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and 13 months later…

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

I have some things to write about, and so I came back here. And saw it has (yet again) been neglected. It happens when things are going well, and I don’t need to think things out in typing. Although this is often a place I’ve shared excitement, too. And there has been excitement. About a week after the last post, my life began to change. About another week later, I knew it was going to change. And there was definitely excitement about becoming a mommy!

And now, more than a year later, I’m such a proud mommy. And Mike is such a wonderful dad. And Gracie and Annie are the best big puppy sisters. Pregnancy? Wonderful. Labor? Intense. Her birth? Amazing. Having her in my life each day, and seeing her learn and grown? Best thing ever. Seriously. There are of course tough and easy days, but Mackenzie Joy is truely a huge joy in our lives. No words can really explain how much I love her.

Here I am with my little girl as she was a day old:

I do hope to put down more preggo/birth stuff, so perhaps later.

A whole other endurance event

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

I recently was honored to be invited to the wedding of a lady I run with and am proud to call a friend, and the man who will be her partner for life that I hope to get to know better. It was a lovely ceremony, but a few things in particular stand out to me. The look on his face as he watched the wedding party entering. Seeing and loving but really looking beyond, wanting the glimpse of that beautiful lady that agreed to be with him forever. Unconditionally devoting herself to him.

Some great quotes during the ceremony as well. In particular, as Allie’s pastor introduced Dale’s pastor, and said “I won” since he got to do the vows. And lovingly mocked the long wait for the right person — but that it was completely right. Oh and reminded Allie to let him sometimes keep up on runs πŸ™‚

Also memorable for me was the father-daughter dance. Not their faces, although they were pure love. But how their silhoutte danced across the projected pictures of Allie’s childhood projected on the side of the church.

I left feeling full of love, thankful I was invited to be part of such a wonderful beginning of their new life together, and committing to make the most of the partnership I happily celebrated almost 3 years ago this weekend. Allie and Dale, thanks for sharing your day, and wishing you all the best through all the good and challenging times to come!

Nanny Goat split times

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

This will mostly be for me, butΒ  belowΒ are my split times from the Nanny Goat 100 Mile race. I put them here since I’m not sure how long the online list of them will remain.

time of day/mile time (lap pace)

  1. 8:14:36
  2. 8:24:06/9:30
  3. 8:34:03/9:57
  4. 8:43:46/9:43
  5. 8:54:06/10:20
  6. 9:04:10/10:04
  7. 9:14:11/10:01
  8. 9:24:26/10:15
  9. 9:35:20/10:54
  10. 9:45:02/9:42
  11. 9:54:45/9:43
  12. 10:04:27/9:42
  13. 10:14:08/9:41
  14. 10:24:33/10:25
  15. 10:34:36/10:03
  16. 10:45:12/10:36
  17. 10:57:47/12:35
  18. 11:09:58/12:11
  19. 11:20:11/10:13
  20. 11:31:44/11:33
  21. 11:42:37/10:53
  22. 11:53:11/10:34
  23. 12:05:17/12:06
  24. 12:16:20/11:03
  25. 12:30:48/14:28
  26. 12:43:04/12:16
  27. 12:57:17/14:13
  28. 13:11:02/13:45
  29. 13:22:12/11:10
  30. 13:36:19/14:07
  31. 13:55:02/18:43
  32. 14:05:42/10:40
  33. 14:19:17/13:35
  34. 14:32:44/13:27
  35. 14:45:30/12:46
  36. 15:03:38/18:08
  37. 15:20:07/16:29
  38. 15:31:42/11:35
  39. 15:47:14/15:32
  40. 16:02:03/14:49
  41. 16:14:30/12:27
  42. 16:27:04/12:34
  43. 16:39:32/12:28
  44. 16:54:15/14:43
  45. 17:09:03/14:48
  46. 17:22:36/13:33
  47. 17:36:39/14:03
  48. 17:52:40/16:01
  49. 18:03:22/10:42
  50. 18:12:04/8:42
  51. 19:05:52/53:48
  52. 19:17:26/11:34
  53. 19:30:01/12:35
  54. 19:41:04/11:03
  55. 19:53:53/12:49
  56. 20:22:00/28:07
  57. 20:51:10/29:10
  58. 21:04:33/13:23
  59. 21:15:41/11:08
  60. 21:25:38/9:57
  61. 21:46:22/20:44
  62. 22:00:17/13:55
  63. 22:11:24/11:07
  64. 22:27:56/16:32
  65. 23:33:49/1:05:53
  66. 23:47:05/13:16
  67. 23:58:21/11:16
  68. 0:11:34/13:13
  69. 0:22:32/10:58
  70. 0:35:19/12:47
  71. 0:50:01/14:42
  72. 1:04:45/14:44
  73. 1:17:09/12:24
  74. 1:34:22/17:13
  75. 1:47:23/13:01
  76. 2:00:21/12:58
  77. 2:14:45/14:24
  78. 2:42:01/27:16
  79. 3:02:31/20:30
  80. 3:40:48/38:17
  81. 3:55:31/14:43
  82. 4:07:55/12:24
  83. 4:20:52/12:57
  84. 4:36:39/15:47
  85. 4:50:35/13:56
  86. 5:11:21/20:46
  87. 5:33:58/22:37
  88. 5:47:12/13:14
  89. 6:00:40/13:28
  90. 6:14:10/13:30
  91. 6:28:23/14:13
  92. 6:52:37/24:14
  93. 7:07:00/14:23
  94. 7:21:14/14:14
  95. 7:33:10/11:56
  96. 7:48:17/15:07
  97. 8:02:45/14:28
  98. 8:16:31/13:46
  99. 8:31:04/14:33
  100. 8:46:20/15:16

