, I though I might be a couple minutes ahead of whenever I’ve done it before, but I wrote it off to remembering the time wrong, and just kept doing. About 7 miles from the end I could tell another PR was coming, and it was good motivation to hold where I was through the set after the intervals were done. Got home… in 1:53:13!! Yup, a good 7:58 faster than ever before, and 11:16 faster than my average!

I’m pleased, and gave the legs healthy food and the rest of the day off. Time to move and find new routes to set goals for… or to just up those. Did I hear 1:05 and 1:50? 🙂

my butt

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

So far today has been all about my butt. It started with the stupidheads in the car yelling at me about it when I was riding. But I completely ignored them and didn’t even glance their direction, so they didn’t get to see that I even could hear.

Then I kept riding, and man it was a bit tight and sore. And then I stopped riding and drove to work. Walking to my office I could again tell it was tight and sore. So yes, my glutes needs some love and I will be trying to get an appointment with Brianne, massage therapist extraordinaire, to help with that.

But they are how they are ’cause it has been a good week. Wednesday had an 11 mile run at sub-8:54 pace! Coach Marky has me running a bit shorter than I am used to right now, but doing more fast stuff and bringing that in, and it is fun! Painful, but fun 🙂

I also had some nice rides Sunday and Tuesday on the R3 and on the PX this morning. Sunday felt great — I did a regular 30 mile loop with a good bit of climbing, and was over 5 minutes faster than other times! I really worked myself on parts of it. I <3 Marky’s 5on/3off intervals.

On Tuesday and Thursday I could still feel that ride and the Wednesday run. I was moving alright this morning, but sooo windy. And I felt like I just didn’t have power really either day during the week. I had some on Tuesday, but especially today my legs just weren’t there. Since I’ve felt exhausted this week, it means I am sleeping in a bit on Saturday since my guess is I’m just worn out right now.

My butt is now on my office balance ball, so time to write the code that will take over the world!

Best Weekend EVER

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

I spent Tuesday through Thursday in San Diego with Cervelo getting to test ride their bikes and see their wind tunnel testing and engineering presentations.

Then Mike and I went for an early morning mtn bike ride Saturday. We ended up ditching the bikes in a bush and hiking up to a favorite waterfall (yeah, in bike shoes). And I left wearing….

!!!!! Yup, he proposed You know you have found the right one when the proposal comes during a ride in almost-rain, early morning light, with helmet hair, and on a fun unplanned side trail

More pics

Shh — the new one is sleeeeping

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

All put together now! Here are the pics:

It had a safe and easy trip.

Almost ready to get unveiled…

Then I got my first sight of it!

And isn’t it beautiful??

Then it met it siblings

And then cuddled in with its twin for the night

The new one is here!

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

The new one has arrived — delivered at 9:46 this morning. Mike brought it home at lunch. And got it all set up for me to unpack: PowerTap mount and camera right on top 😉 there has been anticipation, and nerves, and last night Mike and I reorganized the twins’ rooms to make room for this one. But it is here! I now have a road bike! And now to unpack 🙂