not for a lack of trying

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Having not felt great all week, I wasn’t sure about the Saturday run. But it had been too long since I ran with the group, and I missed the friendly faces! So I sucked it up, woke up, and got ready. It was a bit damp looking, so I layered a pink long-sleeved top under my lime green Croom Fools Run shirt. I promise I won’t wear it every run forever… and yes, it has some pink in the design so I did match. Although, as Mike asked when I was getting ready, “Why are there two lights on?” referring to both the bedroom light and my beautiful green/pink glow πŸ™‚ Two little girl dogs hadn’t had a run in a while, so I grabbed two leashes and put some excited puppies into the car with me, and we were off.

Oddly, the farther east I got during my just-under-2-mile drive, the wetter it got. There were actual raindrops by the time I reached Panera. But it was still good to be out, and it was a huge group today! Some who just returned from Boston, some prepping for the OC marathon next week, and some who didn’t realize it was wet and were ready for a cold run. Luckily the weather only got nicer! Unfortunately, my lungs were still not all there, so I was smart and called it a day at about 3 miles. The girls and I walked a bit under 2 miles back, and then I took them home. But I wasn’t about to skip on the fun part, so I grabbed my Croom mug and headed back to Panera for some chatter. I really do love Saturday mornings!

Croom Fools Run 50 Miler

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

coming through the start/finish after the 5mi loop - with Jen (pink shirt), Micah (yellow and green), as well as Tracy and Larry (not really visible)

At the start, and ready to go, and then we were off! We’d begin with a short jaunt down the road to a fire road and then onto some single track trails for a 5 mile loop. Part way through this loop I found myself with a group running comfortably, and 4 of the 5 of us were first time 50 milers. So we chatted and just hung together. Starting in the dark, and often running single file, the game of running with and talking to people for hours, without having seen their faces, was on.

As I went through my awesome husband pit crew was ready with nuun and Okole Stuff! And Charles had showed up for support. Lubed and bottle filled, my new found friends and I were on our way, back in our train. Now it was the first of three trips around a 15 mile loop. Use to much more defined trails, the terrain was a bit more open, and I had to pay a bit more attention to make sure I was really on a trail, and the right trail. But the orange markings of the trail system, and the tons of pink ribbons near turns, made it pretty straight forward. During this loop I got to see the course and aid stations and layout for the first time, and definitely agreed with what Andrea had told be about the second part of the loop being hillier. But there were some nice cool sections I thought would feel great on the later loops. It was also awesome to find Andrea helping at aid station #2! It really made the course feel friendly knowing there would be friendly faces so often on the loop.

coming in at 20mi

About 15-18 miles into the race, our train broke apart a bit, and I met some new friends (like Sara) and just went with how I was feeling. And I was feeling pretty good. I came back through and my crew was still there. And then I saw it… pineapple… a snacksize little tube of juicy pineapple, sitting on the cooler. And I had to have it. Thank you Charles that was some of the best pineapple I have ever tasted! I thought about it for miles. And also while there, more nuun.

pineapple and more Okole Stuff @ 20 miles

Since it had definitely started getting warm, I also stripped off my vest and shirt, just going with a hand bottle. The aid stations were close enough together that I didn’t feel the need to carry more. And the couple gels in my handbottle would be fine. I also tied my buff to the handle so that I could still wipe my face. I had decided to lose the layers around when the train broke apart, and since I almost never run in a sports bra I was glad Willem had mentioned that might be a good approach (when I ran into him at Running Center before the trip). It had me mentally prepared to just go with it, and I was glad I had.

at about 27.5 miles

A couple miles down the trail I realized I had forgotten to do the sunscreen part of my pit crew plan. And figured I would see Andrea at AS#2 again and ask her. And I did see her, and luckily she asked me if I needed sunscreen because my brain, although it regularly reminded me on the trail, didn’t while I was there. She took the 27.5-ish mile picture… but I have no idea what I was saying or doing!

ice chest

The next section was tough. Not only was it getting really warm, but I was alone, and my guts were hurting. This might be a bit TMI, but what would a race report be without it? I started to get that horrible feeling of a bladder infection. Having only had one other (during Vineman’s run, of course) I wasn’t positive yet, but had a bad feeling about it. I am not sure if there is something I do with some of the hotter longer races that increases the pain or speeds those up (with both races I felt a bit off before hand, but not nearly as bad as I did during either race. I was relieved to come up that final rooty section that brought me to my crew, and finishing mile 35.

For this loop through the start/finish area, I mostly remember the grape gatorade. It was awesome. I took a bit more time getting in some extra fluid this time, and feeling the heat, I made good use of having packed baggies and made my own personal “ice chest.” And needing to walk for a minute, Mike joined me. And then was sent back for Okole Stuff since I needed a bit more. He is awesome – and I loved not having to worry about him catching up with it. I chatted with him a bit, loving the company but also knowing I needed to really get moving again as best as I could, so soon said goodbye and looked forward to Andrea at AS#2.

getting to AS#2 with Andrea

little red room

But before I got that far I had great support from Mark at AS#1 (and it turned out he is Sara’s husband). The Boston Red Sox shirt made me smile, and feeling fairly bad at this point he did a great job of just making sure I was ok and helping me just keep moving. And I knew soon I would see Andrea, and I just focused on that. Well, when I wasn’t being mad at myself. It was really tough to have my legs and lungs feel awesome, have the loop actually feel a bit cooler than the previous loop, and still just not be able to run due to the lower gut pain. I got passed by a couple people during this, and I just wanted to run, and my legs wanted to run. Soooo mentally tough — I was getting so frustrated. But soon I saw Andrea! She came toward me down the trail, and with that grape gatorade in hand! I didn’t need/want the liquid, but was so happy for the company, and the chatter to help keep me off my grumpiness was very welcome. Soon we made it to AS#2 and a little red room I was happy to visit while my bottles got filled. And as a bonus surprise, Mike and Charles and Armando were there! And soon (ok or not so soon, but eventually) they sent Andrea on for the final stretch. 7ish miles to go!

heading out again with Andrea

And we were off again! 3 miles to the next aid station, thinking in little chunks. Some running here, but not a ton. And then Mark from AS#1 appeared at AS#3 and it kinda blew my mind. So I just kept on going, and Andrea chatted a second while filling bottles and then catching up to me. And we got into a good rhythm of running downhills and some parts of flats, and hiking up the uphills. And of course every now and then just stopping and groaning. Andrea was awesome to put up with me for the bad parts, and encouraging me and telling me stories. I’m lucky to have such awesome friends who were there to get me through this experience.

almost at the finish cones

And then… finally… it was the rooty section. And that meant close to the end. And the camera guy on the uphill that made me have to run some. Tasting the finish line, my brain started working a bit, and I remembered Mike’s favorite picture of me from the Calico race: downhill with a crazy face and “I love you” gang-sign hands. So I turned around, had him get a shot like that (which I don’t have yet, so can’t put here), and then continued on my way to run it the rest of the way in.

And then I was done! I had been thinking about a towel on the ground for a number of miles, and I got it! And no, I didn’t notice that there was poison ivy right next to my arm. And no, when I was told what it was I still didn’t care. And then I stole Mike’s run shorts and it was time for food. Shortly I found myself chatting and holding a hug bag of chips. They were awesome.


and done!

post-race toes










And here are some bonus pictures from the day:

running at some point

into AS#2 for the last time

Sasha-pup (Andy's) gave me kisses at the end. She reminded me of my Annie πŸ™‚

part of the trail -- the area had tons of scrawny but tall trees, and almost open space around the trail

Trifuelers and RD Andy post-race (Andrea, Andy, Mike, Kylie, Charles)

Long weekend, longer bike rides

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Well it was a long weekend, so Mike and I decided to take advantage of it and get in some longer rides. We are prepping for Ironman Canada at the end of August, but life has been hectic for this one and we are definitely not feeling as ready as we have for other Ironman races. For starters, we bought a house in March, and opened a business last year! Then we raced TTT in Ohio (4 races, 3 days — sprint, 2 olys, and a half) and had some family gatherings while out there. So nothing I would change, but just giving some background to how we are feeling a bit behind this year, and that brings me to this weekend…

Living in Southern CA we have tons of great cycling routes we love, and so this weekend I did 3 of the ones that challenge me. Turns out, we had much cooler weather than we’ve been having lately and it was pretty much perfect for cycling.

I started off Saturday with an 82 mile loop that takes me over some rolling hills, around a lake, and more rolling hills to home. But the best laid plans… at mile 3, the road was closed. It is a small back road, and we later learned it was a fatal crash much earlier in the morning. So we got to extend our route up and over one of the ridges in town, adding 7 miles and all climbing/descending/rolling — nothing flat. But what makes me climb will make me stronger, so I just went with it. Besides, it added one of my very favorite stretches of road to the loop πŸ™‚ However, on the way home, the road was still closed (Mike had already reached that point) so I took a new road home. Wow it was steeper than I expected! Miles 75-79 were tough, but not in a way I felt was too much. And I made it over, and a couple smaller climbs later I was home: 91.5 miles (see the route map here).

Got up Sunday and headed to our tri club ride. Mike and I had let the group know that we planned to ride the Oak Glenn loop — which is a bit over 40 miles and goes from 1000 to 4900 feet, and then I was going to add on another 40. The main part of the climb is a stretch about 7 miles long from 2500ft to 4900. I just took it easy — well, as easy as my gears would let me — knowing it was going to be a long day. At the usual “5 miles from home” point (right after that favorite stretch of road again) I headed out for more, telling my self that it was just a little 18 mile out and back, nothing to it. Well, it was 14 miles of slight and not-so-slight uphill, followed by 4 miles of down… and then back up and I couldn’t wait for that down. Unfortunately, the wind was not on my side, and even the fun down parts were times to pedal. I was glad it was such a solid ride: I didn’t fight the wind, but just worked the effort I wanted and just got home slower πŸ™‚ The route was similar to the route map available here. Mike and the dogs were already at his office, so I put on running shoes and ran just over 2 miles to meet them. Why not?

Monday was going to be tough no matter what with all the miles in my legs, so I saved the vertically easiest, but sometimes windier, ride for that day. One main series of climbs, and the rest was as close to flat as our rides get, adding another 85.5 miles. It was still a tough day though, but I made it! And I guess I got wind karma on Sunday: for once the wind helped me home. And I thanked it!

So 3 days, 257.5 miles on the bike. Not a bad weekend!

Oh and for those of you waiting, I do have TTT and also Tinman Sprint race reports to post. I’ll do it, I promise!

Triple T 2010

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Ahh yes, the famed Triple T: 4 races, 3 days, 2 teammates, 1 crazy experience (and yes, for this race, very appropriate to start with a Finish Line picture as we just seemed to keep seeing it!). Plenty of hills and unique challenges. Back in May 2010 Mike and I traveled to Ohio (me via New York and my sister’s graduation) and left through Canada, passing through his family’s area.

Day 1: registration and a sprint tri — over in under 30 minutes

Day 2: morning olympic, afternoon olympic where not only did only the slower teammates time count, but drafting was allowed in teams, and it was bike swim run! Yes, putting on your wetsuit was part of the race.

Day 3: half iron — again with your teammate as only the slower time counted and drafting was allowed. Looking back, I’m not sure drafting mattered, as I think all of it was up or down.

And we extended Day 3 by driving a million hours to Canada. But it was a great trip! Here are some race highlights:

Day 1: Sprint

  • I found the perfect spot to stop and take off my wetsuit. It was just a long run to transition since the suit is so hard to get off once it is emptied of water! However, although a short swim and fairly warm water, it was worth wearing the suit.
  • Boy was that lawn muddy.

Day 2: Morning Olympic

  • Crazy wind/rain/hurricane weather kept us up a bit, and made for some course changes. So we did the afternoon oly course twice, instead of two different routes.
  • The water went from pretty warm, and wetsuit not so necessary, to OMG Cold! It also rose a couple feet.
  • I felt really pukey for a bit, but never got to get it out of my guts.
  • Bike had some decent hills, as did the run. We’d get to know the run course well, using it not only in the afternoon race but twice during the half the next day.
  • The dumb part? The transition was closed for an hour between the morning and afternoon races… so you had to haul everything back up a hill to the hotel and then back down again.
  • Finish, sit in the river, and then go try to eat and rest because before you know it, it is time to do it all again.

Day 2: Afternoon Olympic

  • Bike, Swim, Run! Time trial format start.
  • Race numbers were based off your best half-iron time ever… so Mike’s 4:12 had him #11, while I was #280… a full 269 numbers apart. This became fun since teams started together, at the highest ranking person’s spot. So I was the lead woman for a bit πŸ˜‰
  • I stared at Mike’s butt for the bike ride. Made me glad I’d already seen the course in the AM.
  • I descend well… I passed a lot of people here, and they were a blast. However, plenty of people passed me back on the climbing part.
  • I did get on my wetsuit fairly well! And it was awesome having Mike around to help strip it off me! A spectator was heard to say “Now that’s teamwork… someone should get this on tape” as we executed our well-discussed move.
  • The run seemed less hilly. I wonder if it was the swim right before since it was basically icing my legs. I heard that the next day it would feel twice as steep to make up for it…

Day 3: Half-iron

  • The swim course got longer for the second loop, as one of the bouys was floating away.
  • Again starting in the #11 spot, I think I was passed by about 1 million people during the swim.
  • But again Mike helped me strip and the crowd went wild (wetsuit strip… where is your mind?)
  • Time for the bike course from hell! Rolly, CLIMB, down, CLIMB, rolly, steeeeep hill, and one last climb…. and repeat that loop!
  • I thought of my Trifuel buddies and the TGGW (Tri Girls Gone Wild) when I had a chocolate gu encounter. A flask of it had fallen from another competitor, and Mike hit it juuuuust right — sent it spiraling through the air and striped me (no, not stripped this time) like a candy cane! But with sticky chocolate gu. When we got home and looked at the bike you could even tell where my hands had been based on the lack of gu in spots on the aerobars.
  • The run was beautiful again, but tough! I walked some of the steep hills, and loved having Mike’s hand on my back to help me up some of them. But we ran much of it. The mile 4 sign became the dark at the start of the tunnel as that lead into a big climb. But the mile 6 sign was then the light at the end of it (and again for loop 2!)
  • There were TUMs delivered on the run, as my guts still were a bit unsettled, and my head and ears felt stuffy. It was nice having a mid-race sherpa! And Mike of course could always catch up to me.
  • During the run, I kept hearing Marky tell me to have Gracie feet, and it helped keep my feet light and turnover good for the downhills. And it made me smile πŸ™‚
  • And then…. what was that in the distance?? Could it be??? Ahhhh yes… a real finish line! And we were done… for good this time. Time to pack up the bikes and drive to Canada!

todo list

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Well, I’m back from IMC! It was amazing amazing amazing! I am so so proud of so many people, both those I know and those I just met while there. And I can’t wait for next year and to see some of those faces (of races and volunteers) again! It was an awesome volunteering experience, and I will definitely do it again.

As for the todo list, I know, I also owe a Vineman race report. And more IMC details.

But for now, it is almost bedtime, and I will have to leave it at this for now. But I did sign up for IMC 2010, along with Mike and other good friends (both online — well originally online, as I met many this trip — and triclub). It’s going to be an awesome year. Marky, get my butt well-kicked so that I earn a finishline hug! πŸ˜‰

Tinman Triathlon

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

The Tinman is a long running local reverse order sprint — 5k run, 9 mile bike, and then a 100yd pool swim. Although it has been around for over 20 years, this was the first time Mike and I had done it. Again we were there with the Exceeding Expectations kids, and some of our friends, Heidi and Bjorn from ESRI and run group, as well as Joe, Andrea, and Gus of run club, were all there. The exciting part was that it was the first tri for a number of the EE kids, as well as for Heidi, Andrea, and Gus! So they were all excited and nervous.

The race course was a bit crazy — parts through campus and part on streets and parts not really marked, so I know some people added a bit to the run (like Mike) but it was basically flat, although some false flats. It was not my best run. My legs felt heavy and tired and I just didn’t want to run. I actually felt at one point that I should just cut back across campus and I’d be there in time to cheer for people. But the stubborn part of me wasn’t listening, and somehow I kept running. And thankfully the run was soon over, and I was on my bike. Where I felt pretty good. There was a big hill, and I just rode it — pushing pushing pushing. I passed Heidi on the way up, and cheered for her, and saw Mike heading back, and cheered for him. And caught Bjorn at about halfway through the bike. And I had a nice little train drafting off me for a while — stupidheads! So I just went a bit harder, and soon was on my own again. Back to transition, and someone had left her bike on my goggles (I should have pushed it over — it was the same lady who pushed an EE kid out of “her way” in the start area). So it took me a second to grab them and run to the pool and I swam pretending I was Marky πŸ˜‰ The pool felt really good since it was getting warm out! Done with the swim, I saw a girl walking just ahead. So I kept up my run, knowing the finish was a little ways off still. I passed her, and finished strong.

Tinman, June 28, 2009

55:04 — 1/ W25-29, and 4th woman overall (out of 153)! Oh, also 46/442 overall.

I was proud to see Heidi get 2nd in our age group at her first tri! And Mike won overall yet again πŸ™‚ It was a good day for all of us.


Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Ok so again I have failed to post for a while!

So what has happened since mid-June… well, I have continued the trend of racing every month — June also had the Tinman Tri, July had the ESRI UC 5k and August had Barb’s race (a women’s only half IM the same day as the full Vineman race). I’ll do a blog for each of those.

In non-racing life, mostly I’ve just been busy with work and school. Working on both today (Sunday) as well — but at least it has been productive! I’m excited for next weekend when I will get to go out in the field with Sierra Madre Search and Rescue to see one of their big training days and share my ideas about how GIS could help them. I hope I have a somewhat working prototype by then!

And now, off to the race reports πŸ˜‰